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(Political Economics Textbook. The basis for the U S President's Economic Handbook, Federal law, "Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978", which was made useless with the President Discretion clause and has been violated by every president except Clinton.)
SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement and FREE LIFE INSURANCE Bound Book Version

Bound Book Version

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(A letter from Leon Keyserling, Chief Economic Advisor in the Truman Administration}

"November 14, 1974

Dear Mr. Goolsby.

     I read THE RAPED PAYCHECK very carefully. It is marvelous, and I now hail you as one of the most important economists, and certainly one of the most useful, of our times. Your material will be of great use to me in my own work.
      The National Economic Policy today is neither solving the problem of cruel inflation nor the problem of costly unemployment-recession.
      The correct approach is that policy designed to restore full employment and production would greatly reduce inflation, which your book expounds so admirably and with such comprehensive factual support.
      You are on the right track, and I am so profoundly convinced that your book would appeal to the thoughtful public and be of benefit to all who read it and thus to the Nation and people at large.
      With all good wishes,
                        Leon H. Keyserling"

Mr. Keyserling was the chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers during the Truman Administration, which, with the guidance of Mr. Keyserling, is the only Administration, in U.S. history that whipped inflation WITHOUT CAUSING A DEPRESSION. It was also the worst inflation pressure in U.S. History.

Additional 1974-1975 unsolicited comments about THE RAPED PAYCHECK:

"Certainly makes a very persuasive argument.", Casper Weinberger, Secretary, Health, Education, and welfare.
"Lowered the boom on Washington...The Revelations are astounding", Edgar W. Teasley, Editor, NEWSLETTER, HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION of Greenville, S. C.
"Fascinated by it...Agree completely with common sense approach", William A. Trotter, President, Georgia Association of Realtors.
"I am in substantial agreement", J. S. Norman, Jr., President, National Association of Home Builders.
"Fascinating a practicing builder who is also an economist", NAHB JOURNAL SCOPE , magazine.
"Most informative...I quote it and recommend it to friends and legislators", C. H. Westergard, Vice President, National Association of Home Builders.
"Logic... so simple... wonder why it was not obvious all the time", F. H. DeLoach, Jr., President, Commercial Food Services.
"Really good...I have told many people about it"Robert K. Friedrich,

"The Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement book should be required reading for every American, particularly the Congress of the United States.  We need more of his perspective on solving America's problems." R. Terry Holley, Democratic Party Chair, Georgia's 9th Congressional District, Evans, GA

I would like to congratulate Mr. Goolsby on the publication of his book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement.  He took a very difficult subject and he has made sensible recommendations that our elected officials should take to heart.  Mr. Goolsby would do a great service for our country, if he would consider running for the presidency.  We need a leader that the leader can understand the real problems of the middle America citizens. Thanks again to Mr. Goolsby and his dedicated work.  Best Wishes, Victoria Flom, Stockbridge, GA

      "I read your book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement, and it is great.  I was shocked to learn about the political rip-offs.  This is must reading for everyone who would rather retire rich instead of retire in poverty." Randolph Harrison, Rex, Ga

      "Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement, is very interesting and informative.  The rip-off politicians will hate you for exposing what they have been doing.  Your proposal to revamp retirement is exactly what every Social Security Taxpayer needs.  Keep up the fight." Mark Havird, McDonough, Ga

      "I was impressed when I read your book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement.  I strongly recommend that every Social Security taxpayer read this book.  It is the best and most foolproof retirement proposal I have ever seen or heard." Danny Kim, Conyers, Ga

      "Your ebook, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County and Bush Phony Oil Shortage, about judicial corruption and suggested corrections is meticulous, necessary, and is must reading for every American citizen.  The risk, due to legal loopholes allowing immunity for judges, district attorneys, and police to disobey the law and not produce justice, is like a rattlesnake sleeping under your bed that could bite you without notice." Mike Lustri, McDonough, Ga, Former Chairperson - Henry County Democratic Party

      "Your ebook, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County and Bush Phony Oil Shortage, is a book for those that think it can't happen to them.  I especially like your ideas regarding overhauling the criminal justice system." Roy Harrell, Candidate for Henry County Magistrate Judge

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How to Destroy Democracy and
             How to restore Democracy

                      By Jeff Goolsby, Editor, Grassroots Business and Political Economist
      Plutocracy Fat Cats are highly skilled at destroying our Democracy and converting it back to a Plutocracy with a sham Democracy like our $2 per worker pay we had our first 156 years until 1933 and President Franklin D. Roosevelt.  The dictionary definition of Plutocracy is “Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Rich”, which means Super rich and super poor.
      Greed obsessed Fat Cats’ main technique is create extremely high unemployment so they can force unemployed workers to accept extreme reduction in wages for extremely scarce jobs.  Their method is to gobble up their competitors, destroy their businesses in the millions and destroy jobs in the multi-millions and also create monopolies for price gouging.
      This also causes millions of home foreclosures because when multi-millions of jobs are destroyed and become extremely scarce, their victims can not find jobs, they can not make house payments, and lose their home in foreclosure.  This has been criminally falsely reported as Sub Standard home Loans that should not have been approved.  When in fact, Congress and (Lawyer) Obama should not have allowed the Greed Monsters to devastate our workers, economy, and Federal debt at least $10 trillion dollars. Greed Monster worldwide have followed their example.
      The reason that this current continuing Depression suddenly began is that Republican Senator Gramm conned Congress Democrats into allowing his repeal of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 2 most important public protection laws to be approved by Congress.  Then Republican Larry Summers, Economic Advisor, conned President (Lawyer) Clinton into signing the Repeal, under the guise of “Necessary Deregulation” (Necessary weapon for the Plutocracy Fat Cat’s Bloodless Civil War against Democracy.).
      The secret definition for political “Conservative” and “Austerity” is the same, more money with less or no tax for the super rich “Greed Monsters” and less money and no benefits for workers.  Another weapon to accomplish their goal is Brainwashing the public and one of the tools is Textbook Economics. However, all rich people are not Greed Monsters.
      Another major problem is that we elect people to Congress who do not have a Grassroots Education, experience, or training in how to run our Federal government as a real Democracy.  They do not know how to fix today’s unemployment disaster or do not want to fix it and refuse to even read remedies to fix it.
      To create jobs to maintain at least 96% employment necessary for a Democracy, the Federal government must quit wasting tax money purchasing temporary jobs and devote a huge effort toward creating new businesses for permanent type jobs.  The SBA is not correctly designed and is only doing a tiny fraction of necessary job creation.  Recently, I read that in the last 12 months about 36,000 entrepreneurs had applied to Shark Tank searching for investors to help them financially to create new businesses, which would create jobs.  The businesses and jobs deliberately destroyed by Fat Cat Greed Monsters must be replaced very soon or Plutocracy will have completely won their war against Democracy.  Plutocracy win position today is at least 85%.

. Republican Effort to Kill Social Security
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      It is amazing that almost everything in the news media refuses to emphasize that the main cause of our economic problems is that Republicans are the Party of the RICH, by the RICH , and for the RICH. The rich want to avoid paying any taxes and force workers to work for less pay and pay all of the taxes, and eliminate Democracy Benefits, A La Plutocracy.
      Social Security is a self supporting program and has nothing to do with causing the Federal debt disaster. Medicare is supposed to be self supporting but political (Fat Cats) and judicial corruption (Phony lawsuits for Pain and Suffering) and repealed Roosevelt public protection laws is causing tax money to be partially supporting it
      The reason that the Fat Cats created this Replica of the Hoover "Great Depression" was to force workers to accept reduced wages so they can own all of the surplus money.
       recent Gallup Poll exposed that 66.4% of our work force have full-time jobs and 33.6%, 52,740,000 victims, are either unemployed or are working part-time.
     President Truman and Leon Keyserling, Chief Economic Advisor, had 94% income tax on public corporations and the super rich. When Truman left office employment was 97.1% and inflation was less than 1%.       Roosevelt public protection laws prevented the Fat Cats from gouging the public with "Must Have products and services" but those Roosevelt protection laws have been repealed by Plutocracy Republicans and brainwashing economically ignorant Democrats. More exposing political and judicial corruption on

Worldwide unemployment Disaster
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      Laws have changed in the United States putting Fat Cat Greed Monsters in control of everything.  This includes Congress, President, judiciary, news media, cutting product quality, cutting pay, cutting benefits and temporarily wallowing in consumer gouging increased profits.
      They are so sick with their greed obsession that they do not realize that they are destroying the goose that lays the golden egg.  Their Greed Sickness is the same as drug addicts, alcoholics, smoking, etc.
      While getting their throats financially cut, their political groupies are going to extremes to help the Fat Cats make a complete success of their new re-found power, "Plutocracy", to get back to their pre-1933 $2 per day worker pay, eliminate all benefits, and close public schools..
      The balance of the public is sick with apathy obsession and political ignorance because the Fat Cats do not allow Political Economics in our education system.  Therefore, they guide their actions by the phony incomplete news media misinformation quoting "facts" based on political scam rules, some through political ignorance and most are force to appease their advertisers to avoid losing their necessary advertising income, thus helping to kill the goose that lays the golden egg.
      Foreign country Fat Cat Greed Monsters are copying the USA and are destroying their countries likewise.
      I have 4 books that details the exact causes of today's worst unemployment economic disaster in history and the exact corrections that would quickly reverse this disaster.  The most pertinent one is my ebook, GOOLSBYNOMICS, on  But, instead of the public interest in learning how to fix this disaster, they are guiding their actions with news media and political misinformation not realizing their throats are being financially cut.
            Jeff Goolsby, Grassroots Business and Political Economist, Ph.D.

October 9, 2010

Take Back Our Democracy
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      Do you want this Republican Plutocracy unemployment disaster to continue?  This can be reversed right now.
      We had a Democracy from 1932 until 2001. Republican Senator Phil Gramm switched us back to a Plutocracy that we had for our first 156 years with most employee pay of $2 per day pay.  Senator Gramm got laws enacted that repealed Roosevelt laws that protected the public from Greed Mongers.  Plutocracy definition: “Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Rich.”
      Millions of “Swing Voters” who voted Democrat in 2008 are extremely angry with Democrats for not reversing this economic disaster and due to a short memory are on the verge of replacing Democrats with the people who created this disaster.
      We can not obtain the Swing Voter votes unless we make an immediate economic reversal, which can be done.
      Somehow our Democrats do not understand what has happened and do not know how to fix this unemployment disaster.   The current Workers Comp Check Receivers is 9.6%.  Gallup Poll survey says an additional 20% are in the “Underemployed” category (Unemployed not receiving WC Checks).
      This is the total unemployment of 29.6% of our work force of 157 million and equals 46.472 million Republican Plutocracy victims desperately searching for a job and most lost their homes as a result of Republican Plutocracy economic laws.
      According to weekly Workers Comp filings since June 2007, at least 78 million Republican Plutocracy victims have lost their jobs resulting in millions of foreclosures, small businesses collapsing and government services reduced and terminated, etc.
      Our Federal debt is now $13 trillion dollars.  The average interest rate is about 5% x $13 trillion is $1.78 billion dollars per day and rapidly worsening.  Continuation of this disaster can bankrupt our country as has happened to 4 European countries this year.  This could also destroy all retirement programs including Social Security.
      My book, GOOLSBYNOMICS, provides the exact details of each cause of this disaster and provides the exact solutions to reverse each cause and if done very soon could make an extremely fast economic recovery.
      My “GOOLSBYNOMICS” was used as the basis for the “President’s Economic Handbook” Federal law Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978 when Leon Keyserling authored it for Senator Humphrey and Congressman Hawkins.  However, this law was rendered virtually useless by President Carter requiring the “President Discretion Clause”.   None of the economic disasters since 1978 would have occurred if our presidents had obeyed this “President’s Economic Handbook” law.
      If each Democrat Lawmaker candidate will read this book and vigorously urge their constituents to read this book immediately, we can prevent this impending Democrat massacre.  I will immediately furnish this download book free to each Lawmaker candidate.   Also, we would need a speech adopting “Goolsbynomics” by President Obama for which I would provide the necessary details.        These two proposals combined would guarantee a continued Democrat majority landslide and re-election for President Obama.
      GOOLSBYNOMICS is available at and

March 13, 2010
Letter to a Republican Editor
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      You are criticizing one of your Pride and Joy mentors when you criticize about the current economic disaster.
      It was caused by Republican US Senator Phil Gramm when he conned President Clinton into signing 2 Republican deregulation bills and later Republican Bush signed the 3rd Republican Deregulation Bill.  These Republican economic disaster bills are Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Commodity Futures Modernization Act, and the Responsible Lending Act.
      These 3 Republican Deregulation Bills wiped out the most important Roosevelt Public Protection from Greed Mongers and Benefit laws that created the wonderful benefits that you have been enjoying in the United States and the entire industrilized world.  For thousands of years prior to 1933, most employess were only paid $1 to $2 per day and many countries even less.
      Now the Greed Mongers have been allowed to gobble up their smaller competitors and have directly destroyed about 10,000,000 jobs plus at least that many more by eliminating necessary economic activity.  Altogether, Gramm has destroyed about 35,000,000 jobs and inadequate economic activity has destroyed at least 2,000,000 small businesses.
      The Oil Companies are today sucking $1.7 billion dollars per day out of our economy,
      The Credit card Companies are sucking up about $2 billion dollars per day. Bush's $6 trillion Federal debt increase has an interest cost of $720,000,000 per day.
      The home mortgage money suppliers were allowed to commence gouging with unlimited adjustable rate mortgages and phony interest only mortgages then doubling and tripling mortgage payments.  Their victims could not pay the increased payments plus 20 to 30,000,000 million people have lost their jobs, can't find another job, and have lost their homes and automobiles.
      The world Champion business and jobs destroyer, Paul Volcker, has conned Obama into adopting the Republican Greed Monger Scam.
      Every since Voodoo Reagan started promoting cutting taxes, Republicans have been promoting cutting taxes and now they have made a big cut. State, county, and city taxes have cut so much that they are terminating police, firemen, teachers, and other government workers because they do not have enough revenue income.  This is obviously the Republican goal. Is this what you really want?       Now tell me that you are proud to be a Republican.
                       Jeff Goolsby
January 29, 2010
Stop the Republican Greed Monger Train
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      President Obama and our Democratic Congress needs our help to reverse this current wrong direction they are going on a one-way street.  Please read this message if you want to quickly reverse their mistakes and avoid the impending complete Republican take-over again in Washington.
      We have an extremely serious problem about the American public becoming extremely dissatisfied with what is happening in washington.  They do not like the healthcare proposals and unnecessary high unemployment and underemployment of 27%, which is higher than the Reagan-Volcker depression and almost as high as the Hoover "Great Depression 35%.
      There were 5 special elections during 2009 in areas that Democrats should have easily won but Republican won all 5 races.
      Clearly, President Obama and Congress are getting and acting on incorrect advice, clearly sabotage by the news media economic saint, Paul Volcker.
      During the State of the Union speech, President Obama incorrectly said that the reason for our current disaster was due to the economy becoming too robust (robust might not be the correct word but the meaning is correct).  He quoted the same False excuse given by Paul Volcker when he sabotaged President carter and caused him to lose re-election. It is the same False excuse Paul Volcker used to create the second worst depression in our history by increasing unemployment and underemployment to 25% at the peak of the Reagan-Volcker depression.
      Currently this same False excuse has increased unemployment and underemployment to 27% with the Paul Volcker excuse and this Bush-Volcker-Obama depression has now become our second worst depression (Not "Recession").
      With the current nationwide dissatisfaction with the healthcare proposals and unemployment, unless we convince Obama and Congress to use the correct economic repair methods, most likely 2010 midterm election will be worse for Democrats than 1994 elections and Republicans will regain full control of Washington in 2012. This is extremely scary, unnecessary, and still slightly avoidable if corrected immediately.
      Of the government estimated source of new employment, 15% will be healthcare. This really means that the current proposed healthcare regulations would require more people to deal with the additional government "Bureaucratic" rules, then doctors would have to increase their charges. This is preposterous and is why the public does not like the current proposals plus the continued Federal debt explosion it would cause.
      Chapter 37 in my new book, JEFF GOOLSBY ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS, (the 3rd edition of my book THE RAPED PAYCHECK that was made into the Federal law, Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978, which has been violated by every president except Clinton due to the president discretion clause required by President Carter while he was being conned into apointing Paul Volcker , Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.) would reduce today's current healthcare cost by about 50% instead of increasing the cost.  The people who are gouging the public causing todays rediculous healthcare cost would object to my proposal but if enough people read my book and demand that Congress enact my proposal, it would become law.
      My new book details the causes of today's economic disaster and contains the specific solutions that would quickly reverse it and immediately put millions of people back to work.
      The Republican Greed Monger train is coming and we are sitting on the track. We must get off the track and reverse this ongoing economic disaster.
      If enough people quickly read my book, JEFF GOOLSBY ECONOMIC SOLUTIONS, and follow its recommendations, we can turn this disaster around in time to prevent a repeat of 1994.
      I have reduced the price of my life improvement books to help reverse this economic disaster. This book is available at,, or  If you do not agree that my economic proposals would make the necessary economic correctons, I will double your money back GUARANTEED.       If you want this economic disaster to continue, do not do anything.
      If you want to turn it around, recover the Roosevelt benefits that Republican Greed Mongers stole from you (1000 times worse than theft at gunpoint.), put the victims back to work, and quickly repair this economic disaster, please help right now.       If you put it off most likely you will forget it and do Republicans a favor.
            Jeff Goolsby, Expert Political Economist, Chairman, D-EAT, Editor, & Publisher.
      PS: I never had any disagreements by any THE RAPED PAYCHECK book reader, even including some Republican readers.
      Another PS: you need to keep this book handy for each election to evaluate political candidates.

October 4, 2008
Update To Republican Economic Fiasco
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      UPDATE:  Congress Voting for the Bush Reward to the Republican Greed Mongers was a colossal mistake.  It was like a heart transplant when instead we needed an appendectomy operation.
      To prevent the Federal government from borrowing and spending most of the unnecessary $850 billion dollars, Congress must help the other 95% of Americans instead of rewarding the Greed Mongers who ripped off their customers, which then cut their own throats.
      URGENT: Demand that Congress immediately enact the proposed repairs and corrections in the following editorial then immediately begin purchasing new Fixed Rate home mortgages from Mortgage Companies as proposed in The Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement book with payments guaranteed by FHA, VA and Insurance Companies instead of buying the greed damaged mortgages from the Greed Mongers.
      This proposal would rapidly grow the Social Security Trust Fund and make it permanently stable and sound without any need for additional help.
      Plus, with the "Reward Money", when needed., buy from Commercial Banks new commercial loans with adequate collateral.
      The Federal government owes the Social Security Trust Fund more than $2 Trillion dollars.
      The Federal government could borrow to pay down its debt to Social Security instead of borrowing completely for the Greed Monger reward.  This would not be additional Federal debt, it would simply be changing who it owes for the debt.
      Click the book cover on the left to learn the proposed mortgage purchase details. Or, if you want to also make a contribution to a candidate for Congress, use the instructions at the top of this page.
      This Social Security Upgrade would improve the finances and put people back to work for 95% of Americans today plus a huge benefit after retirement.
      Do not be frightened by new and different ideas like the ones that brought our current benefits because these type ideas were used by Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry Truman with Leon Keyserling that, after the Hoover Depression, brought us out of Greed Monger control that existed for thousands of years in which the rich were the only ones world wide with benefits and most employees received $1.00 to $2.00 per day wages.

October 1, 2008
The Solution to the Republican Economic Fiasco
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      If Leon Keyserling, President Truman’s Chief Economic Advisor, were available today he would endorse and demand that Congress accept and enact my following economic recommendations. (Read FOOTNOTE)
      The proposed bailout is aimed in the wrong direction and would reward the con artist Greed Mongers who created the fiasco with virtually no help to the victims.
      The cost of living must be instantly reduced and prevent the foreclosures of trick gouging mortgages plus roll back their gouging interest rates to the standard rates at the time the mortgages were originated.  This is the fastest and only sensible way to begin an economic recovery and would help avoid U.S. bankruptcy
      My proposal would quickly put the economy back to normal, force the Greed Mongers to quit losing huge sums on foreclosures, resume normal profits to Greed Mongers, stop ripping off the public with gouging, the public could resume buying things they need. The Federal Government could use the mortgage purchase proposal in The Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement book instead of a huge loss with the Bush Republican reward to Greed Mongers bailout.
      The immediate solution to the home loan debacle is for Congress to immediately pass Regulation Laws to:
      1. Put a cap on the price of oil of $30 per barrel to correct the phony oil shortage scam and strictly enforce retail gas gouging because there is no oil shortage.
      2. Put a cap on interest rates including contracts already in effect, Home loans – 7%, credit cards – 9%, Business loans – 9%.
      3. Require mortgage owners to negotiate lower interest rates for borrowers who are having difficulty making their payments in lieu of foreclosure including for people who may have moved out in expectation of foreclosure.
      4. Repeal the 1998 repeal of the Roosevelt Anti-Monopolistic law against public corporations and make it a criminal offense to make any merger that destroys any jobs and require undoing mergers that violate the Roosevelt Anti-Monopolistic law that occurred as a result of the 1998 repeal and destroyed any jobs.
      5. Purchase new Fixed Rate home mortgages from Mortgage Companies as proposed in The Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement book with payments guaranteed by FHA, VA and Insurance Companies so they can continue making home loans, instead of buying the greed damaged mortgages from the Greed Mongers.
     6. Congress must pass a law forbidding an increase in adjustable rate mortgages and credit cards more than 1% beyond the current standard rate at the time the loan was originated.
      7. The Federal government must determine which con artist Greed Mongers caused this economic fiasco and hold them financially responsible and possibly criminally responsible.
      8. Start teaching political economics as a required course in every high school and college in addition to current text book economics.  The only known book on the subject is THE RAPED PAYCHECK by Jeff Goolsby and Richard J. Cebula, Ph.D. (Richard joined after reading the first edition).  It is extremely important to educate voters on how to evaluate candidates, for President, U.S. Senate, U.S. Representatives, and other candidates’, history and proposals to avoid similar disasters in the future.
     It is amazing that so-called economic experts blame the current foreclosure epidemic on lenders making too many home loans and to unqualified borrowers.  This misinformation is ridiculous and they are out of touch with reality or are deliberately lying to protect the Greed Mongers.
      For more than 50 years VA has been making 100% home loans, FHA 97% loans, and I, Jeff Goolsby, invented the 95% conventional home loan about 41 years ago.  The foreclosure rate has been extremely low at around 1% until the Greed Mongers gained control of Congress and the Presidency.
      The problem is a combination of things.  Greed Monger trick loans that increased as much as double the payments, interest gouging with credit cards, the merger epidemic destroying millions of jobs, the phony oil shortage scam, sucking up money like a vacuum cleaner that is stealing money needed for house payments and other necessities, along with the economic slow down destroying jobs caused by the pre-planned spike in inflation.
      Traditionally, most money lenders believe that they can make more money by gouging borrowers despite historic proof that they actually make more money charging low interest rates because interest rate gouging causes most payment failures.  Foreclosures usually lose more money than the mortgage owners hoped to gain by gouging. Today’s trick mortgage gouging is much worse than previous gouging and is stupid for the lender and the borrower.
      The home loan debacle is a climax of the Republican agenda obsession of removing all Roosevelt protection regulations to allow the Greed Mongers to have free reign to rip off the general public at will as existed for thousands of years prior to 1933.  The Greed Mongers believed that they could force borrowers with “Trick Mortgages” to pay exorbitant interest rates, more than they could afford and it backfired.  The Greed Monger Rattlesnakes bit the borrower and then ate the Greed Monger Mortgage Owners.
      The same thing is happening in other type loans with exorbitant interest charges and is much worse abuse with credit cards, many as high as 35% interest.  The exorbitant interest charges with credit cards are removing a huge amount of income needed to make house payments.
      The phony oil shortage is sucking up income needed for house payments like a vacuum cleaner.
      The merger epidemic that started when the Republican Congress in 1998 repealed the Roosevelt Anti-Monopolistic Law against public corporations preventing gobbling up smaller competitors and destroying jobs.  This repeal has destroyed possibly as many as 4,000,000 jobs and forced the victims to start over at beginning pay jobs and not being able to make their house payments.
      There are several Greed Monger factors causing the foreclosure epidemic.  The one causing the most foreclosures is the “Trick Loans” in which the money providers offered Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs) by claiming that they are saving borrowers money with lower payments with slightly below market interest rates and then set up a loose schedule for increasing the rates later, sometimes as much as double the beginning interest rate.  If a person qualifies for payments in the amount of $1,000 per month and later the payment increases to $1,500 or as much as $2,000 per month, they can not make the payments and the lender forecloses.
      After foreclosing the loan, the foreclosure epidemic forces the lender to sell the homes at a huge loss many times $25,000 to $100,000 below the normal market value due to the epidemic depressed market. I n this case the rattlesnake bit the borrower and then ate the Greed Monger mortgage owner.
      If the mortgage owner had adjusted the payments back to the original loan payment amount, most of the ARM loans would not have been foreclosed and the mortgage owner would not have lost tons of money but would have just missed his greed intended rip-off profit.
      The “Interest Only” loans in most cases were even worse than the ARM loans.  Usually, the “Interest Only” loans were actually Partial Interest” and the deficit was added to the principle each month thereby increasing the loan amount.  When the loan contract called for principle and interest payments, the interest rate and loan amount would have increased and the borrowers could not pay the increased amounts, then the mortgage owners foreclosed.   An example: TV ads offering $250,000 loans for $450 per month would increase to as much as $2,500 per month or more.  Again the rattlesnakes bit the borrowers and then ate the Greed Monger mortgage owners.
 The credit cards with interest charges as high as 35% are sucking up huge amounts of money needed for house payments and other necessities.
 The phony oil shortage has made a huge shortage of money for house payments.  Recently, one woman told me that when Bill Clinton was President, she was spending $100 per month on gasoline and most of it was to travel to and from work but when talking to her she was spending $350 per month for the same thing and making it extremely difficult to meet her obligations.  Additionally, this phony oil shortage is creating a huge increase in inflation, making it much harder with the cost of living increases for people to make house payments and other obligations.  You can get all the gasoline anytime you want it because there is no oil shortage except for a few days due to Hurricane Ike.
      The Greed Monger control that began to take effect in 1998 has devastated our economy and is moving us to conditions that are similar to the conditions that caused the Republican Hoover Depression.  These conditions must be reversed very quickly or the United States might have to file bankruptcy.
      This economic fiasco documents the fact that Greed Mongers can not be trusted to control the national economy and must be contained with regulations.  The Federal government must supply money as needed for consumers to continue with their needs including purchasing homes, automobiles, fuel, and keep the national economy afloat.
      Another gigantic problem that could point to toward U.S. bankruptcy is the Republican-Bush Federal debt increase that is approaching $4.46 trillion dollars ($5.46 with Greed Monger Bail out reward) and the 5% interest today on the Bush portion is costing more than $524,000,000 each and every day and increasing daily to about $610,000,000 each day when Bush’s last budget ends, but is not being listed on the Federal Budget.  We are borrowing money from China and Japan to pay interest on the Bush, Jr, Nixon, Ford, Reagan-Republican Federal debt fiasco with total interest cost of $1.321 billion dollars each and every day, $39.63 billion dollars per month, today and increasing.
      Jeff Goolsby, Expert Political Economist, Expert Political Solutions/Strategy, Real Estate Broker, former home builder (956 homes),,, 770-474-2655
      FOOTNOTE: After reading THE RAPED PAYCHECK 3 times, Leon Keyserling said in writing that my economic ideas were better than his economic ideas when he managed the economy for President Truman, and requested and received my permission to use my ideas in his economic advisory work.  Leon prevented a runaway inflation and depression, fighting the worst inflation pressure in our history, which usually followed major wars.  When Truman left office, inflation was less than 1% and unemployment was 2.9%.

The Solution to Gas Gouging Scam
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      Send letters, faxes, emails, and phone calls to Congress and demand a cap of $30 per barrel of oil.  The phony oil shortage is a Greed Monger scam.  Here is why we must make this demand now.
      This phony oil shortage price gouging scam is wrecking thousands of small businesses and millions of jobs and is a National Economic War Disaster Emergency that must be dealt with the same urgency as if we were being attacked with bombs.
      When Bill Clinton was President, I was paying 80 cents to $1.00 per gallon and oil was $18 to $22 per barrel.  Oil producers were producing the exact amount of oil that was being used and Distilleries were producing the exact amount of gasoline that we were using.
      That is exactly what is being done today with one exception, we have a political reward scam in operation today claiming there is a shortage, which is a monster lie.
      The Republican Oil Greed Mongers are destroying the American Economy a mile a minute with their greed.   In the 1930’s, George Meany, AFL President said, “The Republican agenda is that American Voters are too stupid to understand when they are being taken.”
      This is similar to the way President Hoover handled his depression.  He destroyed so many businesses that when he tried to “Save us” from his depression there were not enough businesses left to hire people who were his victims.  This fact caused the depression to last until WWII started.
      Bush’s current Greed Mongers in Oil, Money lenders, ARM Mortgages, Interest Only Mortgages, Merger Epidemic destroying at least 2,000,000 jobs is an economic disaster depression that could produce similar results to the Hoover Depression unless we stop it NOW.  The Republican Greed Mongers have declared an economic war against employees, retirees, small business owners and even some large business owners.
      The oil scam can be stopped overnight if enough people will make instant repeated demands of your U S Representative and two U S Senators to put a price cap of $30.00 per barrel on oil.
       If you do not like being ripped off, make Congress hear your demand of $30 per barrel today.  Being nice is not working and won’t when you are at war whether it is dollars or bullets and bombs.  Go to and Click on Contact Congress for Congressional contact information.  Also, make this same demand to Obama/Clinton.
      American Oil Producers are producing 43% of the oil we use.   Republican talk show hosts are falsely claiming that we have an oil shortage and oil producers are making 8% profit when in fact that might have been true when oil prices were $12 to $15 per barrel but at $142 per barrel the profit is 230% profit to American Oil Producers.
      Republican talk show host are falsely claiming that the shortage problem is that producers do not have enough places to drill for oil or enough distillery facilities, both are lies.  According to one report the US government has approved 40,000,000 acres of ocean floor in the Gulf of Mexico, plus some Alaska areas, but only 1,200 acres are currently being used, so they are lying to keep the scam active.
      Plus there are numerous locations available to them in the 48 states.  There is no shortage of places for oil drilling and no shortage of distillery capacity and we can get all the gas we want at any time, which we could not do if we had a shortage.
      Due to the foreclosure emergency, Congress could and should require the Greed Monger Lenders to reduce interest rates instead cutting the throats of their customers which in turn cuts their own throats.
      Tell them to stop the Adjustable Rate and Partial Interest Only Mortgage foreclosures along with stopping the oil shortage scam. DO THIS TODAY.

Open Letter To
Congressman David Scott

April 20, 2008
      Why aren’t you making an effort to eliminate this Bush Republican phony oil shortage scam?  If you do not understand what is happening, you should resign.
      Every person I have talked to, including Republican voters, about this oil shortage have told me that they believe that it is phony.
      Why aren’t you representing your voters instead of endorsing the Republican corruption gang scams including the Oil Greed Mongers and Commodity Stock Market Traders.
      Today, $3.39 per gallon for gasoline. When Bill Clinton was president, gasoline was 80 cents to $1.00 per gallon
      There is no shortage of oil.  If there were a shortage, we would have difficulty obtaining gasoline.
      This phony oil shortage is a Republican and Bush political scam to: 1. Reward their oil cronies, 2. Republican inflation generator and, 3. To help Iran with an extra $2 billion dollars per week to build their nuclear equipment so Bush can invade Iran.
      There are three main ways that Republican presidents create unnecessary inflation,  1.  Creating shortages, real or phony, 2.  Increasing fuel cost,  3.  Phony reasons to increase interest rates and phony money shortages.
       Presidents’ Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Jr. increased inflation an astronomical amount and increased the Federal debt more than $9 Trillion dollars, most likely $10 trillion by the end of Bush jr.’s last budget control.
      The interest on the Federal debt currently averaging about 5% annually and will load the next president with $500.000,000,000 per year interest cost on the Federal debt, money that is needed for many other things.  Is this the meaning of Conservative in politics.
      This phony oil shortage is not only severely damaging your voters, it is causing starvation deaths of thousands if not millions of people in poor countries through the effect on food cost and cost of every product or service.
      Congress can and must enact a law immediately requiring the Stock Market Commodity Traders to bid no higher than $30 per barrel for oil.  They should also request the same from Europe, China and India.
       Obviously Bush would veto the Bill but with enough PR effort, the pressure from Republican constituents would force enough Republicans in both houses to over-ride Bush’s veto.
      This would instantly bring gasoline prices back to around $1.00 per gallon or prosecute the oil cronies for illegal price gouging.
      Jeff Goolsby,,, 770-474-2655, Rex, GA

March 13, 2008
Solution to 2008 Foreclosure Crisis
         By Jeff Goolsby, Editor/Political Economist

      To Scott Lanman, Bloomberg News. I read your article on Bloomberg regarding the Fed putting $200 Billion dollars in mortgages to provide some liquidity in the mortgage industry.  There are several misguided efforts to repair our economy that are virtually useless and only increase the need for more taxes.  This tells me that we are electing people to run our Federal government who do not understand political economics or are con artist scammers becoming rich duping us.
      The term "Sub-Prime Mortgages" is a con artist lie that the news media has adopted from the Con Artists.  Legitimate home loans are made to borrower who have proof that they have adequate income and integrity to make their payments.
     The problem is that our Federal government allows Greed Mongers to destroy jobs and small businesses with the phony oil shortage, price gouging, and interest rate gouging destroying the income that was used to prove the borrowers income needed to make their payments.
      Our Federal government has an obligation to protect the general public from Greed Mongers because they are doing more harm to the United States destroying jobs and small businesses than people like Osama bin Laden.  This disaster has made a huge increase since 1998.
      The $200 billion Federal Band-Aid may help a small amount but the real solution is to fix the problem causing most foreclosures.  The following is most of the problems causing the foreclosure and corrections needed as follows:
      1.  Adjustable Rate Mortgages.  They are not sub-prime mortgages as the news media says. If a person qualifies for a payment of $1,000 per month and Mortgage Company increases the rate a substantial amount, the borrower can not make the payment.
      Some payments go from %1,000 per month to approaching $2,000 per month. This huge increase should be illegal.  Lenders can not get it through their head that when they start gouging people with high interest rates they are wrecking their customers and themselves. Statistics prove that lenders make more money with low interest rates.
      Congress could make it illegal within a matter of days and also make it retroactive. The stupid part is that lenders damage themselves more than the damage to the borrower, like financial suicide.  I am a real estate broker and I have sold some foreclosed homes for as much as $75,000 below regular market when the market was OK, which is why some mortgage companies are going bankrupt.
      2.  The phony oil shortage and gas gouging at the pumps, which is sucking up billions of dollars that is making it impossible for millions of people to pay their mortgage payments.  I spoke to a woman yesterday who told me that when Clinton was president she was spending less than $100 per month for gasoline, today she is spending $350 per month.
      There is no shortage of oil. President Bush could fix the problem instantly by issuing an executive order forbidding commodity traders from bidding more than $30 per barrel for oil.  We are the largest customers and OPEC would drop their prices instantly. Also, he could easily get Europe and China to do the same.  Congress could instantly enact a law to do the same thing.
      3.  Credit Card Companies are now being allowed to gouge their customers with extremely exorbitant rates, some as high as 35%, and unreasonable penalties.  This is sucking up billions of dollars that are needed for mortgage payments plus bankrupting thousands of people.  Congress could and should make this illegal, which they could do very quickly.
      4.  The Public Corporation merger and acquisition epidemic has destroyed at least 2,000,000 jobs.  The Roosevelt Anti-Monopolistic law against public corporations was repealed by the Republican Congress in 1998.  Many people have been forced from high paying jobs to start over at or near minimum wages, if they could find a job, and can not make their house payments.  Most of this epidemic has occurred in the last 7 years.  Congress could repeal the repeal and prevent further economic damage.
      5.  Outsourcing of jobs has destroyed 3,000,000 jobs forcing victims to start over at lower paying jobs, if they could find a job.  These destroyed jobs have put millions of people into a position of losing their homes to foreclosure.
      Congress could place a large tax penalty on outsourcing of jobs, including manufacturing plants, and bring many jobs to back the United States.  It would not make any sense to penalize American factories in foreign countries for them to manufacture products and sell them to the citizens of the respective countries.
      Clearly, the current proposed tax refund is extremely stupid. It does not address any of the problems.  It is like giving a person one drink of water in the desert. It creates an additional tax burden, although many politicians do not believe that we have to repay money borrowed by the Federal government.  In 2006, the US Treasurer borrowed $405 Billion dollars to pay the interest on our Federal debt.
      6.  The retirement plans of American automotive factories and other large corporations are failing due to the retirement plan investment stock market loses.  According to a recent survey on Google New, 87% of retirees do not have any income beyond their Social Security check, which is 75% lower than their work income.  I have the solution to the retirement failures on and that could relieve the retirement disaster problems.

Solution to 2008 Economic Crisis
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      The Bush proposal to reward his rich “Fast Cat” Campaign contributors with tax give-aways to people who do not need the money by further worsening our Federal debt under the pretense of helping the people he has devastated with his phony oil shortage is ludicrous.
      To fix any problem we must fix the root of the problem.
      Federal financial help must be given only to people who have been financially devastated by the following described problems.
      The causes of of our economic disaster and huge increase in home foreclosures is the following:  1.  Phony Oil Shortage,  2.   Adjustable rate mortgages,   3.   The Public Merger Epidemic caused by the 1998 Republican Congress repeal of the Roosevelt Anti-Monopolistic law,  4.  Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq under false pretenses and his deliberate dragging out of the war to keep America scared, and  5.  credit card companies interest rate gouging with rates as high as 35% forcing many thousands of people into bankruptcy.
      1A.  The Phony Oil Shortage can be quickly eliminated by Congress by placing a series of caps, spaced 2 months apart, on the amount that the Commodity traders can bid for oil and quickly bring the price down to $30 per barrel.  This Bush Phony Oil Shortage has siphoned trillions of dollars from the normal economic activity and has given it to Bush’s oil cronies making it impossible for many people to pay their mortgage payments.
      2A.  Adjustable rate mortgages should never be allowed and Congress should force mortgage companies to adjust rates back to amounts that borrows can pay instead of foreclosure.
      Plus many mortgage companies are going bankrupt because they foreclosed and are having to sell the foreclosed homes sometimes as low as 50 percent of the loan amount and would not have lost any money if they had treated their borrowers right.
      3A.  The Merger Epidemic has destroyed possibly as many as two million jobs done by Greed Monger Public Corporation Executives to increase their pay, stealing from stockholders, from about 8 times their worker’s pay to about 3,500 times their worker’s pay, which frequently bankrupts the corporations.
      Many of these job victims have lost their homes to foreclosures because they had re-start at the bottom in new jobs.  This needs to be prevented by Congress.
      4A.  With 6 years of Bush budget control he has increased the Federal debt $3.3 trillion dollars with an increase of $165 billion dollars in interest payments with taxpayer money per year.  With Bush budget control of 23 more months will likely increase the Federal debt to mote than $4 trillion dollars and most likely would have increased the Federal debt $5 trillion dollars if Democrats had not gained some control over Congress in 2006.
      This economic disaster is hidden from the public because it is not included in the Federal budget.
      The interest cost in 2006 caused by the Federal debt was $404 Billion dollars, that is almost as much as our National defense cost, which is a huge portion of our income tax. Because this is hidden from the public the extra cost is borrowed and added each year causing the Federal debt to grow each year.
      Most of the Federal debt increase was caused by President’s Nixon, Ford, Reagan, and Bush Junior.  Most of the increase during president’s Carter, Bush Senior, and Clinton was due to interest on the Federal debt.
      5A.  Congress must set a cap on interest rates for each type of borrowing.  Credit card interest should not exceed 10%.  Instead of credit card companies gouging with high interest rates for late payments or any other excuse, they should freeze the borrowing rights instead when payments are 30 days late and should never penalize anyone who is paying on time.
      Currently the gouging rates cause bankruptcies and loses to the borrowers and to the credit card companies. Home mortgage rates should not exceed 7% whether adjustable rates or fixed rates. Other secured borrowing should not exceed 8%.  Congress could and should make this effective immediately.
       Most lenders appear to believe that they can make more profit by gouging their borrowers but history proves that they make more profit with low interest rates and avoid excessive foreclosures and bankruptcies.
      6.  We must reverse this impending financial disaster being caused by electing the wrong people.  We need to quit electing politicians who represent the “Fat Cat” campaign contributors.  We must start using public financing for all political offices, require adequate training in Political Economics, and proven history working for the public good to qualify along with at least 5% of voter signatures on a petition to qualify to run for office.
      7.  Everyone who wants to remedy and prevent our current and impending financial disaster should send a copy of this message to their U.S Senators and Representative plus a copy to their favorite presidential candidates.

How To Quickly Eliminate Gas Gouging
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      China did not just start buying oil.  SUV's did not just start guzzling gas. On a 2004 Charlie Rose TV show, the CEO of Exxon Oil Company stated that there is no oil shortage and no shortage of facilities to produce gasoline from oil.
      President Bush is rewarding his oil cronies.  Bush failed in the oil business then another oil company came to his rescue so he is still partial to the oil industry.  Plus the oil industry has been huge contributors to his political campaigns.
      This enormous increase in price for gasoline has been instigated to start another inflation/dollar devaluation and depression, small business and job destruction, and employee wage reduction, plus rewarding Iran with an extra $1 billion dollars each week for their development of nuclear weapons to scare us with.
      Do not be too shocked if Bush sets up a huge scare around August or September, 2008 then declares Marshall Law, suspends the constitution, and suspends elections. Then he can be our dictator as long as he lives.
      This would be patterned after Adolph Hitler who converted Germany’s Democracy to a Dictatorship after burning Berlin’s Reichstag parliament building in 1933 and blaming it on the Communist (similar to 911 blamed on Muslim Terrorist, Lincoln’ Freight Rat War, AKA “Civil War”, “Free The Slaves” killing 600,000 Americans).  Granddaddy Prescott Bush helped Hitler finance his dictatorship conversion and military buildup.
      Engineers say the WTC buildings could not have fallen completely in 9 seconds without expert demolition charges because dropping a marble from the top of WTC buildings would take 9 seconds to reach the ground without anything to slow it down.  Furthermore, the plane crashes could not have brought the buildings down without demolition charges.  Also, one of the plane’s fuel exploded outside of the building.
      But then the Republican philosophy is “There are enough Americans too stupid to know when they are being conned especially if they quote a few scriptures and thump the bible and they will vote Republican.”.

      Gasoline price doubling in three and one half years is a rip-off and most of the news media is helping Bush con you by falsely saying that we have a shortage.  Oil Companies doubled their profits in 2004 and doubled their doubled profits in 2005, then again in 2006, THEFT of your hard earned money.
      We are the largest customer of oil production, in the range of 50% of their production, and we can easily force the prices back down because they need our business.  We produce approximately one half of the oil that we consume and we have a huge reserve that can be utilized if they balk.  We could even use gas rationing as we did in WWII if necessary to stop this robbery.
      We must immediately demand of Congress that they enact a law requiring Commodity Traders to commence the strategy of bidding for oil, commencing two months from enactment, a maximum price of $60.00 per barrel, two month later a maximum price of $50.00 per barrel, two month later a maximum price of $40.00 per barrel, and two month later a maximum price of $30.00 per barrel.  Thereafter, no price above $30.00 per barrel unless authorized by Congress.
      Plus demand that Congress enact a law requiring a recall election of the president and vice president, instead of an impeachment, and then set in motion a recall election this year before Bush can activate the last step in his master plan.  Upon removing Bush and Cheney, commence an effort to prosecute both of them for their many atrocities.
      This would put a crimp in the Republican inflation spiral they have levied on employees and small business.
      Everyone who reads this recommendation should print it and send a copy to their U.S Representative and two U.S. Senators with a demand that they enact these two proposed laws instantly. Democrats should do press releases asking Republican Voters to put pressure on their lawmakers to vote for this proposal and over-ride the Bush veto that would happen.

Solution to Bush’s
              Iraqi War Disaster
                               By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      December 10, 2006
      The solution that I have been proposing on deaf ears could bring our troops home very quickly and produce a win for the war that should never have happened and is currently headed into a total failure.
      I am amazed that no one is recommending a solution to the illegal Iraq war that created the Iraq Civil War and that must be done to fix the current problem.  President Bush has stated that we must kill the terrorist.  That position tells me that Bush loves to have people killed, a serial killer instinct.  Clearly, every time Bush has one terrorist killed, 10 more replace the dead one with a greater hatred of Americans.
      Clearly, Bush has done more damage to America than any other president except Abraham Lincoln’s Freight Rate War (AKA “Civil War”) killing 600,000 Americans and worse than Nixon-Ford-Reagan’s Federal debt explosion deliberately causing a business and job destruction spree destroying thousands of businesses, including bankrupting a large number of S&Ls and millions of jobs.  Plus Bush’s 5 fiscal years Federal debt explosion of $2.5 trillion dollars and still full speed ahead, which will add another $135 billion dollars annual interest cost to the already annual interest cost of more than $300 Billion dollars (welfare for the rich) for you, your children, and grand children to pay.
      The only possible way to end the civil war insurgency of Sunnis and Shiites killing each other is to develop a truce between them and eliminate the reason for the insurgency.  Killing Sunnis and Shiites is not the solution.  The religious fanatic leaders in each religion appear to be teaching their followers that they must kill the Infidels and each side believe the other Muslims are Infidels plus that Americans are infidels. The Sunnis are not willing to accept the status quo with the Shiites controlling with a majority.
      A solution that I have been advocating for many months is to persuade the Iraqis to change their constitution to provide 4 control groups of lawmakers in their legislature with the same number of representatives in each group and give veto power to each group in the event that any group believed that a law proposal or action commenced or proposed would be detrimental to their group plus veto the Prime Minister for the same reasons. Probably 15 representatives (or more if needed) in each group would be appropriate.  The 4 groups should be Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds, and Christians.
      If we could get my proposal to become reality, we could bring our troops home very quickly.  Plus we would have won an impossible war that should never have happened.
      The main reason that the distrust and hatred festered in the first place was that Bush fired the regular army, police, and government workers. This created a huge amount of unemployment and created hatred toward us in people who Bush put out of work with skills to become highly trained insurgents with a desire for revenge against Americans.  According to some news articles some of our military leaders tried to persuade Bush to fire only Saddam’s Republican Guard and keep the rest because most likely most of them were only working because they needed a job.  Furthermore, completely replacing trained worker with untrained people for the Iraq Army, Police, and Government workers was stupidity beyond comprehension, unless Bush was dragging out the war for a hidden purpose.  Possibly Bush miscalculated like when Hoover destroyed too many businesses with his depression making it impossible to make his planned economic recovery.
      But then Bush bankrupted his Arbusto oil company that was reportedly being financed by the bin Ladens, that was acquired by Spectrum 7, then acquired by Harken Energy Corporation, violated Federal Insider stock trading law by Harken Director Bush selling Harken stock when Harken was preparing their public announcement of a $25,000,000 loss (the investigation of the illegal felony sale was quashed while Daddy Bush was president), Bush accepted what clearly was a $13,000,000 bribe while Governor of Texas for building with taxpayer’s money a $150,000,000 stadium for the Texas Rangers in which he purchased an interest with money he received from his illegal insider trading sale.
      Considering that Bush skipped out to Florida to teach a small children class the same day that his White House residence was a terrorist target, a good investigation might reveal that he was aware of the attack schedule perhaps as compensation for bin Laden money lost in his Arbusto oil company.
      Why should we expect any better after he stole the presidency two times?    Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.

2006 Election Analysis
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      This editorial may console you or possibly inspire you to help make a change in the way Democrats campaign for elections.  We must quit allowing Republican Campaign Managers to manage our Democratic campaigns.
      With the national polls showing a 69% disapproval of the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang, we should have voted out of office at least one half of the Republicans running for re-election in the U.S Senate and the House, including Georgia statewide elections.
      Our Democratic candidates should have done 2 things vigorously and loudly:
      1.  Expose in adequate detail their opponent Republican scams and fraud or their support thereof.
      2.  Propose in detail adequate solutions to correct the scams and proposals to make life better for their constituents.  Clearly, their Republican campaign managers convinced them to do otherwise.
      Winning a one vote majority in the U.S Senate is very scary because the death, natural causes or otherwise, of one Democratic U.S. Senator in a state with a Republican governor would eliminate our Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate.
      With the huge number of Republican scams perpetrated against the American public and the entire world, we should have had a 2006 Democratic bloodless revolution similar to the 1932 Democratic bloodless revolution when Democrats and Labor Unions started us on the road to the huge number of benefits that we enjoy today, many of which we are losing due to Republican scams.

Impeach Bush-Cheney-NO,
                                 Recall Election-YES
       There are millions of people today demanding that Bush be impeached, which is the wrong answer to our multitude of problems caused by the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang.
       1. Impeaching Bush or and Cheney would not solve the problem.  Most of the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang would still be in power and the same problems would continue as happened when President Nixon was forced to resign and appointed Gerald Ford President so he could be pardoned to avoid serving time in prison.
       A recall election of the entire Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang is the only way to resolve our most major problem. Our US Constitution does not specify a recall election but it does authorize removing the wrong people from office and a recall election is entirely appropriate under the present circumstances.  Furthermore, we should demand that Congress add the recall feature to our Constitution so that we could get better results the same as other Democratic countries do.
      If all of the Democratic websites that are able to send large numbers of email would commence asking their recipients to start demanding a recall election, we would accomplish much more than the impeachment effort.
      2. The illegal war is being deliberately strung out, not ignorantly mismanaged, because we have people managing the war who enjoy getting people killed and want to declare Marshal Law, suspend our Constitution, and stay in power.
      3. The Bush Gang needs to be prosecuted for starting a war under false pretenses plus killing (murder) more than 2,300 American troops, wounding more than 16,000 American troops, and probably killing more than 100,000 Iraqis, more than killed by Saddam Hussein due to their efforts to remove him from power.
      4. Even Bill Reilly, a hardcore Republican, is questioning why the Bush Administration can't train Iraqi military troops and police in two years.  We train American military troops in 6 months. The Democratic Administration trained millions of American troops in WWII in six months, I was one of them.
      5. We need to begin an effort to get every American voter to demand that Congress set up a recall election of everyone who is currently supporting Bush and Cheney.
      6 I am convinced that the Democrats who voted to allow Bush to threaten war against Saddam Hussein were being fed “so-called” Intelligence Information that was being re-manufactured to con them into making a vote against the best interests of America.
      7. I believe that the method of training Iraqi troops and police should be revised to methods similar to how we train our troops in 6 months.  We should set a deadline to start pulling our troops out in 9 months and make it clear to the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people that they have to learn how and develop their military and police skills to do all of their own protection and police work before the 9 months deadline.  We should provide them with everything possible to help make it possible for the Iraqis to meet the deadline.  At this point in time Iraqis are in worse shape than when Saddam Hussein was in control.
      8. We should make sure that all three major religious groups are equally represented in the new government and have equal power.  It appears that a huge part of the insurgency is Sunnis because they believe that the new government will abuse them.  If the Sunnis know beyond any doubt that they will have equal power, most likely they will cease the insurgency and may even help remove the Al Qaeda that is setting up training in Iraq.
      9. Additionally, we should make a huge effort physically and financially to elect a majority of Democrats to Congress in both the Senate and House.  If we can get a recall election set up we could elect a Democratic president during the November General Election to finish the current term.  California did a recall election but amazingly elected a Republican member of the Gang that caused the problems for which the recall election was falsely promoted by Republicans to correct.

Bush Biking Toward Success
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      To: Maureen Dowd, Nytimes
      You did a great job with your article Biking Toward Nowhere, except that you overlooked Bush's real objectives.
     Bush has had a huge number of successes with his hidden objectives as follows:
      1. Bush succeeded by using fear to get swing voters to vote for him with his illegal invasion of Iraq combined with dragging out the war and causing an increase in terrorism to maintain his "War President" status.
      2. Bush succeeded at getting his pre-meditated first term Depression (AKA news media "Recession") by using 1. The 1998 Republican repeal of the Roosevelt anti-monopolistic public corporation law that exploded job destruction with the ignited merger gobbling spree. 2. Bush's refusal to place military guards on commercial air flights destroying 1,000,000 jobs during 14 months hiring and training of air marshals, following Bush's friend Osama bins Laden's 9/11 terrorist attack.
      3. Bush succeeded at forcing many airlines into bankruptcy or near bankruptcy by refusing to place military guards on commercial air flights to protect the public during 14 months hiring and training of air marshals.
      4. Bush succeeded at illegally invading Iraq under pre-planned false pretenses.
      5. Bush succeeded at getting the Air Force to make two murder attempts against Saddam Hussein using Saddam's schedules from "spies that did not exist" that only missed by a few minutes because our planes were not able to reach Saddam's position before he moved.
      6. Bush succeeded at helping Republicans create a phony electricity and natural gas shortage in California.
      7. Bush succeeded at rewarding his oil cronies with his phony oil shortage and billions of dollars with rip-off price gouging.
      8. Bush succeeded at rewarding his war machinery and supply production cronies with billions of unnecessary dollars.
      9. Bush succeeded at rewarding the super rich Republican campaign financiers with huge tax cuts.
      10. Bush succeeded at forcing workers laid off from jobs paying $15 to $20 per hour to accept jobs paying $6 to $8 per hour to help the "poor" rich make more money.
      11. Bush succeeded at having a large number of people killed with his illegal invasion of Iraq, probably more than killed by Saddam Hussein.
      12. Bush succeeded at what appears to be 4 stolen elections.
      13. Bush succeeded at getting passing grades in his education process despite admitting that he boozed and snoozed his way through schooling and regards anything with numbers as "Fuzzy Math" because he does not understand the use of numbers.
     14. Bush succeeded at increasing the Federal debt by $2.15 trillion dollars (8-15-05 estimate) during his first 4-year budget ending September 30, 2005.
      15. Bush succeeded at spending about $359 billion dollars (borrowed money) interest on our Federal debt in fiscal 2005, ending September 30, 2005.
      16. Bush succeeded at recovering the 3,000,000 jobs he lost during the Bush Depression and getting the news media to overlook the fact that the 10,000,000 population increase during his first term needed an increase of about 6,500,000 new jobs in addition to recovering the jobs he destroyed with the Bush Depression.
      17. Bush succeeded at violating the Federal insider trading law during Daddy Bush's presidency making an illegal $562,000 without being prosecuted.
      18. Bush succeeded while Governor of Texas building a stadium for the Texas Rangers Ball Club, using Texas tax money, while having a $500,000 (insider trading theft money) ownership interest then receiving $15,000,000 (bribe?) instead of his calculated sale equity of only $1,800,000 in the sale of the Texas Rangers Ball Club.
      19. Bush succeeded at avoiding payment for $900 damages, including a filthy mattress that had to be burned, for a short rental of a house in Alabama while playing hooky (AWOL?) from the Texas Air National Guard.
      20. Bush succeeded at destroying numerous benefits that were created by Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, and Clinton plus with the help of labor unions.
      21. Bush succeeded at keeping the terrorist threat alive which indicates that he would like to eventually declare marshal law, suspend our constitution, and become a dictator by following the pattern set by Granddaddy Prescott Bush and Adolph Hitler ( Bush stated once that he could be more effective as a dictator.)
      22. Bush's only failure that I know of was when his oil business failed and was rescued by Harken Oil Corporation.
      23. Bush has had an unusual number of successes with his objectives, however every one of them has been to the detriment of 95% of American citizens.

Letter to the Editor, New York Times
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      Daniel Akst,
      Re: your article about fuel-efficient cars.
      Why don't you write about straight alcohol fuel for American cars, which could be phased-in within one year, starting tomorrow?
       Alcohol fuel would not need the extra cost or fuel consumption of the current Catalytic Converters, thus reducing the cost of building and operating motor vehicles.  This conversion would be a "Money Saver" and a "Job Creator" for the public at large.
      Brazil switched to alcohol fuel in the mid 70's and they do not have a pollution problem like our problem and no phony oil shortage.
      Straight alcohol 185 proof is equivalent to regular gasoline, almost no pollution, and can be produced and retailed for about $1.00 per gallon.
      The only change in manufacturing automobiles would be to use rust proof materials that come in contact with alcohol fuel plus adjust the fuel injection or carburetor system to use alcohol and virtually no increase in manufacturing cost.
      Gasohol does not make any sense because the higher power alcohol, 188 –190 proof, used to increase the power of gasoline requires considerably more processing resulting in much more production cost and only a small reduction in pollution.  Alcohol processed to 195 proof requires a huge increase in processing and is about equivalent to nitroglycerine.
      When alcohol is made from corn, the corn by-product has about the same nutrition value as before the alcohol processing and can be used for food products and feed for livestock.
      Corn alcohol fuel would create an increase in employment, more income for American farmers, and eliminate our transportation fuel dependence on the Mid-East.
      The oil companies could produce alcohol fuel but the oil cartel does not want them to produce alcohol fuel.
      A switch to alcohol fuel would solve our pollution problem, help our earth-warming problem, gas-gouging problem due to the phony oil shortage, and create a large number of new jobs.
      The population increase in Bush's first 4 years caused a need for approximately 6,500,000 new jobs.  Bush barely recovered the jobs he destroyed and we still need jobs to accommodate our population increase.
      Today's unemployment numbers cannot be correct because our population increased by approximately 10,000,000 from 2000 through 2004, yet our employment numbers or unemployment numbers do not reflect this increase in population.

Republican Stranglehold Plutocracy Agenda
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      Thanks to Rolling Stone Magazine's great editorial at  The Fake Crisis regarding the Bush Social Security Scam.
      However, the Rolling Stone editorial missed just a small amount on some portions in their article.
      Many voters make the mistake of believing that both political parties try to obtain the same results.  There are some similarities at the local level but at the national level, there are very few similarities.
      Political parties are like sports teams, each team has their own objectives.  Republicans are for the rich and Democrats are for the middle and low-income classes.  If you believe otherwise, you are not paying enough attention or you are being conned.
      We have a political war every four years to elect a ruler, we just don't have the bloodshed that occurred for centuries.  It is a simple question of do we want a Republican super rich super poor economy or a Democratic adequate income and benefits for everyone.
      Social Security desperately needs improvement from our poverty level retirement, but not destruction.  I have designed an overhaul of the Social Security system that would increase Social Security retirement income from its current poverty level retirement to a rich retirement by simply handling Social Security taxes correctly.  The current return on our investment in Social Security is criminal theft.
      You can visit for the details in my book, How To Convert Your Scheduled Social Security Poverty Level Retirement And RETIRE RICH.  I will send a copy to any news media at no charge, if they will publish a book report on my book.  If enough people read this book, Congress would be forced to make the changes recommended in this book instead of Bush's destruction proposal.
      We need to implement the Social Security recommendations in my book while Bush is attempting to destroy Social Security.  We need to immediately demand this action of our elected representatives in Washington while attention is focused on Social Security.   URGENT.
      I was born in 1924 and I have a vivid memory of the conditions before 1933.  Most elderly people did not live in poverty, it was worse, they were destitute and did not have anything.  They had to move in with their children when they became unable to work.  Poverty level today is defined as anyone with an annual income of less than approximately $20,000 based on today's dollar devaluation.  When I was born, poverty level was about $1,000 per year or less and very few people made that much or more except the super rich.
      We had a Plutocracy until 1933, 156 years. I lived on and we owned a farm, most of our neighbors could not read and write because it was extremely difficult to obtain an education.  There were no benefits in rural areas and portions of cities, no electricity, no telephones, no running water, no heat except fireplaces and wood stoves, no school books except second hand books you had to purchase from the preceding students, no school buses, mail box one mile from our house, dirt roads, catalogs and corn cobs for toilet tissue, etc.  Very similar to, but slightly better than, today's third world countries.
      My oldest sister, by 10 years, told me recently that she had to walk alone 2 miles each way to school at age 6.  My father purchased his first automobile about the time I was born and when I started to school, my oldest sister was transporting us and neighbor children to a one-room school building.
      The Democratic Political revolution occurred in 1932 due to President Hoover's miscalculation about how to handle the typical Republican depression.  President Hoover destroyed more businesses than he intended and could not make the usual Republican recovery just before re-election time.
      Republicans have committed to remove every possible benefit created by Democrats and labor unions then return us to a super rich super poor economy as near to the first 156 years as possible.  Most people lived on farms and there was only a very small number of middle class income people, mostly mom and pop stores.
       Rich people were the only ones with substantial benefits above bare necessity.  However, mom and pop store owners had minor benefits.
      Today, people can not visualize the conditions we had during the Plutocracy even though third world countries today have conditions very similar to our first 156 year Plutocracy.  They can not visualize that the benefits they enjoy today were created here, Canada, Europe, and Japan as a result of the 1932 Democratic Political Revolution with the help of labor unions.  And, that we can be forced back to the super rich super poor economic conditions with depressions and other scams, including destroying Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.
       Millions of people today lost jobs paying $15 to $20 per hour and are now having to accept jobs paying $6 or $8 per hour along with losing their homes, automobiles, and furniture, etc.  Tennessee Ernie Ford's song "16 Tons" describes conditions before 1933.
      The greedy rich reasoning is that they can make more money if they can force employees to work for virtually nothing.  The stupidity of that reasoning is that if the Greedy Rich would willingly pay discretionary income above necessities, each other's employees would purchase each other's products and services, then they would make more money without being obsessed with greed.  Adequate income middle class citizens, resulting from the 1932 Democratic Political Revolution, are the reason we have such an abundance of super nice benefits and standard of living.
      Before 1933, employees worked seven 10 hour days per week for $2 or less per day, rented a shack from their employer, bought their groceries and clothing from their employer, then all of their week's pay would be gone.
      One additional factor that caused the South to become prosperous was when Georgia Democratic Governor, 1943 –1947, Ellis Arnall persuaded Congress to repeal the double freight rate against the South.  This double freight rate against the South was the cause of the Freight Rate War (a.k.a. Civil War) which "War Hero" Abraham Lincoln could have gotten repealed to prevent the death of about 600,000 Americans.
      Republicans again have a stranglehold on our Federal government and the stranglehold must be broken quickly or the standard of living we now take for granted will disappear.
      Based on the exit polls, which were extremely accurate until Bush Junior entered politics, John Kerry won the presidential election and the pre-election polls indicated that Democrats could retake Congress.  The exit polls in Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada showed Kerry winning but the count said the opposite, which strongly indicates that something was seriously wrong with the vote count.
      My vote recount system at, the first 4 links under my picture could count all of the votes including the voters who tried but were prevented from voting.  This means that we need to immediately make a FULL recount of all of the votes in states and districts that could reverse the elections.  When anything is stolen from you, if you find it and can prove it was stolen from you, you can recover the stolen item.  This should also include elections and my vote recount system could provide this proof for the 2004 November elections.
      At least 90% of the American public fit the Democratic financial profile.  It is amazing that a large number of people who fit the Democratic profile vote Republican and against their own best interests.  Apparently, the grassroots effort is not up to par.
Is Bush a Serial Vote Thief
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      There are strong indications that as many as 25% of the November 2, 2004 votes cast for president were either not counted, or switched, or inflated.  The solution to correct this problem is included in this editorial if implemented quickly.
      As of November 26, 2004, the total U.S. vote count stood at 119,156,652.  Numerous news reports indicated that in most areas voter registration increased 25% to 50%.  News reporting indicated that most of the increased voter registration was Democrats. Due to the fact that most of the new registrations were Democrats because they were extremely upset with the Bush dishonesty and performance, indicates that the total vote count should have increased at least 25% to 30% making a total of 130,000,000 to 135, 000,000 votes cast.
      This means that at least 12,000,000 votes were not counted, mostly Democrats for Kerry.  Additionally, vote switching could amount to another 12,000,000 votes that should have gone to John Kerry.  This means that Bush should have been swept out of office. with the largest landslide in history, and still would be if all of the votes are counted correctly.  Two entirely different points of view caused this huge polarized voter registration.
      People who believe in real democracy made a huge voter registration drive due to:
  • Bush Administration dishonesty;
  • Huge number of signals that Bush had advance knowledge of the 9/11 terrorist attack before it occurred;
  • Unnecessary war in Iraq;
  • To keep terrorist active for election fear purposes, refused to follow military advice in Iraq war regarding hiring Iraq regular army, experienced police, and experienced government workers, which would have virtually eliminated the terrorist insurgency, killing (murder) American troops and Iraqis;
  • Huge tax cuts for the richest people;
  • Huge increase in credit card type Federal Spending;
  • Worst Federal debt explosion in history ($678.4 Billion increase in 2004 alone);
  • Worst job loss in 72 years;
  • Apparent deliberate mismanagement of two wars for the sake of keeping terrorist attacks active for a political fear factor, a crime to acquire illegal votes;
  • Caused a huge increase in Terrorist risk;
  • Drive toward destruction of citizen's rights;
  • Destruction of Democratic benefits;
  • Vote theft in Florida in 2000;
  • Bush's religious hypocrisy.
      The second group is people who were mesmerized by Bush's "Bible Thumping" and acceptance of his false statements as being facts plus Republican smear tactics against Democrats plus Republican "Groupies".  Also, includes Republican smear and destroy tactics, which are usually known mostly by Republican leaders, but not known or understood by their "Flock". Republican political "War" activities as follows:
  • Republican talk show hosts who leave out critical facts and emphasize information taken out of context;
  • The Swift Boat Liars Club, etc.;
  • For cheating purposes, investigating and supporting financially the weakest primary candidates or with real or fabricated skeletons in their closet;
  • Cross-Over voting for cheating purposes by Republicans in the primaries to produce the weakest opposition candidates;
  • Democratic voter suppression by preventing Democrats from voting;
  • Illegally removing voters from the voter registration lists, i.e., 96,000 voters removed in Florida in 2000 claiming convicted felons, then later admitting that 92,000 were not convicted felons, obviously names from Democratic primary voting list;
  • Manipulating votes, i.e., in 2004, in one Ohio precinct with a total of 608 votes cast, 260 votes went to Kerry, 4,254 votes went to Bush, fortunately this vote switching and inflating was caught and corrected;
  • Republican PACs that do research, fabricate, and implement smear tactics;
  • Financed by large public corporations and private large businesses that erroneously believe that they can make more money by forcing production workers to work for as near nothing as possible.  And, they do not understand that production workers would buy more of their products if they are paid discretionary incomes resulting in larger profits for the business owners.

      The following is a statement from a Kerry campaign worker, which indicates what likely happened in most every election in which Republicans believed would be a chance that a Republican could win with some vote manipulation:
      The following is a letter from Kathryn Levy to The Editor, NY Times, which sends up a war signal that the Bush Fascist party has declared war on Democracy and is using tactics similar to, Bush's Granddaddy, Prescott Bush and Adolph Hitler when Hitler converted the German Democracy to a Fascism Dictatorship to conquer the world. TAKE NOTE!
To the Editor:
      Perhaps the problems arising from electronic voting machines and partisan election officials were limited, as you imply in "About Those Election Results" (editorial, Nov. 14).  But my experience in Broward County in Florida, where I worked at the Kerry headquarters, points to a systematic effort to suppress the vote in that heavily Democratic area.
      We received hundreds of complaints about widespread election abuses.  These included police intimidation, registered voters whose names mysteriously disappeared from the rolls, thousands of "lost" absentee ballots, persistent disinformation about polling sites, as well as voters who repeatedly pressed John Kerry's name on the touch screens, only to have George W. Bush's appear.
      If this was my experience in one Florida county, what does that suggest about the national election?  Surely there is a pressing need for a thorough investigation of these complaints if we are to retain any confidence in our democracy.
Kathryn Levy, Sag Harbor, N.Y., Nov. 14, 2004

      The Bush Fascist won the 2000 battle, has won the 2004 battle, and will win the Fascist war unless we undo their illegal win before they are inaugurated and sworn into office.
      The exit polls November 2, 2004 in Ohio, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and Iowa showed Kerry was winning.  The only explanation for the tally difference is that all of the votes were not counted, plus phony votes, and, vote inflation, despite the Republican News Media alibi.
      I have designed a vote recount system that is the only method available today to count every legal vote cast.
      Our Democracy is on its death row and this may be our last election, unless we reverse this stolen vote count immediately in a super rush.
      My vote recount solution is labeled VOTER AFFIDAVIT, including spaces for congressional offices, and other offices for the uncounted and miscounted votes that clearly incorrectly show Bush and cronies winning this election.  Clearly, as usual, most of the votes that were cast aside and not counted were Democrats.  Plus another affidavit for people illegally removed from the voter registration list.
      There is not any method currently available to re-count votes from electronic voting machines that do not produce a printed verifiable ballot before the vote is cast.  Many states use more than one type voting equipment and their recounts may not satisfy the U.S. Supreme Court requirements as imposed on Florida in 2000 when they violated Florida law and appointed Bush president.
      I designed a recount system that should hold up in any court provided it is mailed only to every registered voter who was recorded as voting in the election in question.  This system is more foolproof than any current recount systems.   would include votes in which the candidate selection was not discernable or various other errors or problems and was discarded.
      This system would also coincide better with exit polls, which have been erroneously explained when they did not coincide with the vote tally.  Amazingly, the exit polls were almost never wrong until Bush Jr. entered politics, except in extremely close races.  I wonder if Bush cheatbeat Ann Richards in the 1994 Texas Governor race.
      his system would make sure that each and every legitimate vote is actually counted then would do exactly what John Kerry promised.
      Please examine and print this vote recount system at and  Please contact everyone you can think of who may be able to persuade John Kerry and other candidates who the pre-election or exit polls said would win their elections to utilize this vote recount system and deliver all of the votes to the intended candidates.  We will waive the 5 cents per vote fee if this recount does not produce a Democratic winner.  My recount system could also produce some Georgia winners.  HURRY, WE ARE ALMOST OUT OF TIME.

Is Bush a Serial Killer?
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      George W. Bush, per news reports, has made a mockery of everything a normal person would expect from the president of the United States of America.
      He has flip-flopped one way or the other on everything he has said or promised except his promise to reward his large corporate executive campaign contributors and his religious hypocrisy rewards.
      Bush has practiced deception, lies, and con artistry as a standard policy.  He has taken to new heights the Republican philosophy of "Republican Groupies are too stupid to know when they are being taken."
      He manipulated the intelligence reports that went to Congress and the UN for the purpose of war authorization with the false intent to negotiate & force Saddam to remove all weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons.
      The UN inspectors were effectively examining every possible site and reporting back that they were not finding WMD's or nuclear weapons.
       While Saddam was attempting to negotiate, Bush stopped the weapons inspection and ordered two assassination attempts on Saddam that failed by minutes, thus starting his invasion under false pretenses.
      Bush claimed that Saddam had WMD's and nuclear weapons and could strike us within 45 minutes. Inspections after the invasion have proven that he lied and deceived America into believing that his invasion was necessary.  To date, he has caused the death of more than 1,100 American troops and 8,000 wounded in Iraq.
      Bush caused most of the world to start hating him and us with his warmonger bullying and invasion.  This Bush invasion created a huge increase in terrorist risk exactly as predicted by Egypt's president Mubarak, when he advised Bush that invading Iraq would create 100 Osama bin Ladens and that is what Bush wanted for election.
      There is a huge amount of evidence that Bush was involved in and knew the schedule of the 9/11 terrorist attack as further evidenced by his being in Florida teaching small children the same day his residence was one of the terrorist targets.
      Various investigations have discovered that Bush had a huge amount of evidence from the FBI, CIA, and numerous foreign countries telling him that the terrorist were going to attack using commercial airplanes.  Obviously, the objective was to become a "War Hero" for re-election plus he likes to kill people.
      Bush had the Air Defense System and Air Controllers on maximum "Relax" instead of on maximum "Alert" the day of the 9/11 terrorist attack.
      When the air defense system is on maximum alert, the planes can be in the air in 5 minutes and can fly 1875 miles per hour, 31.5 miles per minute.  They could have easily reached the terrorist planes before each attack and could have either forced them to change course or shot them down. Bush deliberately caused the death of almost 3,000 people on 9/11.
      If you will visit and carefully examine the still pictures of the WTC buildings you will realize that the planes did not collapse the buildings. Dr. Van Romero said, "there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse. . .  The damage is uniform, symmetric, and total. In summary, it looks exactly like a demolition, because that's what it was."
      The fact that the Bush team would not allow any investigation about the extra explosive devices is the real peculiar part.  It is very obvious that Bush and his warmonger team were involved in the planning and execution of the terrorist attack to obtain backing for his pre-planned effort to kill Saddam Hussein and have a war in progress for election purposes.  The news media knew about the discrepancy but kept it quite.
      According to the American Free Press newspaper, 10-11-2004, Stanley Hilton, former chief of staff for Republican Senator Bob Dole, representing 400 9/11 victims and families, has filed a civil lawsuit charging Bush with complicity in the 9/11 terrorist attack to gain political control.  Bush has stated publicly that he would be more effective as a dictator.
      A check of the records will validate that every Republican president since the Federal Reserve was established in 1913 has had a policy of starting a depression at the beginning of their term, then starting a recovery around the end of the third year.
      They falsely claim Democrats caused the depression then at election time say, "I saved you from the Democrats."  This is usually done by raising interest rates and creating a phony money shortage ("Tight Money").  This shuts down housing and automobile production.  To create the recovery, they reduce interest rates and increase the money supply.
      The peculiar fact is that Bush did not order an increase in mortgage rate and phony money shortage ("Tight Money"), the same as previous all Republican presidents did, to create his depression.
      Instead of starting a "Depression and Recovery" upon his inauguration using the Republican standard "Raise Interest rates and phony money shortage" for their presidential depression and recovery, they had a new twist.
      Bush planned the standard Republican depression and recovery to utilize the scheduled terrorist attack combined with his refusal to place military guards on commercial air flights when the attack occurred plus the Republican Congress repeal of the Roosevelt anti-price gouging monopolistic public corporation law.
      These two pre-planned events caused the loss of about 3,000,000 jobs and put the airline and affiliate industries into bankruptcy status.
      Bush did not utilize the standard Republican system this time because he and his cohorts knew that the scheduled terrorist attack along with the merger spree would cause the desired depression.  He kept interest rates low because if he ordered the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates and tight money as usual, he would have destroyed so many businesses, as did President Hoover, that he could not have started any recovery.
      Bush refused our military brass in Iraq recommendation to require a pledge of allegiance and keep the Iraq regular 350,000 troop army (not the Republican Guard) and approximately 100,000 police, which would have prevented the insurgency terrorist.  These people needed their paychecks and clearly would have supported the new command.
      If Bush had kept the Iraq regular army & police, voters would have forgotten the unnecessary Iraq War by November 2, 2004 because the insurgency would not have happened.  Thus creating the insurgency terrorist and keeping terrorist attacks active to keep Americans scared at election time to avoid the Bush Sr. loss.
      The irony is that he and Republican propaganda talk show "Liars Club" host have convinced people, who do not pay enough attention to actual facts and their thinking, into believing that he is making Americans safer.  When instead, he is deliberately increasing our risk for terrorism by leaps and bounds for election purposes.
      The Bush plan included the killings, deliberate chaos and terrorism in Iraq, and the projected Bush four fiscal years $2.374 trillion dollar ($2,374,000,000,000) Federal debt increase ($678.6 billion in fiscal 2004) with extra interest cost of about $100,000,000,000 added to the current interest cost about $333,000,000,000 (2002 borrowed payment cost), about 1,500,000 jobs less than when he was appointed president
.       Bush should have created at least 5,000,000 new jobs due to the 11,000,000 population growth, making a total shortage of 6,500,000 jobs.
      If Bush wins or steals this election and continues as he says and as the signals indicate, he will most likely add another $3 – 4 trillion dollars to our Federal debt, continue to increase worldwide hatred helping Osama bin Laden recruit more terrorist, invite more terrorist attacks, start another depression then save us from the Democrats again so another Republican can be the next president after he bankrupts the United States, or switches to a dictatorship.
      Another irony is that Democrats always try to balance the budget with a "pay as you go benefits program".  Since the Republican Plutocracy was overthrown in 1932, Republicans have been using credit card excess spending while cutting taxes as a vote buying scam to win elections under false pretenses.  This is done with two objectives;  1.  Eliminate Democratic benefit created after 1932 with Federal debt,  2.  Freeload on their children and grandchildren.  The irony is that they dupe unthinking people in to falsely believing that they are "conservative".
      A knowledgeable person would have to hate their children and grandchildren to vote for Bush.  Unfortunately, most people do not understand real world political economics or solving criminal problems.  One Congressman confided to me, after he decided not to run for re-election, that he did not understand economics at all.
      Anyone who believes that John Kerry would not do a better job of fighting terrorism has been ignoring facts.  Kerry was in Viet Nam doing an extraordinary job of fighting and saving American lives despite what the Republican Swift Boat Liars Club has said to the contrary.  While Kerry was risking his life Bush was being a family blacksheep alcoholic party maniac coward.
      While Bush was playing hooky from the Air National Guard, he rented a house in Alabama for a short time, devastated the house and still owes the $900 that the owner paid for repairing Bush's damage and filth cleanup.
      Bush has not made any mistakes, he has accomplished everything according to his secret objectives plan in both Afghanistan and Iraq.
      As an example, he could have instantly set up an Iraqi as a temporary ruler, rehired the same police force and regular army with a pledge that they would obey the new regime, enforce their responsibilities under the new temporary regime, and maintain law and order as well as prevent looting.  This would have saved most of the lost American lives, reduced our cost for the unnecessary war, created goodwill among the Iraqis, created a good environment for a Democratic election, and reversed much of the worldwide hatred of Bush and America.
      This would have worked, the police and army would have been glad to keep their jobs and livelihood, and the Iraq economy would have returned closer to normal.  The terrorist risk would be only a fraction of what it is now.
       To sum it up, Bush has deliberately caused the death of more than 4,100 Americans and mutilated many more thousands.  Bush has been reaching for the Abraham Lincoln record with the Lincoln provoked Freight Rate War (a.k.a. Civil War).  Bush has made no mistakes, he has perfectly executed one of the worst political scams in history, treason?  This sounds to me like a serial killer in action.

Rebuttal To Bill Shipp Editorial
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      I am amazed that you are supporting George W. Bush and saying that you do not know John Kerry at all.  It would be almost impossible to find anyone who would do a worse job than Bush.
      If you do not know what John Kerry proposes to do for this country, you have not been paying attention.  Also, go to and examine his proposals.
      Apparently, you have been listening to and reading lies about Kerry similar to the Republican lies that were said about Bill Clinton.  Republicans investigated Clinton and the Whitewater land development for almost his entire two terms in office and spent $75,000,000 of your and my tax money for nothing.  The Whitewater investigation regarding Bill Clinton could have and should have been completed in two days.
      Republicans then hired numerous women to come forward and make false claims about him, plus hired Monica Lewinsky to seduce him.  Most likely, the Whitewater land development failure was caused by the Reagan/Volcker increasing mortgage interest rates to 17.5%, which was beyond the reach of home buyers and prevented the intended sale of lots.
      The standard Republican presidential economic agenda is to start a depression scam at the beginning of their term by increasing interest rates and phony money shortage then blame it on Democrats.  Then start an economic recovery near the end of the third year so they can claim in their re-election campaign that they "saved us from the Democrats".  If you doubt this standard agenda, check the records.
      Instead of the usual standard Republican depression scam, they had a new trick in the works.  Bush and cronies knew that the Republican 1998 repeal of the Franklin D. Roosevelt anti-monopolistic law would destroy a huge number of jobs and that the impending terrorist attack combined with refusing to place military guards on commercial airline flights would destroy a huge number of jobs.
       These two items totaled about 3,000,000 lost jobs along with placing the airline industry in bankruptcy status.  Plus the terrorist attack could provide Bush an excuse to become a "War Hero" president by implementing their economic recovery schedule near the end of the third year and get Bush "elected".
      John Kerry examines facts carefully before making decisions, which is exactly what we need in a president instead of Bush's system of making decisions then manipulating facts to fool the public into believing he did what was necessary.
       Plus, history proves that the economy is always better and a larger percentage of workers have jobs when a Democrat is president.  Republicans always have depressions (AKA news media says recessions) and recoveries during their presidency, which of course is pre scheduled.
      Furthermore, I can not imagine anyone with a sound mind supporting an unconvicted felon, con artist, and bungler like George W. Bush for president of the United States of America.  This is especially true after the Duefler report that proved conclusively that Bush deliberately deceived Democrats in Congress, including Kerry and Edwards, and the American public.  He did this with manipulated intelligence to support his illegal invasion and obsession to kill Saddam Hussein, two assassination attempts while starting his invasion.       Kerry and Edwards voted to provide negotiating power to the president as has been customary in the past but did not vote to actually vote to commence a war.
      One commission investigation report that has been kept very quite, says that Bush was covered up with intelligence reports and warnings by numerous countries that the terrorist were about to do what they did on 9/11.  Meanwhile, Bush was spending 40% of his time vacationing on his ranch at Crawford Texas.
       One investigation revealed that, despite the warnings, the Air National Defense and the Air Controllers were peculiarly on maximum "Relax" status instead of maximum "Alert" status when the 9/11 terrorist attack occurred.  Their planes can be in the air in 5 minutes upon notice when they are on alert and can fly 1875 miles per hour, that is 31.5 miles per minute.  They could have intercepted the terrorist planes and forced them to change course or shoot them down if they refused and prevented their attack on the buildings.
      It is obvious that Bush had an obsession to kill Saddam Hussein before he started his campaign for president, which he did at the urging of his pal Kenneth Lay, Enron CEO. Bush wanted to elevate himself from the family "Black Sheep" status and prove that he was smarter and could do more than his daddy.
      Bush has damaged our worldwide reputation, created extreme hatred of the U.S. and increased the terrorist risk to us a tremendous amount by bullying our friends and invading Iraq.
      By the end of the 2005 Federal budget, which Bush controls, our Federal debt will be increased about $2 trillion dollars in only 4 years.  Reagan increased our Federal debt $2 trillion dollars in 8 years.  If Bush wins the election and continues his tax cutting for the "Fat Cats" and expanding the government and expense, he will probably increase the Federal debt another $3 trillion dollars, making a total increase of $5 trillion in 8 years.
      Bush paid $333 billion dollars (with borrowed money) interest on the 2002 Federal debt, welfare to people with excess money.  Republicans complain about welfare to people who are unable to work or too lazy, but that was only $16.5 billion in 2002.  I have not heard any Republicans complaining about the $333 Billion taxpayer cost.
      I have a file almost 7 inches thick recording Bush's scams and bunglings before and after stealing the presidency.  Please visit my website,, and learn some real facts before you recommend a highly skilled con-artist for president.

Open Letter to Zell Miller
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      In your Republican promotion book trying to destroy the Democratic Party and Democracy, according to an excerpt from your book, you claim to admire FDR, Truman, and JFK, yet you also admire Bush who is obsessed with the goal of destroying everything they accomplished.  What has happened to your brain?  Either you do not understand real world political economics or you are a perfect example of how easy it is for con artists to flimflam people.
      Mr. Bush is using the same strategy that Adolph Hitler used to convert a democracy into a dictatorship who did so with the financial help of Bush's grandfather Prescott Bush building his war machinery.
      Obviously, you are proud of the fact that the Republican control of Washington, 1969-1992, devalued the dollar (a.k.a. inflation) approximately 90% and exploded the Federal debt from $360 billion, in almost 200 years, to $4,000 billion dollars (4 trillion) in 8 years, and Bush is exceeding that record.
      Our tax dollars paid $333 billion dollars interest on the 2002 Republican Federal debt and instead should have been used for tax cuts.  Bush's tax cuts for "Fast Cats" and job destruction will increase the Federal debt in the neighborhood of $2 trillion dollars by the end of fiscal 2005.  Bush's goal is to increase the Federal debt to the point that the increased cost on the Federal debt will be at least $1 trillion dollars per year, then not have any money for Democrat created benefits and middle class income status.
      Our population increased approximately 11,000,000 people since the 2000 census causing a need for at least 7,000,000 new jobs.  Yet Bush destroyed 3,000,000 jobs with his refusal to place military guards on commercial airline flights when the 911 terrorist attack occurred and the 1998 Republican repeal of the Roosevelt anti-monopolistic public corporation law.
      Bush has only recovered 1,500,000 jobs when he should have created 8,500,000 more jobs.  President Clinton created 11,000,000 jobs when he raised taxes on "Fat Cat".
      Bush's tax cut for "Fat Cats" had no effect on job creation.  The few jobs created has been re-hiring by manufacturers due to diminished inventories resulting from the population increase and the military equipment and supply needs caused by Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq.
      All of this effort and support of Bush by you makes you a traitor to democracy and treason. WAKE UP.

The Bush/Republican Economic Scam
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      Mr. Bush has been crowing about the job increases.  According to the May, 2004, report, the new jobs have increased 248,000 in May, down from 346,000 thousand in April, which was down from 353,000 in March.  This editorial provides considerable insight as to how Republicans manage political economics.
      Amazingly, these figures resemble the job increases in each of the monthly reports during the entire Clinton Administration of 8 years.  The Clinton Administration increased jobs by 22,000,000 in 8 years, whereas to-date, Bush has replaced 1,200,000 jobs in 3 1/2 years. He is still 1,800,000 jobs short of the 3,000,000 jobs he lost with his deliberate depression.
      During the Clinton Administration, the population increased from 255,382,000 in 1992 to slightly more than 283,000 000 in 2000 just before Clinton left office.  This is an increase of 27,618,000 population and a job increase of 22,000,000, which is an abnormally high job increase.
      The reason for the exceptional number of job increases in the Clinton Administration is due to the fact that the second Reagan depression (Republicans and News Media call it recession) which started in 1987 carried over throughout the entire Bush I Administration.  A huge number of people were unemployed and not being counted in the statistics because they were no longer receiving unemployment compensation.
      A huge amount of economic activity created during the Clinton Administration brought the unemployment rate down to slightly under 4%, which was the best employment record since the Truman Administration.
      Please keep in mind the word from President Franklin D. Roosevelt when he said “Nothing happens in politics unless it is planned that way by someone, or group, who have the power to make it happen.”  Every Republican president since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 have given us at least one depression and they use different strategies to create the depression.
      Most of the time they create the depressions by raising fuel cost, raising interest rates, and creating artificial money shortages through the Federal Reserve Board.  Bush's advisors knew that their standard depression system should not be used because adequate events were in the pipeline to produce a depression.  And, that to add their standard depression system would have wrecked the economy to the point that Bush would not have any chance of winning election and would have produced a Hoover repeat.
      In this case, Bush did not use any of those techniques, instead, he used two situations:
      1. The fact that the Republican Congress repealed the Roosevelt public corporation anti-monopolistic law.  That law prevented large public corporations from gobbling up their smaller competitors and price gouging the public.  Bush's advisors knew that law repeal would create a considerable amount of unemployment.  One major example, Bank of America recently gobbled up Fleet Finance and then announced the lay-off of 13,500 Fleet Finance employees.
      2. Part of their strategy was the 911 terrorist attack, for which Bush denies having any prior knowledge.  However suspicion abounds, he suddenly decided to go to Florida to teach a kindergarten class on the same day his residence was one of the terrorist targets.  While it has not yet been proven that Bush knew the terrorist attack was about to happen, it is a fact causing extreme suspicion.  This is especially true since U. S. presidents do not teach kindergarten classes.
      Bush deliberately used the terrorist attack to virtually destroy the airline industry by refusing to place military guards on commercial airline flights to protect American citizens on flights and American airline property which is the purpose of our military.
      Bush's refusal to place military guards on airline flights destroyed more than 1,000,000 airline and related jobs, and still may bankrupt some large airlines.  The public corporation gobbling merger spree destroyed more than 1,000,000 jobs.  The small amount of jobs destroyed by the bankruptcy of some internet mistake companies raised the total on up to approximately 3,000,000 jobs lost destroyed during the Bush Administration.  The internet bankruptcies alone would not have caused much damage to the economy.
      Every Republican administration strategy is always to create a depression at the beginning of their term in office, blame it on Democrats, and then revive the economy in the 4th year just before election time.  However, Reagan's first depression was so severe, he started reviving the economy just before the 1982 elections to avoid losing control of the Senate.  This is so they can be re-elected and say look I saved the economy from the terrible Democrats.
       This is the same as beating someone to a pulp then taking them to a hospital.  Then when they have recovered, they say look I saved your life, I am a hero.  The Republicans never admit that they deliberately created the depressions in the first place as a cynical strategy to be re-elected under false pretenses.
      The reason that Bush I was unsuccessful in re-generating the economy to accomplish his re-election was that the public had lost complete confidence in him.  Plus, his personality did not show optimism even though he had done pretty much the correct thing to re-generate employment and the economy to gain his re-election.  He dropped interest rates and increased the money supply so that home building and automobile production could have re-generated the economy in time for him to be re-elected.  But it did not happen because he did not have the optimistic spark of Ronald Reagan, who could make you think he was telling the truth when you knew he was lying.  Bush is claiming that the job improvement is due to his tax cuts for the “Fat Cats”.  That is phony for the very simple reason that enriching “Fat Cats” never creates extra jobs per se.
      The first real reason for the job increase is that the war that has killed more than 830 American troops to-date is causing a huge need to replace war machinery, ammunition, clothing for the troops, etc.
      The second reason is that most manufacturers slowed down production of manufacturing their products because their sales had slowed down.  Their inventory of their products were approaching zero and it became necessary now that they resume manufacturing at a normal pace because they have exhausted their inventories.
      Our population has increased by approximately 10,000,000 people to-date during the Bush Administration, per the census estimate June 4, 2004, 293,421,523 people.  Clearly, the population increase requires products and services such as housing, clothing, televisions, autos, etc. that the manufacturers produce.  These needs continue regardless of whether we are having a depression or not and of course most people are still working and still earning adequate incomes.
      The most people who are really getting hurt are the ones who lost their jobs and businesses as a result of the deliberate Republican standard depressions.  However, many people have scaled back their discretionary buying due to their fear that they too may lose their jobs, unless they are being distracted by some unusual event like the Bush Iraq Invasion and his bungling of the occupation.
      The Bush cronies are setting up a new depression through their increase in gasoline prices.  The claim by much of the news media and Republicans is that there is a shortage of crude oil and shortage of facilities to refine the crude oil into gasoline.
      Charlie Rose recently interview the CEO of Exxon on his show.  The CEO stated that there is no shortage of crude oil and there is no shortage of refinery facilities.  He said that the reason for the gasoline price increases is that it is created by the other oil companies and the news media.  He said that even though Exxon is the largest oil company in the business, they only have 12% of the total sales, and he stated that his company was not promoting the high prices.
      However, there is some contradiction in his claim because Exxon is charging just as much as the other oil companies, and all of them are ripping off the American public to the tune of billions of dollars each month.  This gasoline price rip-off is causing the planned increase (inflation/dollar devaluation) in the cost of all products and services that we as the American public purchase.
      Bush and cronies are using the gasoline gouging to set up a new spiral of dollar devaluation (aka inflation) similar to the strategy used by the Nixon Administration, which Reagan doubled.
      The Republican philosophy that “Republican Groupies are too stupid to know when they are being taken” must not be allowed to overcome Independents, Swing Voters, and any Democrats who might have a thinking relapse.
      American voters and people who are eligible to vote and have not yet been voting must be made aware of these scams so they can vote to commence the restoration of the benefits created by Democrats since 1932, the Republican Hoover depression.

The Richard Clark Expose
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      I have not read the Richard Clark book but I heard him on Television interviews several times.  Richard Clark has confirmed most of the statements I have made about my analysis of what happened regarding the terrorist situation.  He has been too polite in his statements about the events and why they occurred.
      Mr. Clark said that President Bush had ignored the warnings about the terrorist and he indicated that perhaps Bush did not understand the importance of what was being said.
      My take on that is altogether different from the way Clark explained it.  It has been pointed out by numerous people that Bush wanted to start a war with Iraq and was waiting for an event that would get the American public emotionally behind him to support the war.  Bush needed some catastrophic event to be able to get the American citizens to support his war against Iraq and when he was made aware that the terrorist attack was imminent in this country, obviously, he was delighted and anxious for it to happen.
      It is common historical knowledge that any ruler of a country that starts a war without getting the support of the citizens, will not be successful in their war effort.  The fact that Bush has gone to extremes to try to prevent any investigation into the events prior to 911, indicates strongly that he has something to hide.  Clearly, Bush's war-hawk cronies have been sifting through everything in an effort to conceal any evidence that he knew that the 911 attack was about to occur.
      The most suspicious and telltale piece of evidence is that suddenly he had to go to Florida and teach a kindergarten class on the day his residence was a target.  This of course is not part of his job requirement.  It is extremely probable that one or the other of the two planes headed for Washington was scheduled to hit the White House.
      Clearly, there was enough information coming in to FBI and CIA regarding the fact that numerous Muslims were taking flight training for large planes and were not taking any training to learn how to take-off or land the planes.  It would be impossible for the people in charge of FBI and CIA to be too stupid to not relay that information in to the president and to not make preparations to prevent whatever it was that these people were trying to develop skills to accomplish, unless they were ordered to allow the terrorist attack to happen.
      It is common knowledge that everyone working for the president is required to protect the president from any problems and if they do not, they are fired.  That protection also goes to the point of cover-up.  The Nixon and Reagan Whitehouse did considerable cover-up but it appears that the Bush Administration is going to do more cover-up than those two combined.
      Clark stated that the Clinton Administration prevented numerous attacks but they did fail to prevent some of them and some retaliation that would have and should have occurred during the Clinton Administration was due to either inadequate information or some reason was determined to be not sufficient enough to do the retaliation.
      Bush claiming to be such a preventer of terrorist that the first terrorist attack against the United States that occurred on his watch happened when he was being well supplied with information that a terrorist attack was imminent and that the Muslim fanatics were taking training learning how to fly large planes without any training for taking-off or landing the planes.  This made it extremely clear that they had no intention of landing a plane after they commandeered it.  I took flying lessons once and the first requirement was to learn how to take off and land the plane.
      Clark said that there was no evidence that would justify invading Iraq. He said that we should not have invaded Iraq.  He said that the inspections and containment were working and that Saddam had not made any effort to attack the United States.  He said that the unnecessary invasion of Iraq has inflamed Muslims worldwide and has created a magnet for recruiting new people into the terrorist activity.  The terrorist activity has increased a huge amount since Bush invaded Iraq.  Small terrorist units have sprung up worldwide and are creating considerable havoc since the Bush Iraq Invasion started.
      There are many countries that are ruled by dictators.  When dictators gain power, it is usually done by killing lots of people and to stay in power they kill everyone who attempts to oppose them to avoid being overthrown.  This is precisely what Saddam Hussein was doing by killing the people who were trying to eliminate him.  This is very typical for dictators and we can not afford to invade all of the countries that have dictators.  Besides, the other countries do not have the world's second largest oil reserve.
      Speaking of oil, I recently learned that Bush has been financing a rebel group in venezuela who have been trying to overthrow their elected president, Hugo Chavez. Venezuela just happens to be one of our major suppliers of crude oil.  This makes the second country with a large supply of crude oil that Bush is trying to control.
      Today, the Republican Congress and Bush claiming that presidents and vice presidents should not be required to testify under oath, and individually, about something as serious as a terrorist attack.  Plus, there is considerable suspicion that President Bush knew in advance that it was going to happen.  Or, should have known it was going to happen, and should have made some effort to prevent the attack.
      All of this despite the fact that the Republican Congress and Republican Starr forced President Clinton to testify under oath about a personal matter that had nothing to do with Federal government business or public safety during a phony investigation of Clinton about Whitewater, which President Clinton was a victim not a perpetrator.  Clearly, Starr learned within one or two days that Clinton was not involved in management of Whitewater subdivision development.  When President Clinton testified, the Republicans claimed he committed perjury when legally and technically, he did not, but he did not volunteer any information that they wanted.
      Furthermore, the Monica Lewinsky incident was clearly a Republican sting entrapment operation as harassment because they were jealous of the superb job President Clinton was doing.  The American public was not harmed by President Clinton, however, the harassment was clearly done to hinder and prevent President Clinton from doing his job, a treasonous act by the Republicans.
      In President Bush's case, he deliberately lied or mislead the American public many many times regarding the terrorist so that he could start a war with Iraq, which has killed more than 800 Americans and crippled several thousand Americans, plus killed and maimed many thousands of Iraqis.
Plus, Bush's invasion of Iraq has multiplied the intensity and activity of terrorist worldwide and made a huge increase in risk to America.
      Even though President Bush was pretending to be ignoring the information he was receiving about terrorist before the terrorist attack, immediately after the 911 attack, he seemed to be completely aware of where the training was being done, the location of Osama bin Laden and he was ready to start fighting the terrorist in Afghanistan.
      This belies his position prior to the 911 attack.  The facts have surfaced that other sources, in addition to Clark, that prior to the 911 attack, Bush was getting briefings from CIA and FBI about terrorist activity every day preceding the 911 attack, yet Bush claimed that he had no knowledge or suspicion of the impending terrorist attack.
      It has also become adequate knowledge from several sources that Bush started trying to find a way to justify invading Iraq the day after he was inaugurated, and had been tentatively planning to attack Iraq before he stole the presidency.  However, the Bush plan for invading Iraq did not include anything beyond killing Saddam Hussein and taking over the oil supply.  Clearly, he did not understand that there would be many things that would have to be done after Saddam Hussein was removed from office.  Bush's lack of understanding and illiteracy is why he has bungled the aftermath of his invasion.

The Bush Deliberate Depression
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      Every Republican Presidential Administration, since the Federal Reserve was created, has produced at least one depression (News Media and Republicans call it “recession”) during their time in office.  They always blame the depressions on Democrats but they never explain why Democrats do not produce depressions.  Republican Groupies believe everything Republicans say whether it is truth, half truth, or a documented lie.
      Since the Republican philosophy is “The public is too stupid to know when they are being taken”.  They are referring to Republican Groupies and anyone who votes Republican.  Most thinking Democrats are not taken in with their scams.  However, some Democrat lawmakers are occasionally duped into believing their scams.  Some Democratic lawmakers do not understand political economics, but Republicans lawmakers are usually extremely skilled in political economics.
      Here is a small example of how political economics work.
1. If the Federal government gives a huge tax cut to “Fat Cats”, there is no incentive for them to take a risk and provide jobs, so most of it is placed in profit bearing investments.
2. If the Federal government offers a tax credit to businesses for starting projects that create jobs, more jobs will be created and an increase in tax revenue, if correctly planned, will produce more tax revenue than the cost of the tax credits.
      The net result is that the ”Fat Cat” tax cut causes an increase in the the Federal deficit that you and your children will have to pay for including the extra interest cost.  The tax credit, with correct planning, increases employment, increases tax revenue, and reduces the Federal deficit.  The tax credit approach can eventually provide justification for an honest tax cut.  I do not believe that Bush understands this but his advisors are thoroughly familiar with how this works.
      OK, since Republican advisors understand how this works, why do they do it wrong?  Simple, GREED - increase the ”Super Rich” and increase the ”Super Poor”.  Plus, if they can get interest cost high enough on the Federal debt, they can crowd out most of the Democratic Benefits.
      One thing Republicans do not understand is that when workers who produce the products and services they sell, make discretionary income, they buy more products and services, which produces more profit to the business owners than keeping workers “Super Poor”.  Aside from the fact that Bush has made a huge increase in our risk of terrorism, he has also weakened us with his tax cut for the “Fat Cats”.  The Republican philosophy has always been that the country will be better off if the ”Fat Cats” have most of the money and the workers only need bare essentials, “Trickle-Down Crumbs”.
      When President Clinton raised taxes on the “Fat Cats”, the Republicans claimed that the tax increase would create an increase in unemployment and cause a “recession” (depression).  That is like saying that if you drop a rock, it will go up instead of going down.
      The facts proved that the Republicans were again dead wrong because the tax increase, along with other Clinton economic strategies, caused the economy to pick up and created 22,000,000 jobs in 8 years.  This tax increase started the commencement of balancing the Federal budget, which the Republicans secretly oppose, the same way they are secretly segregationist.
      The two main reasons for the Bush Depression (Republicans and the news media call depressions, recessions) has been two major happenings.
1. The monopolistic merger spree created and unleashed by the 1998 Republican Congress when they repealed the Roosevelt Federal anti-monopolistic law preventing public corporations from gobbling up smaller competitors, which destroys jobs and creates price gouging.
2. The Bush refusal to place military guards on commercial planes following the terrorist attack to make the public feel safe and continue flying as well as protecting American property, facilities, and citizens. It was 14 months before any Air Marshals started protecting commercial planes and passengers.
      As one example, Bank of America “gobbled up” Fleet Finance and then announced that they were terminating 13,500 Fleet Finance jobs.  The two major factors created a loss of approximately 3,000,000 jobs.
      Our current population increase is approximately 3,000,000 per year, which means that we needed an addition of at least 2,000,000 jobs per year.  Bush should have created at least 8,000,000 jobs in 4 years instead of at the end of 4 years, most likely having a net loss from the jobs delivered to him by President Clinton.
      A major reason for the current increase in jobs is due to the huge build-up in military equipment necessitated by the Bush Iraq Invasion.  This is increasing employment using borrowed money and on the blood of the more than 800 dead and several thousand maimed Americans in the Bush War that was unnecessary.  We contained the Soviet Union for about 40 years and we were containing Saddam Hussein at a fraction of the Bush War cost and none of the deaths and injuries.
      A critical factor in maintaining a strong national defense is a stable economy with adequate employment that pays wages with discretionary income so that workers can purchase items beyond bare essentials.
      During our first 156 years of Republican Plutocracy, we had a “Super Rich and Super Poor” economy.  Workers were producing products and services while working 70 hours per week at wages that only covered bare essentials, “Trickle Down Crumbs”.  Many lived in shacks owned by their employers, only one change of clothes and could not even afford a bicycle.  We had a few “Mom and Pop” stores, which made up the middles class.
      During the Plutocracy years, most people lived on farms without electricity, no phones, no running water, little or no mail delivery, very little access to education, no school buses, a few second hand books (purchase only), dirt roads, and most people living on farms could not read or write.  I was born during those times and remember them vividly, which is why I do not want Republicans to eliminate the benefits created by Democrats that everyone, including Republican Groupies, takes for granted.
      We must get our economy, national defense, and relationship with the rest of the world back on an even keel and start reducing the Republican created Federal debt before we bankrupt the United States.

Bush Gasoline Price Gouging
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      Have you seriously examined the real reason for our current sky-rocketing gasoline prices?  During the first Bush- Iraq war, oil prices went just above $41 per barrel. Yet, gasoline prices did not go even close to today's prices.  As of the research for this editorial, the oil prices have just reached $40 per barrel.
      As you read this editorial, please remember that the news media promoting the ”news” that we have an oil shortage, gasoline shortage, and lack of adequate gasoline distillery ability is the same news media that erroneously promoted the following.
       1. That artificial money shortage (”Tight Money”) and high interest rates was the correct way to reduce inflation (Create shortages and raise cost would reduce prices).
      2. That interest rates could not be reduced until we balanced the Federal budget and reduce the Federal debt (Bush is the worst Federal debt exploder in history, yet the Fed is keeping interest rates the lowest in 45 years, and no “Tight Money”).
       3. That there was an actual shortage of electricity and natural gas in California in 2001(Later exposed to be fraud).
      4. Etc., etc., all of which has been proven to be a lie and has been extremely devastating financially to 98% of American citizens.
      A few days ago, I listened to the Charlie Rose interview of the CEO of Exxon Oil Corporation.  The CEO stated that there was not a shortage of oil nor a shortage of capacity to distill the oil into gasoline.  The CEO stated that he believed that the reason for the exorbitant prices was due to anxiety over the Iraq war and that it might cause an oil shortage.
      The CEO further said that the cost of producing both oil and gasoline has been reducing due to technological improvements in the equipment and process.  This means the cost of gasoline today is less than the cost during the first Bush-Iraq war, meaning much more profit to gasoline producers.
      Please keep in mind that the Republican news media promoted high interest rates, increased cost for products and services to reduce inflation prices.  Today, they are saying that gasoline prices had to go as high as they are or even much higher because that is what the Republican leaders want them to say.  Republican philosophy: “American voters are too stupid to know when they are being taken”, especially Republican Groupies.
      The word from OPEC is that they do not see any reason to increase production of oil and that they do not believe there is a shortage of oil.  However, they are willing to increase production because they do not want to damage the American economy and because the United States is their largest customer.  However, I am sure they are laughing all the way to the bank with their exorbitant price for oil.  OPEC does express some concern that the exorbitant price of gasoline in the United States can become detrimental to OPEC members.
      Considering these facts, the oil price went to just past $41 per barrel in the first Bush - Iraq war, yet the price of gasoline did not go anywhere near today's prices.  There does not appear to be any logical reason for the gasoline prices going so high other than for other objectives, including exorbitant profits.  The gasoline producers are obviously quadrupling their net profits with these unnecessary prices, thanks to Bush and cronies.
      These unnecessary gas price hikes is the same phony shortage strategy that Bush-Enron and cohorts used with electricity and natural gas to devastate the economy in California soon after Bush stole the presidency.
      When you put all of these facts together, why has gasoline prices gone through the roof all of a sudden?  When you apply political economics to the equation, a real picture begins to emerge.
      The Republican owned and or controlled news media selected John Kerry to be the Democratic Presidential Nominee because they believed that he would be the easiest for Bush to beat.  Then the news media promoted Kerry as “The Most Electable Candidate”, knocking Howard Dean out of the race and convinced Democrats to vote for Kerry.  The news media did not want Howard Dean to be the Democratic nominee because they were convinced that he could easily beat Bush.
      Bush now believes that winning the election is a “slam dunk” because he believes that Kerry can't possibly win the election.  Therefore, he is beginning his strategy putting things in place with the idea that the Republican philosophy is that American voters are too stupid to know when they are being taken.
      Bush is causing the gasoline prices to increase to extreme levels with his objective of creating additional inflation/dollar devaluation.
      Bush has several objectives in mind based on the Republican goal of returning us to a full fledged Plutocracy as they had it for the first 156 years before the Democrats broke the Republican stranglehold in 1932 and switched us from a Plutocracy to a Democracy.
      The Republican objectives are several:  1.  Reward Bush's oil cohorts, war machinery cohorts, and large campaign contributors with huge unjustified profits.  2.  Increase inflation/dollar devaluation.  3.  Shift the tax burden from the rich onto workers.  4.  Increase the Federal debt to such a huge amount that the interest cost on the Federal debt would completely eliminate all of the benefits created by the Democrats and unions since overthrowing the Plutocracy in 1932.
      Bush created his depression with a slightly different strategy from the ones created by each and every Republican president since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.  1.  His strategy in this particular case was the 911 terrorist attack along with causing people to be terrified of flying on commercial air lines due to inadequate protection on the planes for 14 months instead of instantly placing military guards on the planes.  2.  The 1998 Republican Congress repealing the anti-monopolistic law that was created in the 1930's during the Roosevelt Administration to prevent large public corporations from gobbling up their smaller competitors, which would cause monopolistic power, price increases, and considerable unemployment.
      This depression worked so effectively that it appears to have been carefully planned by Bush cronies before Bush stole the election.  Why don't you demand that your lawmakers reverse this gasoline price gouging.
      One extra thought, to avoid being at the mercy of Mid-Easterners who hate us, we could switch to 100% alcohol fuel and synthetic lubrication then quit buying their oil.   Brazil switched to alcohol fuel in the 70's.   Alcohol fuel could be made from corn and other grain, which after the alcohol extraction could be used for other purposes.   This would create more jobs and more wealth in the United States.   Alcohol fuel production systems can be designed so that Alcohol fuel could be competitive and consistent with our previous gasoline prices.

Untouched Bush Cover-Up
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      The most important cover-up information has not been touched.
      Based on the public questioning of Condoleezza Rice, the 911 commission does not appear to be investigating the details regarding why Bush took leave of his presidential duties, flew to Florida, and was teaching a kindergarten class the specific day that his residence was one of the terrorist targets.
      An extremely thorough investigation must be made of this obvious Cover-Up.  A Democratic detective organization should be utilized for this investigation instead of the 911 commission, which consists of 50% of members who are "Whitewash" Republicans and some of the Democrats supported Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq.
      It is extremely suspect that Bush knew the terrorist attack schedule.  It would appear that many people would have been involved and knowledgeable about the terrorist attack schedule.  That is, unless Bush was in personal contact with Osama bin Laden or one of his coordinators.
      In any event, the fact that the military and numerous other agencies were motionless until after all 4 of the attacks were completed, or crashed, indicates that some type of paper trail existed.
      The fact that some FBI agents were very upset because their reports of suspicious flight training that did not include take-off or landing instructions and other suspicious activities were not causing any counteraction by the Bush team, creates considerable suspicion.
      My hope is that some wealthy Democrat or Democratic organization will finance this investigation and produce proof that Bush condoned the terrorist attack to develop public support for his obsession to kill Saddam Hussein and take control of the oil in Iraq and Venezuela.
      Side note: According to a recent news article, Bush has been financing (hired)(with our tax dollars) a rebel group in Venezuela trying to overthrow Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela.
      If proof of the Bush Gang's treasonous activities are documented, they must be exposed to the American public before the November election.  If Bush is elected and later removed, his gang will still be in power for 4 more years.
      I have listed several news articles and written numerous editorial regarding Bush scams, which can be viewed at

         HOWARD DEAN

                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      True Democrats are about to fall off the edge of the cliff.  If Howard Dean does not win enough votes this weekend, we are in much deeper trouble, Plutocracy or Fascism.  If Howard loses this weekend, it could be another four years before we would have a chance to remedy the disaster Bush and the Republicans are creating like a swarm of termites.
      The news media has assassinated Howard Dean's campaign and is promoting John Kerry because they believe that Bush can beat Kerry.  The news media believes that Howard Dean can beat Bush.  They want Bush to remain in office so he can eliminate all of the benefits created by Democrats since 1932.  Amazingly, very few people liked what Kerry was saying until the news media twisted and effectively misrepresented Howard's comments.
      Simple math, most of the news media advertising dollars come from Republicans, therefore the ones with the gold make the rules.  However, targeted boycotts could reverse that rule because most of the sales come from the ones hurt by the Plutocracy/Fascism greed rule.
      We must make an all-out effort to help Howard win this weekend.  If the news media succeeds and prevents him from winning, we will not have a candidate who is likely to beat Bush.  All of the other likely nominees have shown that they can be easily conned by Republicans and have voted for Bush and Republican scams.
       Bush and Cronies have done more toward destroying our democracy than any other Republican president since Herbert Hoover.
      I sent an advertising layout to Howard's campaign headquarters but it is unlikely that anyone with authority will ever see my advertising suggestions.  If my suggestions were used they would gain Howard a huge increase in votes.
      Plus, two of my books I gave Howard could give him a landslide win.  One of my books helped Jimmy Carter win in 1976, but upon winning, he was conned by Republicans, trashed my book, and adopted the Nixon/Ford economic disaster agenda, which he, and my book, criticized in his campaign.
      If you want a true Democrat to beat Bush, please cover the national, and this weekend voting states, news media up with press releases TODAY supporting Howard.  Then run ads or whatever you can do to make the voters in these contests this weekend understand that Howard Dean is the only Democratic candidate who can beat Bush, save the Democratic benefits, get the economy to producing jobs, fix our healthcare problem, protect our country without creating international enemies, and be a president who can make true Democrats proud.

Bush State of the Union Mess
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      According to his own admission, math was fuzzy to President Bush while he was boozing and snoozing his way through his education process.  His State of the Union speech last night showed that everything else is fuzzy to him plus being extremely deceptive.
      Mr. Bush's corporate crony contributors are obviously very happy because Mr. Bush's deliberate destruction of the economy has destroyed many of their competitors.  But, our economy is good only when everyone can get a job who wants a job, not because the "Fat Cats" are getting richer faster.
      The Bush depression was caused mostly because of two major reasons.  One, Mr. Bush refused my suggestion to place military guards on commercial airline flights when the 911 terrorist attack occurred instead of waiting 14 months while training air marshals.  This caused fear of flying to virtually bankrupt the airline industry and lost approximately 1,500,000 jobs.
      Two, the merger mania spree created by the 1998 Republican Congress repealing the Democratic anti-monopolistic law.  This repeal caused crooked corporate executives in large public corporations to commence announcing false income reports to inflate their stock prices to gain extra money to merge or buy smaller corporations.  This caused many corporate bankruptcies and approximately 1,500,000 job losses.
      Our tax money paid $333,000,000 ($333 billion, a major reason for higher taxes.) interest on the 2002 Federal debt, which was almost the same as national defense and Social Security retirement payments.  The interest cost was slightly lower for 2003 because Mr. Bush was keeping interest rates low so that home refinancing and home building would put a huge amount of money in the economy producing a huge boost in buying power.  This would keep his preplanned depression from getting as bad as the Hoover depression.
      The strategy was to produce a depression and blame Clinton, then be able to rev up the economy just before the 2004 election so he could claim he saved us from the Clinton depression and win his first presidential election.  Every Republican president since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 has created at least one depression, using various techniques, blamed it on the Democrats, then revved up the economy in time for re-election.
      This is based on the Republican philosophy that voters are too stupid to know when they are being taken.  This is also the reason they want to have a war in progress so they can be a war hero plus say we should not change in mid stream plus killing our troops is just a necessary sacrifice to have a Republican president.
      The Federal debt as of January 16, 2004 was $7,002,877,924,418.81 per U.S. Treasury Fed. Debt. Yes, that is $7 trillion dollars.  A $555 billion debt increase from Fiscal 2002 to 2003 and is a $220 billion dollar Federal debt increase in the first 3.5 months of Fiscal 2004.  Bush says it is getting better when in fact it is rapidly getting worse.
      According to former secretary, Paul O'neil's documentation, the first thing on Mr. Bush's agenda was to develop a way, an emotional trigger, to start a war against Saddam Hussein, despite the fact that Saddam had never made any hostile moves against the United States.  And despite the fact that Libya, Iran, North Korea, and others had acted hostile toward us or participated in terrorist or hostile activities toward us.
      Mr. Bush is refusing to allow a complete investigation into what he knew about the impending terrorist attacks before the 911 terrorist attack.  The fact that Mr. Bush suddenly had to travel to Florida and teach a kindergarten class on the exact same day that his temporary residence was one of the Terrorist targets makes it absolutely mandatory that we learn the facts and possibly prosecute him for treason.  Clearly, he knew that Muslims were getting training to fly commercial airplanes without any instructions to take-off or land the planes.
      Clearly, the 911 Terrorist attack was the emotional trigger that Mr. Bush wanted in order to get the American public to support his pre-planned invasion of Iraq.   Mr. Bush's advisors knew that he could not get American support for Bush's war without a large terrorist attack.
      According to reports I have read, Saddam was attempting to negotiate with Mr. Bush, in a manner similar to the negotiation with Libya, to prevent the slaughter of many Iraqis and his own death, but Mr. Bush would not allow the negotiation.  Obviously, Saddam was a terrible dictator, but then there are many dictators who kill people the same as Saddam.
      I am sure that Saddam killed lots of people to become the dictator.  Saddam made the law requiring death to anyone who opposed his rule, then enforced his law the same as Mr. Bush had 150 people executed, more than any other governor, while he was Governor of Texas, despite the fact that DNA test most likely would have proven that some of them were wrongfully convicted.
      Mr. Bush said he was going to war with Saddam because he had weapons of mass destruction, close to building nuclear bombs, and that we were in immediate danger.  The war and additional inspections have proven this to be an outright lie.
      Mr. Bush ordered two assassination attempts to kill Saddam Hussein and started a pre-emptive invasion of Iraq, which is an apparent criminal violation of international law.  Then, later flip-flopped and started calling the Bush Invasion and effort to free the Iraqis. Mr. Bush claims that his invasion of Iraq has made us safer from terrorist, which insults our intelligence.  Mr. Bush's invasion of Iraq has created worldwide hostility toward us and has created a magnet to rally a huge increase in terrorism against us.
      If Mr. Bush had placed military guards on commercial airline flights and concentrated enough force after Osama bin Laden instead of invading Iraq, Osama could have already been captured or killed along with most of the leaders in the terrorism business.
      It is ironic that prosecutors are making such an energetic effort to prosecute Martha Stewart for insider trading violation and denying that she committed the violation.  Yet, according to news reports, while Daddy Bush was president, Mr. Bush violated the Federal Insider Trading law and sold Harken Corporation stock while he was a Harken director.
      This illegal sale netted Mr. Bush an extra $562,000 more than he would have received if he had sold after the announcement, which effectively was a theft against the unsuspecting stock buyers.  This occurred after the corporation lawyer advised the Harken officers and directors to avoid selling any stock due to an impending public announcement that Harken had lost $25,000,000 in the previous quarter.
      The SEC commenced an investigation but suddenly stopped.  But then it might not have been a good idea for the sake of their jobs to prosecute and send the sitting president's namesake son to prison.  Perhaps. Martha Stewart is a Democrat.
      Ken Lay, Enron President and a Bush crony, the main cause of huge increases in natural gas prices, plus electricity in California and other places, is a Republican darling and may not even be prosecuted if Mr. Bush can fool enough people to win a presidential election.
      Reports are that Mr. Bush's "No Child Left Behind" has caused trouble instead of helping because Mr. Bush has not funded the program.
      Mr. Bush wants to make his "Tax Cuts For The Fat Cats" permanent despite the fact that it is one of the main causes of the sudden return to the Reagan type Federal debt explosion and huge increase in interest cost thereof, making it impossible to fund extremely necessary programs.  I read that Bill Gates, multibillionaire, could or did receive a $25,000,000 tax refund.  He needed that like I need to jump over my house.
      This has been an in-depth look at political economics as opposed to text book economics, Republican secret political strategies, and why more than 500 American troops have died to further Mr. Bush's obsession.

The Bush II Depression
                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      Here are some "Real World" economic facts about how and why Mr. Bush and the Republicans created the current economic depression (News Media mislabels it recession to protect Plutocrats).
      Real World economics is a combination of text book economics, business management, entreprenuership, ability to create and determine the economic results of business actions.  Unfortunately, some elected officials do not have the training and experience to utilize or understand real world economics, or integrity and compassion for people.  Once while discussing economics at a luncheon with a Congressman who had decided not to run for re-election, he said, "Jeff, I hate to admit it but I do not understand economics."
      The first thing you need to understand is that every Republican president since the Federal Reserve system commenced in 1913, has given us at least one depression during their term(s) in office, according to Congressional and U.S. Treasury records, and the news media helped them blame Democrats. Typical con artistry blame game.
      Then you ask why would they do such a malicious treasonous act that would deliberately destroy thousands of American businesses and millions of jobs then transfer millions of dollars from the depression victims to the "Fat Cats". There are many benefits for "Fat Cats".
1.   Destroys business competitors who are caught out on a limb with considerable borrowed money at high interest rates.
2.   Fat Cat "Scavengers" can buy distressed and foreclosed properties at a fraction of their real value and make huge profits over the dead "Economic Bodies" of the borrower victims resulting from the Plutocratic depressions.
3.   Stock Market "Insider" scavengers can make huge profits by selling stock "Short" just before the stock prices nosedive resulting from the premeditated depression.  Then purchasing stock at the bottom of the decline to replace the borrowed stock.
4.   Stock Market Scavengers then purchase stock "Long" at the bottom of the decline and scheduled economic recovery resulting in another huge profit.  Example (Insider Trading?), according to a news article, William Fickling, Jr. made $100,000,000 in the stock market in two years while he was president of the Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank during the Reagan Administration economic manipulations, which produced two economic depressions.
5.   Economic Depressions and Impact Fees to feed government improper or incompetent spending and corruption, churn, distort values and the economy, and help Republicans in their goal of inflation/dollar deflation.  This is evidenced by the huge inflation/dollar devaluation that occurred between 1968 and 1993, and is again happening since 2000.
      Most of the time, Republicans use increasing interest rates and artificial money shortages ("Tight Money") to produce depressions but they vary their actions so they can fool the public.
      A. Part of the Bush II depression was deliberately created by the Republican controlled Congress in 1998 when they repealed the anti-monopolistic law, which was enacted soon after the Hoover Depression to prevent price gouging and price fixing by monopolies and near monopolies.
      This caused the public corporation merger and phony corporate public profit reports spree as well as the unrealistic executive salary increases and bonuses.  The objective of the phony profit reports was also to sell stock at fictitious values for illegal insider theft profits and to obtain illegal money for their monopolistic mergers.
      When Enron formed a subsidiary named NewPower Corporation, their piggyback gas deregulation gouger, they issued stock and options to their newly appointed NewPower president.  Soon after Enron succeeded in duping some states, including the Georgia legislature, into deregulating natural gas, the NewPower president sold his stock at highly artificial prices for $353 million dollars, then resigned.
      The mergers also caused huge job losses due to incompetence in the new management of the acquired companies, duplication of jobs, and resulting bankruptcies.
      B. The second part of the Bush depression scheme was the 9/11 terrorist attack.  Since Mr. Bush has prevented a full investigation of the attack, there is not yet any proof that he knew the attack was going to occur, and despite his daily terrorist briefings, but he suddenly went to Florida and was teaching a kindergarten class the day when his residence was one of the terrorist targets.
      However, whether or not he was involved in the terrorist attack, he has used it to fully implement his deliberate well planned standard Republican depression.  When the terrorist attack occurred, I published an editorial in the Jeff Goolsby Reports, formerly Democratic Excellence Internet Newspaper, now currently being re-run, recommending that Mr. Bush immediately place military guards on commercial airline flights to prevent additional similar terrorist hijacking attacks and to eliminate public fear of flying to avoid the economic disaster that would obviously happen without the military guards.  I sent a copy of this recommendation to Washington.
      Mr. Bush ignored this recommendation and warning of the impending airline and unemployment disaster then hired and trained Air Marshals.  The first air marshal was placed on commercial airline flights 14 months later.  The protection delay caused economic disaster for all airlines, bankruptcy for some, and near bankruptcy for others.  If Bush had placed military guards on the commercial flights while training the air marshals, the airlines would not have suffered their disasters and more than one million jobs in the airline and related industries would not have been lost as a result thereof.
      C. The 3 fat cat tax cuts and Bush's invasion of Iraq has created an explosion of the Federal debt. The claim that the tax cuts would create jobs are as phony as a 3 dollar bill.  The fat cats with their million dollar tax refunds are the only ones who actually benefited from the bush tax cuts.  The small amount that went to most employed people was not enough to produce any increase in economic activity that would produce any jobs.  In reality, the unemployed people are the ones who needed help, not the employed people.
      I wrote an editorial, being re-run at this time, with recommendations for tax credits, instead of tax cuts, for businesses that started production of activities that would produce jobs and sent copies to Washington.  These recommendations were ignored.  These recommendations would have created jobs that would have produced more tax revenue than the tax credits and would not have produced any deficits.  Instead, my recommendations would have prevented deficits.
      D. The most important thing that everyone needs to know is that the economy would have recovered just as well without the Fat Cat tax cuts.  Bush kept the housing and automobile industries operating with low interest rates and adequate money supply, thus limiting business destruction, which provided adequate economic strength for the economy to recover and to fool the public into believing the Fat Cat tax cuts produced the recovery.
      Knowledgeable Republicans and Democrats know this and know that the ones participating and supported the Bush scam have been lying when they went along with Bush and further exploded the Federal debt with the Fat Cat tax cut scam to reward their big campaign contributors and vote buying scheme.  However, I am sure there are some members of Congress who do not understand real world economics.
      E. The invasion of Iraq was clearly started with the objective of making Mr. Bush a war hero.  Phony reasons regarding weapons of mass destruction were used as an excuse for invading a sovereign country that had never done any harm to our country and no intentions of danger to us have been documented.  The Bush claim that his invasion of Iraq was part of his war on terrorism is the exact opposite of the truth.  Instead, it has created an increase of terrorist attacks against our military, more hatred of America, and created incentives for more fanatical Muslims to join terrorist groups against America.
      F. The Bush Iraq invasion has created an economic disaster for our children and grandchildren by exploding the already horrendous Federal debt developed between 1968 and 1993.  The interest cost for the Federal debt in 2002 was $333 billion dollars, and the cost is increasing rapidly due to the Bush invasion of Iraq and the Bush tax cuts for "Fat Cats".
      Yet, Bush included in his 2004 budget proposal $176 Billion dollars to pay interest on the Federal debt in 2004, which was pure deception because the interest cost will be much more than the cost in 2002 due to the Bush Federal debt explosion.  After Bush told the military that he was going to do great things for them, he cut a huge $14 billion dollars from his budget proposal for the Veterans Administration.
      Whoever beats Mr. Bush in 2004 will have a very difficult task attempting to straighten out the economic mess created by Bush and his attempts to destroy the economic benefits created by Democrats since 1932, which even most Republicans take for granted and wish to continue.

Election Overhaul
    Solutions To Eliminate
Fraud & Voter Mistakes

          By Jeff Goolsby, Editor

Updated 3-11-02, 3-5-03
      After reading the voting machine article linked, 3-2-03, and considerable thought otherwise, I have decided to make a minor modification and re-run this editorial.
      It is extremely peculiar that cinch winners, based on polls at election time, Georgia Senator Cleland and Governor Barnes, lost by a large number of votes when all of the votes were cast using machines in which there was no way to prove or disprove that the vote tabulation results reflected the actual votes.  It is also extremely peculiar that Jeb Bush won re-election after the voter scandal in Florida, and that there are more Democratic voters than Republican voters in Florida, as well as both U.S. Senators in Florida are Democrats.
      Do you doubt that the current electronic voting machines can be preprogrammed to switch Democratic votes to Republicans on a certain day?  Have you noticed that your computer switches from daylight savings to standard time and vice versa on the exact correct date due to preprogramming.  Do you know that hackers can enter your computer when you are on the internet, monitor everything you do, and can change anything they wish.  Clearly, the Republican manufacturers can program the voting machines to switch Democratic votes only on November 5th in the years that are appropriate for each general election.  The machines could even be programmed to start switching votes one hour after the first vote, as well as various other ways to fool any testing of the machines.
      There is a strong possibility that a huge number of the botched vote ballots in Florida and other states were a result of tampering because most of the uncounted votes were for Al Gore.  Furthermore, exit polls have always been very accurate except in the case of Florida while Jeb Bush is governor.  Clearly, the voters polled who said they voted for Al Gore, did in fact vote for him, but if someone tampered with or substituted their cards, their votes would not be counted.  It is an absolute must that every legitimate vote be accurately counted and verified.  Additionally, I have never seen or heard of any authority for the U.S. Supreme Court to prevent the counting, or setting any counting time limit, of legitimate votes.
      My proposed system, the Goolsby Voter System, would be virtually fraudproof, mistakeproof, and extremely simple to use by anyone accustomed to using a credit card.  This would also be easy to teach to someone who has never used a credit card.
      The stalemate in Congress regarding fixing the election problem about which the Florida vote focused attention, may have been due to considering proposals that have flaws.  The main objection appears to have been about the possibility of requiring too much or confusing identification.  Also, it may have been that the stalemate was a matter of getting machines approved that the Republican manufacturers could program an undetectable tampering method.
      I have a proposal for a system based on HTML Forms used by the internet combined with scanners as used for credit cards.  This would give an instant expressly accurate tally in the various states for state elections, and in Washington, D.C. for Federal elections.  This system would require less election workers at the voting precincts.  This voting system could be designed in the following manner.
      The programming of the names of various candidates and parties could be designed so that a non-programmer could fill in the appropriate candidate and party information for any election in a matter of a few minutes.  This would save a considerable amount of tax money and would eventually more than pay for the scanner, computer, and printer equipment, as well as original programming cost.
      The first thing needed is to require identification that everyone already possesses.  Every eligible voter has a Social Security card.  Every eligible voter knows their mother's maiden name, even if the mother was an adoption mother.
      The computer database at the state voting headquarters should contain the voter statistics that is recorded on each voter card along with other information and should also connect with the death records database.  Every citizen who dies in a state should be recorded as such and should be automatically removed from the eligible voter list.  This would prevent voting by dead people as has been done in the past.  In this manner the state voter computer would deny approval of anyone, dead or alive, that is not on the approved voter list.
      A plastic voting card containing the voters Social Security number in the concealed magnetic strip, similar to a credit card, to be prepared by the State election office and sent to every registered voter.  The front of the card should contain the voter's name, picture, and voting precinct.  Whenever a voter changed voting precincts, they would need to mail their voter card to the state election office for a new card with the new voting precinct.  If very much time had elapsed, or facial appearance changed, since their picture on the old card was taken, they should be required to submit a new qualified picture of a size that would fit on the voter card, if necessary from a qualified photographer.
      A magnetic card reader similar to the ones used in stores or gasoline stations with a number pad and letter pad should be placed in front of a computer screen.  User instructions, at the magnetic reader and in the voting booth, should be in English and Spanish as well as other appropriate languages.  The voter should insert or pass the card through the reader and then punch in his or her mother's maiden name.
      The magnetic card reader would be attached to a computer operated by the election voter verifier.  The reader would contain a button for each party plus independent upon which the voter would select the party to receive his or her vote, which would send the voter's name to the printer for the chosen party.  The computer would be linked to the State election headquarters' computer system which would approve or disapprove the mother's maiden name.  Once approved, the voter verifier would click the print button and the voter's name would be printed on the appropriate continuous sheet containing the names of voters who voted for each party for Primary elections.  The voter's party vote would not be involved in the General election.
      Upon completion of printing the voter's name on the ledger sheet, the magnetic reader would then prepare, print, and deliver the magnetic strip to the voter that would activate the appropriate computer party screen on a voting machine.  The beam that would activate the appropriate party screen with the appropriate candidates' names would also disable the magnetic strip making it impossible for further use.
      The voting machine would be designed to require only the magnetic voting strip to activate the voting machine.  The voting machine would be programmed with HTML "Radio Buttons" with a screen touch system so that if the voter accidentally voted for the wrong person, the voter could click on the correct name and the program would remove the vote clicked in error.  In this manner, it would be impossible to cast double votes as occurred in Florida.
      The voting machine computer screen would display the names of all of the candidates on one page to be considered by the voter, which should be automatically activated by the magnetic strip.  The voting machine would be linked to the State Election headquarters which would keep an automatic running tally.  The computer at the election headquarters would be programmed to and record that the specific voter had voted so that no one else could use the same Social Security card to vote.
      The voting machine would be programmed with a "Print" button and instruction to print the voting results.  The voting machine should display instructions to examine and make sure the printed vote was correct.  If an error is discovered, the voter would have to correct the electronic vote before leaving the voting booth.  If the voter discovered an error, he or she should destroy the printed vote, placed it in the waste basket, make the necessary correction, and press the "Print" button again.  The voting machine would be programmed to eject the magnetic strip only when the "Submit Vote" button is pressed.  Simultaneously, the magnetic strip would eject into a waste basket under the voting machine.  The voter would then remove their printed vote, and leave the voting booth.
      The voter would deposit the printed vote into a box maintained for verification with a scanner machine and in the event of a need or request for a hand count of the votes.  The printed vote should be on a sheet of paper approximately 3" x 8".
      The printed votes should be counted immediately with scanners after the polls closed. If there is a difference between the electronic vote tabulation and the printed vote scanner tabulation, the scanner count would control.
      This same system with minor modifications could be used on the internet in lieu of regular mail-in votes.  Eligible American voters anywhere could log on to the internet, load the voting website for their state and vote on the same exact day as people who did not have access to the internet.  Local people who would have needed to use the mail-in system, or anyone with an internet access, could instead use the internet instead of going to the voting precinct.  The only people needing to go to the voting precinct would be voters who did not have access to the internet, or use the current standard absentee ballot system.
      Voters in absentia via internet should print, sign their ballots, and make sure they are placed in an envelope with adequate postage correctly addressed to their voting precinct, and delivered to the post office, or the mail carrier, for postmarking not later than the post office closing time, or substation pick up time, on the voting day.  The absentee printed ballots would be the final authority in the event of a close count.
      Internet voting could be done during heavy rain, at work, at home, on a ship at sea, on a plane, on a military base overseas, or on vacation anywhere and in any foreign country.  The state or local voting websites would have to use an encryption system similar to internet merchant accounts and credit card systems, which would prevent hackers from stealing or manipulating votes.
      Voting headquarters receiving votes via the internet should label the votes for scanner comparison with mail-in printout votes, or in the event of an unlikely need for hand counting.
      The voting poll open time for internet voting should be 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM Mountain time on the day of the voting.  Vote results should not be broadcast on radio or TV until after 9:00 PM Mountain time, 11:00 PM Eastern time.  Voters in areas other than continental United States should adjust their voting precinct time to correspond with this time frame.  This would prevent any suspicion of bias due to news reports and speculation by the news media.
      WHEREAS, the fact that voting machines without paper ballots can easily be tampered with and can be built for secret tampering, we need to get all existing electronic voting machines that do not provide paper ballots converted to produce paper ballots.  If we fail to do so, it may become impossible for Democrats to maintain the benefits created since 1932 or ever again have any control in our government.

(Re-published by request)

Open Letter To U.S.
      Senators Max Cleland
      and Zell Miller

             By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
      You are two of the twelve Democratic Senators who mistakenly voted for Illegal President Bush's "Tax Cut For The Rich".  I know you believed that you were doing the best thing for all American citizens but, I have talked to many Democrats in Georgia and have not yet talked to one Democrat who agrees with your mistaken vote supporting the Bush "Tax Cut For The Rich".  Republicans love your Bush vote but at election time they will vote against you, not for you
.       There are several things that you can do to help get the economy back on track quickly as it was during the Clinton-Gore Administration without devastating the Federal budget or increasing the Federal debt.  I will outline them in this open letter editorial.
      The economic slowdown has made it clear that Bush's tax cut for the rich was a serious mistake.  As a matter of fact, his promise to cut taxes was commenced prior to any indications that we were going to have an economic slowdown and was simply a con artist trick to gain votes, which was patterned after Reagan's voodoo economics promises.
      The economic slowdown was caused by two things generally. One was that entrepreneurs and investors misjudged the benefit of the internet.  While the internet is a fabulous business opportunity for millions of people, it was not quite as fabulous as many people believed.  Also, many entrepreneurs raised huge sums of money from investors with ideas that had not been adequately market tested and were not as workable or as valuable as they anticipated.  If the failed internet businesses had been adequately market tested prior to requesting huge sums of money from investors, most of the huge investor losses and job losses would have been prevented.
      A huge number of orders for various items were being placed by the entreprenuers who had misjudged the amount of market that the internet could provide as well as employees of those entrepreneurs who were purchasing items due to their huge salary checks.  There was a huge cancellation of the excess orders as soon as the inadequately prepared entrepreneurs began to run out of money and had to start closing their internet businesses that were not producing as much revenue on the internet as they had anticipated.  This huge number of orders extended into other areas in addition to the internet and the economic slowdown caused huge excess inventories for many manufacturers and businesses.
      These huge inventories caused a reduction in production and a substantial increase in unemployment.  This increase in unemployment reduces the amount of income tax revenue going to the Federal government and it also reduces the amount of money being paid into the Social Security fund.  This reduction of regular income tax and Social Security tax revenue combined with the mistaken tax cut for the rich has gutted the general revenue surplus along with reducing the Social Security surplus.
      While making a huge reduction in the general revenue surplus, the tax refund did virtually nothing toward stimulating the economy because it only provided enough money to taxpayer recipients to purchase one extra soft drink per day for a year.  This could not possibly have any significant effect on the economy.  This is easy to understand because Bush's alcoholic blurred brain has caused him to refer to things involving numbers as "fuzzy math".  The fact that Bush sometimes delivers slurred and incoherent speeches in the evening indicates that he really has not quit alcohol but instead has developed a greater skill at concealing his alcohol sickness.
      You may be aware that when Richard Nixon was elected president in 1968, the Federal debt was $360 billion dollars.  Twenty four years later when Bill Clinton was elected president, the Federal debt had exploded to more than $4,000 billion (4 trillion) dollars.  Most items that cost $1.00 when Nixon was elected, were costing approximately $10.00 when Bill Clinton was elected.  This means a dollar devaluation of approximately 90%.  This was the result of Republican con artist scams because nothing happens in politics unless someone or group of people plan it who have the power to make it happen.
      This Republican dollar devaluation and Federal debt explosion was the worst scam this country has ever experienced except the Republican Freight Rate War, usually referred to as the Civil War.  We can not afford another Republican scam like the one that happened from 1968 to 1993.
      The following suggestions would jumpstart the economy with no net cost to the Federal government.  You could and should introduce bills in Congress to do the following:
      1.     Give tax credits to companies that produce items that are in short supply and needed at this particular time in conjunction with Federal assistance when needed for the purchasers of those items.  This would stimulate enough employment to produce additional tax revenue to offset the tax credits.  When correctly calculated tax credits are given for Federal assistance for production and use of short supply needed items, it would stimulate production.  The extra company income tax and extra employment income tax revenue would more than offset the tax credits.
      The most important fact about tax credits is that tax credits do not cost the Federal (or state) government anything until the income tax is filed which will not cost anything then if it has generated enough extra income tax through extra employment.  In most cases, if the tax credits are correctly targeted and correctly calculated, considerably more income tax will be generated than the tax credits.
      2.   Some of the items needed are electronic equipment for schools, including surveillance equipment, more computers, etc.  Even one year tax credits for individuals to purchase computers and hook up to the internet would help get rid of the excess inventory of computer and internet type equipment.
      3.     We need forest fire prevention equipment such as more fire towers to pinpoint and extinguish fires at the beginning stages instead fighting them when they become huge monsters.  This should also include additional aircraft with water carrying capacity to extinguish fires as soon as they start.  Perhaps someone has already invented a fire extinguishing foam that when dropped on a small fire would remove the oxygen and suffocate the fire before it becomes a large fire.
      4.    Electricity producers should commence building wind mill electric generators in all areas of the United States where winds are consistent and fast enough to produce electricity by wind.  Wind mill generators would also reduce the cost of electricity and help clean up the environment.  Hydroelectric water dams on rivers would produce electricity without damaging the environment and more dams should be built in areas that would be practical.
      The Federal government could supply some tax credits for building these electricity producing units and the additional employment would produce more income tax revenue than the cost of the tax credits if the tax credits are correctly calculated.
      5.     We have been held hostage by the Oil Producing Exporting Countries (OPEC) since President Nixon discontinued the Federal subsidy for wildcat oil drilling companies which destroyed the wildcat oil drilling businesses.  When Nixon discontinued the subsidy, we were purchasing 10% of our oil from the OPEC countries and the price of oil was $4.00 per barrel. Soon thereafter, we were purchasing 50% of our oil from OPEC countries and the price went to $40.00 per barrel.  Oil prices have been going up and down like a yo-yo ever since.  We need to discontinue our dependency on OPEC.
      We need to switch to straight alcohol fuel which would help our farmers tremendously and the cost of fuel for motor vehicles could be reduced if the alcohol is made from re-usable grain, such as corn, wheat, oats, etc.  Our current system of using high proof alcohol to increase the efficiency and reduce the pollution of gasoline which is then called "Gasohol", only raises the cost of gasoline.  One manufacturer of alcohol fuel, during the time that President Carter was pushing for alternative fuel, advised me that the power of 185 proof alcohol fuel was equivalent to regular gasoline.  The cost of increasing the proof would raise the price of alcohol fuel to accommodate any vehicles that may need higher power fuel than regular.   Alcohol fuel would eliminate most of the current pollution caused by gasoline.
      The major difference in vehicles would be that the fuel system would have to be made with products that would not rust or rot, because alcohol is made with water.  Congress should enact a law requiring that all new motor vehicles be built to accommodate alcohol fuel and could provide a tax credit subsidy to make the conversion.  A tax credit subsidy could also be provided to manufacturers of alcohol fuel to get alcohol fuel production up and running.  The oil companies would make every effort to prevent this proposal about fuel but they would profit from alcohol fuel if they join the bandwagon.
      6.   Tax credits should also be offered for other alternative fuels such as electric, sun power, or hydrogen fuel.
      7.    I started proposing tax credits for low income housing purchase financing in the early 1960's for both Federal and state programs.  My proposals sparked the FHA 235 subsidy program and the GRFA program in Georgia, but in neither case did they use tax credits.  The Federal government paid part of the interest for low income home purchasers in the 235 program.  The GRFA program in Georgia used tax exempt bonds.  Neither produced the results that my proposed tax credit system would have produced and the 235 subsidy program was a cost to the Federal government, even though it did produce some extra income tax revenue.
      A tax credit needs to be set up so that investors who provide extremely low rate loan funds for low income families with an interest rate of 2% would receive a tax credit that would produce the equivalent interest rate return of 6% at no actual cost to the Federal government, or state government if the state government is providing the subsidy.  The tax credit would need to be applied to the investor's net tax due instead of across the board.  This would produce enough extra income tax revenue to more than offset the tax credits making the cost to the Federal government zero.  This system would help the unemployment problem considerably and help provide surplus income tax revenue, at the same time help low income people buy a home, improve their living standards, and become more responsible citizens.
      8.   Congress needs to repeal the Bush tax cut provisions for the rich and leave the tax cut in place for low and moderate income taxpayers.  When President Clinton increased taxes on rich people, Republicans said that the increase would wreck the economy.  They were dead wrong as usual because the Clinton-Gore 8 year economy record is the best since the Truman Administration economy.  An income tax cut or increase for the rich has virtually no effect on the economy as was proven by President Clinton.  Many if not most rich people are willing to pay extra taxes because they have enjoyed extra benefits from the American economy.  Many super rich people opposed the Bush tax cut for the rich.
      9.    Congress needs to enact a price gouging tax.  This tax should be geared toward preventing inflation(dollar devaluation) as well as eliminating price gouging by companies that have some type of monopolistic status with a product or service.  The rules should be that any company that commences charging more than has been consistent with similar type situations over a large number of years would have to pay the excess charges into the price gouging tax.  This should apply to products and services and would be especially helpful in preventing the current approximate 20% price increases per year by the drug manufacturers.  The drug manufacturers are making it virtually impossible for low and moderate income people to obtain adequate medical care due to their extremely inflated prices in recent years.
      10.  Congress needs to enact a law preventing bonanza awards in civil lawsuits which should also require insurance companies to reduce their insurance premium charges due to their lower exposures.  Jury awards should be limited to actuarial limits as are currently being used by insurance companies to determine the value of a person's life for the purpose of life insurance.  This would be equivalent to a significant pay raise for taxpayers.
      11.  Congress could and should enact a revision of the Social Security retirement law to change it from a less than poverty level retirement to a rich retirement to coincide with the huge amount of Social Security tax that is currently being paid.  The details of this proposals are fully explained in my Ebook, How To RETIRE RICH, It Is Easier Than You Think, which is located at  This revision could be made at no extra cost or extra investments by Social Security taxpayers.
      12.  Congress needs to revise our laws to quit protecting criminals and start protecting victims and law abiding citizens.  These problems and proposed changes are detailed in my Ebook, Is This POLITICS & JUDICIAL CORRUPTION In Henry County?, which is also located at  Hundreds of people are being ripped off daily in civil and criminal court in the United States due to the defects in our laws and corruption in our judicial system.  These proposed corrections would reduce crime drastically and reduce the cost to Federal, state, and local governments along with improving the lives and safety of all American citizens.  This Ebook also provides some guidance, not available otherwise, for victims who are already trapped in judicial defects, errors, or corruption.
      13.  I do agree with President Bush to a certain extent with his proposal to help Mexican workers in the United States.  Mexican workers are a tremendous asset to the United States.  I have observed, first hand, Mexican workers as being exceptionally good workers and hard workers.  It has been estimated that Mexicans produce $300 billion dollars in products and services in the United States.  Mexico is our third largest export customer, purchasing annually $275 billion dollars in U.S. made products.
      Contrary to what many people believe, every person that arrives in this country either by birth or immigration, or otherwise, creates a need for products and services.  This presents opportunities for people who provide these products and services.  This of course provides more employment to provide these products and services.  Every person immigrant or otherwise needs housing, food, clothing, utilities, transportation, and all other things that people need who already live here.
      14.  However, we would do immigrants a tremendous favor by requiring that they become fluent in English before being allowed to enter and live in this country.  Many immigrants are severely disadvantaged and frequently ripped off because they do not know how to speak English.  This could be avoided by requiring their fluency in speaking and writing English.  They need the "3 R's", "Reading, Riting, and Rithmetic".
      Another misconception is that many people think that immigrants come to this country to get on public welfare.  That is just the opposite from reality.  Virtually all immigrants are the more ambitious people in other countries who want to come to this country so they can earn a better living, not go on welfare.
      15.  If you would like to see our economy get back on track quickly with fiscal responsibility as was the case during the Clinton-Gore Administration, please write your U.S. Representative and two U.S. Senators and demand that they enact these proposals.  It is possible that all of these suggestions could be included in one bill and be entitled "Economic Rescue".  Since Bush and Cheney are both staunch oil men, it would be best that at least two thirds of each house votes for this economic rescue so that a veto could be overridden.  These proposals can be enacted and they would do the job needed today as I have suggested.

        & Republican Scams

                   By Jeff Goolsby, Editor
How Democrats made America the greatest Country in the world
    The most accurate way to predict results by anyone or group of people is to examine prior activities and results.
    In politics, Conservative, Republican, and Hypocrite (Greed Party) mean the same thing.  The "Conservative Tune (Agenda)", which included the double shipping freight rates against the South that caused the civil war, was being sung successfully from the time this country was formed until the Hoover Depression broke its back.  The Republican, including previous names, Agenda stranglehold in Washington for the first 156 years was keeping most people poor, illiterate, and not allowed to vote was necessary for their super rich super poor control.  Their current hidden agenda is very much the same.
    After the Hoover Depression temporarily exposed, disgraced the Republican Agenda, and broke the Republican stranglehold on Washington, the Democrats along with the unions started the Middle Class Citizenship in the United States, Canada, and later in Europe and Japan, providing economic opportunity for everyone instead of only the rich few.  Since the Hoover Depression, the Democratic presidents with Democratic Lawmakers and the help of some degree of Democratic control in Congress created the following programs which most people want to continue today.  Citizens in many countries are currently attempting to rid themselves of their super rich super poor income status similar to our Democratic accomplishments.  Brazil appears about to make a big step October 27, 2002, to elevate the standard of living and economic opportunity for all of their citizens instead of the rich few.

    Benefits by Democrats:
  • FHA home loans so that "Unrich" people can buy homes.  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • VA home loans so that "Unrich Veterans" can buy homes. (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Social Security program  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Medicare program  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Medicaid program  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Bank Deposit Insurance  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Workers Compensation Mandatory Insurance  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Hot School Lunches For Children  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Food Coupons For Poor People  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Worker Safety Rules, OSHA  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Pre-Kindergarten Schooling  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Hope Scholarship in Georgia  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Veteran Benefits Including VA Hospitals  (Republicans Opposed every necessary increase)
  • Minimum Wages to reduce the number of people on welfare  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • REA, Rural Electrification Administration  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • TVA, Tennessee Valley Authority for Electrification  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Free textbooks through high school  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Free schoolbus transportation for school children  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Free school buildings for children  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Free teaching for school children  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Equal opportunity and equality for everyone regardless of race, sex, color, or creed  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • Right to vote by every adult American citizen, except convicted felons  (Opposed by Republicans)
  • etc., all of which Republicans fought vigorously to prevent.  Schooling varied from state to state.
  • Jeff Goolsby, Democrat, created the seed that started the states nationwide providing low interest rate home loans for low income people.  (Opposed by Republicans)
    Benefit outside of government creation:
  • Jeff Goolsby, Democrat, created the 95% conventional loan.  (Opposed by Republicans)
    Benefits not yet adopted by government:
  • Jeff Goolsby, Democrat, developed a proposal to convert Social Security from poverty level to rich retirement at no extra Social Security tax nor extra investments. (Delayed by public & political apathy)
  • Jeff Goolsby, Democrat, developed a proposal to eliminate most judicial defects and corruption and the risks and harm caused thereof. (Delayed by public & political apathy)
  • Jeff Goolsby, Democrat, designed and patented left and right hand exterior rearview mirrors for motor vehicles that provide without distortion the 1. Regular View, 2. Overtaking View, and 3. Blind Spot. Availability goal early 2003.  To prevent most of an  estimated nationwide annual 1,400 deaths from  an estimated 705,000 improper lane change crashes, increasing yearly.
    The Democratic Agenda is full employment with adequate income and economic opportunity for all American citizens instead of the rich few along with the benefits detailed above, which Republicans fought vigorously to prevent.  This is detailed in THE EMPLOYMENT ACT OF 1946 and its upgrade adding teeth in 1978, all of which has been totally ignored by Republican presidents and Republican lawmakers (treason?).
   There are many facts about "Real World Economics" that very few people understand.  However, Republican leaders are extremely familiar with real world economics because their con artist skills are based on knowing how to manipulate the public with economic tricks that are not in standard economic textbooks.
   1. Republican leaders believed for the first 156 years, and still believe, that if they can force production workers and all employees to work for extremely low pay, Republican businesses can make more money.  This is exactly backwards, when production workers, unskilled workers, and all employees make larger incomes, they will buy more products, and create more economic activity, then Republican and other businesses make considerably more "honest" money.  This correction is why and how Democrats created the greatest economy in the world here in the United States.
   2. When government subsidies and tax credits are correctly used to create and motivate more economic activity including more employment, the extra tax revenue from more employment can be much greater than the subsidy or tax credits.  Some Republicans claim this is "socialism", typical snow job con artistry, when in fact it is smart government business that can reduce the Federal debt, government cost, and reduce taxes when used correctly.  Socialism and communism is why the Soviet Union went bankrupt and has no similarity to our Democratic accomplishments..
   A reverse example is when President Nixon terminated our oil drilling subsidy for small drilling companies, falsely claiming to save taxpayers money, creating a depression, unemployment and bankruptcies in the oil drilling business.  At that time oil was $4 per barrel, regular gasoline in Georgia was about $.35 per gallon, skilled carpenter pay was $2.00 per hour, and we were buying 10% of our oil from the Mideast.  Soon thereafter, we had to begin buying 50% of our oil from the mideast, oil increased to $40 per barrel, gasoline increased to $1.35 per gallon, a carpenter's pay was devalued from buying 5.74 gallons of gas for one hour pay down to 1.48 gallons of gas for one hour pay.  This con artist trick cost Americans many billions more than the small cost of the oil drilling subsidy, a rip-off profit for our big oil companies and the mideast, what a Republican con artist farce.  The results were not accidental, they were carefully planned.
   I made a motion at an HBAG Directors meeting for our Home Builders Association of Georgia to file a protest when Nixon announced his intention to terminate the subsidy , but every director voted against my motion mistakenly saying, it would save money for everyone.  Unfortunately, some, if not many, of our Democratic lawmakers do not understand these "Real World" economic facts of life and allow Republicans to dupe them into supporting Republican con artist tricks.  The Republicans even duped President Carter into adopting the Nixon/Ford economic disaster agenda then slaughtered him in the November election because he fell for their con artistry trap.  Most Republican promises sound great but the results almost never provide the promised results, ie, the Nixon oil drilling tax saver.
    The Republican Agenda is the party of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich, borrow and spend, through con artist deception, including job destruction to create shortages and scavenger profits from resulting foreclosures, bankruptcies, business failures, public corporation book cooking for fictitious stock values, theft by stock market insider trading (ie, Bush: Harken Energy Corp. insider stock sale and about $13,000,000 bonus [bribe?] for building the Texas Rangers ball stadium with $150,000,000 Texas taxpayers money) and short selling profits.  I wonder when Bush will prosecute himself for insider stock selling, stealing about $800,000 from stock buyers, and accepting a bribe while Governor of Texas.  "I'm Not A Crook" Nixon, "Stumbling Bumbling" Ford, "Voodoo Economics" Reagan, "Read My Lips" Bush, and "Education Boozer Snoozer Cheater" Bush along with the Bush Corporate Cronies have and are following the job destruction Republican Agenda to its fullest extent.
    Presidents Nixon, Ford, and Reagan shut down home building at times, Reagan's 17.5% home loan interest rate, September 13, 1981, to develop housing shortages and create inflation/dollar devaluation falsely claiming they were trying to prevent inflation.  The Federal debt was $360 billion dollars the day Nixon was elected.  When Bill Clinton, was elected 24 years later, the Federal debt had exploded to more than $4,000 billion dollars (4 Trillion). This Republican Federal debt explosion raised the interest cost on the Federal debt from around $14 billion dollars annually to $333 billion dollars for 2002.  The exact interest cost varies due to rates in effect at the time the Federal government borrows money.  However, the U.S. government has borrowed (confiscated) more than $1 trillion dollars from the Social Security trust fund and may not be paying any interest to the trust fund.  This additional interest cost is a major portion of everyone's Federal income tax.  Anyone who believes this was accidental or unavoidable also believes that blue and red are the same color.
    Some of the Bush Corporate Cronies have shut down part of the economy by cooking their books claiming their losses were profits until they had to go bankrupt.  The phony stock prices caused by the book cooking has cost stock buyers about $7 trillion dollars.  If the Bush Enron Administration prosecutes all of the corporate book cookers, insider stock traders, and government bribe takers, Bush will have to prosecute himself.  Obviously, Republicans and Republican Groupies are proud of the economic destruction, inflation/dollar deflation, and Federal debt explosion they have caused and which Bush is making every effort to re-ignite.
   How did Republicans contribute to the current huge employee layoffs and $7 trillion dollar stock value loss disaster?  For many years Republicans have been, with varying degrees of success, pressing for deregulation of regulations that were put in place to protect American citizens from obsessive greed by some monopolistic businesses, plus business acquisitions and mergers that harm stockholders, employees, and American citizens.  While Republicans had complete control of Congress until Senator Jim Jeffords could no longer stomach their damage to American citizens, Congress changed the laws to allow the recent rampant acquisitions and mergers.  According to BusinessWeek, 61% of the recent acquisition and mergers destroyed shareholders wealth.
   These excessive mergers, acquisitions, and deregulations produced book cooking, mixing incompatible businesses, layoff of key people who were the backbone of the success of the companies that were being acquired.  Many executives were supervising activities about which they had no knowledge.  Energy deregulation was one of the deregulation disasters.  Energy deregulation caused a huge disaster for citizens of California.  The Enron Ralph Reed piggy-back natural gas deregulation caused a disaster for gas users in Georgia, plus energy disasters in many other states.
   Clearly, the Republican goal is to eliminate our middle class income status and return us to the super rich super poor status and eliminate the above listed accomplishments by Democrats. Additionally, a major part of their strategy is to brainwash independent voters to vote Republican through Republican Talk Show Spin-Doctors, ie, Boortz, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc., plus duping some Democratic lawmakers into supporting their scams who do not understand "Real World Economics".  I was having lunch and discussing economics with a Congressman in Washington once who had decided not to run for re-election.  He said, "Jeff, I do not understand real world economics".  I was shocked, but, obviously many lawmakers are elected who do not understand real world economics, but Republican leaders are highly skilled in it and use their skills to manipulate for their super rich super poor objectives.
    Government should never shut down any industry, however, this is typical Republican Agenda which they do by lying to the public with their con artist brainwashing, when in fact they are deliberately creating inflation/dollar devaluation.  Interest cost on excessive inventory will slow down production of any product, including houses, which then remedies any excess production.
    Anyone who does not need, use, benefit or want to benefit from, or does not want their relatives or friends to benefit from the aforesaid middle class living standards created and accomplished by Democrats should vote for Republicans.  Everyone who appreciates the accomplishments by Democrats, want these benefits, middle class income status, and economic opportunity for everyone instead of the rich few to continue should vote for Democratic candidates.

   Jeff Goolsby,  Chairperson, D-EAT, Democratic Excellence Action Team, Inc.

       I wrote a book on "Real World" economics, THE RAPED PAYCHECK, which includes economic reality that is not included in economic text books.  Jimmy Carter read this book, which was recommended by Leon Keyserling, President Truman's Chief Economic Advisor, and his campaign immediately sounded like it was coming from my book.  However, upon election, he adopted the Nixon/Ford economic agenda instead of using my book as an economic guide.
       I have written a book which details Republican shenanigans and details a method to convert Social Security from its current poverty level retirement to a rich retirement without any extra cost to Social Security taxpayers.  I have written a book with proposals to correct the huge number of defects and corruption in our judicial system, and also exposes some considerable misconduct in our local judiciary.  You can be ripped off in civil or criminal court.  When innocent people are convicted, the real criminal walks free to commit more crimes.  You can obtain these books at  If you read the editorials and news links at, you will get an excellent political education.
       I have been a political analyst and consultant for many years, and currently chairperson of D-EAT, Democratic Excellence Action Team, Inc., Political Action Committee (PAC)

      (Jeff Goolsby is author of several books on the internet at, including "How To Eliminate JUDICIAL CORRUPTION & Defects In Our Judicial System" and "How To Convert Your Scheduled Social Security Poverty Level Retirement And RETIRE RICH".)

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 Former press aide blames Bush in CIA leak case ......I had unknowingly passed along false information. And five of the highest ranking officials in the administration were involved in my doing so: Rove, Libby, the vice president, the president's chief of staff, and the president himself," (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republicans spent $75 Million attempting to prosecute Clinton for nothing.  Impeachment YES, Now is the time to impeach the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang, before Bush invades Iran. NOW.
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 Bush administration takes six blows in a row ......As a group they represent a devastating political "perfect storm" because they paint a vivid picture of corruption, neglect and incompetence (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush is not only a serial killer he is a lying Con Artist.  Bush's support of the troops was to cut $20 Billion from the VA budget and give 100's of billions in tax cuts plus a phony oil shortage for his "Fat Cat" chronies.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 US generals 'will quit' if Bush orders Iran attack ...... Mann fears the administration is seeking to provoke Iran into a reaction that could be used as an excuse for an attack. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, Bush loves to have people killed, especially Muslims, provided he does not get killed himself.  Bush must be stopped now.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
  Next stop Iran?" ...... American officials, having orders outstanding for US troops to kill or capture Iranians found in Iraq . . . Eventually, Iran will respond to that, and then the administration will have a casus belli [justification for acts of war].""> (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  My predictions are still right on target.  Bush wants to remain in power and wants to start a war with Irah as part of his strategy.   Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 Carney rips troop surge in address" ...... U.S. Rep. Chris Carney ...... said sending more troops to Iraq will do nothing to curtail the violence ...... a tribal civil war ...... unbelievably, we now have fewer ships in the Coast Guard fleet to protect our shores (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Fits exactly what I have been saying for many months.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 Accusations of "Twisted Intelligence" ...... under then-Deputy Secretary Paul Wolfowitz disseminated "alternative intelligence assessments on the Iraq and al Qaeda relationship, which included conclusions that were inconsistent with the consensus of the intelligence community (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This supports everything I have been saying since the Bush inconsistencies of 911.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 'I won't fight Bush's illegal war' ...... "As I read about the level of deception the Bush administration used to initiate and process this war, I was shocked... If the president can betray my trust, it's time for me to evaluate what he's telling me to do." (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  AMEN.  Bush supporters should be the only ones required to fight Bush's illegal war.  Also, Republicans should be the only ones required to pay for the Reagan-Bush Federal debt fiasco.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 'Scapegoat:' Scooter's Stunning Defense ...... A bombshell detonates on day one of the Libby perjury trial, as Cheney’s longtime aide points the finger at Karl Rove ...... it raised the prospect that the Libby trial will now turn into a horror show for the White House, (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is confirming what I have been saying since Bush became a presidential candidate.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 Fed chief warns of crisis over elderly entitlements ...... Federal Reserve chairman Ben S. Bernanke said the U S government may face a "fiscal crisis" in the coming decades if it fails to deal with the rising costs of retirement and medical benefits for the aging population. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I have a 4 part solution.  1.  Repeal the "Fat Cat" tax cuts.  2.  Go to and follow its recommendations, plus pay off the Reagan-Bush-Bush Federal debt rip-off fiasco.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 Ford Disagreed With Bush About Invading Iraq ...... "Rumsfeld and Cheney and the president made a big mistake in justifying going into the war in Iraq. They put the emphasis on weapons of mass destruction," Ford said. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  President Ford devastated our economy, and mine, but he would not have created the death of our American troops.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 Poor Bush had a week that reeked ...... a new poll found only 27% of Americans back his Iraq policy, ...... a GOP mandarin snapped. "They don't get it, The Iraq report was their brass ring to pivot and salvage the last two years, and they didn't grab it." (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The illegal Iraq War was crystal clear to me long before the 2004 elections but most of the news media was helping Bush con Americans into believing it would be worse with a Democrat President, even though Democrats won WWI and WWII.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 U.S. lawmaker says Iraq war "botched" ...... I believe we botched it. I believe we could lose it," said Rep. Christopher Shays, a Republican congressman (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  We botched it when we allowed the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang to steal 2 presidential elections.  We botched it again and again when we allowed Republicans to manage our Democratic election campaigns.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 Carnage on Capitol Hill: Iraq fatally wounds Republicans ...... They will be conducting a referendum on a presidency that is a subject of keen debate among historians over whether it is merely one of the worst, or the very worst, in the country's history. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  There are strong indications that Bush stole both the Governor and Presidential elections.  The lack of printed ballots on electronic machines give him a chance to steal successfully again.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF GEORGE W. BUSH ...... the White House, playing the "Support Our Boys" and terror cards, ...... That homeland damage could take years to repair. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang has accomplished exactly their plan, except that a few Republican voters have finally realized that Bush is a Scam Artist Liar.  Most Democrats knew it from the start.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 Iraq war deaths 'top 650,000' ...... Jan Egeland, the United Nations undersecretary for humanitarian affairs, said that revenge killings in Iraq were "totally out of control". (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It seems That Bush has caused more Iraq deaths than the 600,000 deaths Abraham Lincoln caused with his Freight Rate War, (aka Civil war) and more deaths than Saddam Hussein.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang. NOW.
 Report: Iraq War Made Terror 'Worse' ...... The U.S. invasion of Iraq has heightened the threat of terrorism and increased the number of terrorist groups ...... Across the world, that means the threat is fractured into many parts (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This confirms my statements before and after Bush's two murder attempts against Saddam Hussein and his illegal invasion of Iraq.  We must remove Bush's Republican supporters and even Democrats not smart enough to detect Bush scams.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang (and the ABC-Disney Gang) NOW.
 Saddam had no links to al-Qaeda ...... the report revealed that US intelligence analysts were strongly disputing the alleged links between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda while senior Bush Administration officials were publicly asserting them to justify invasion. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  What do you know, Saddam was our ally, not our enemy.  Also, clearly, Bush has caused more deaths and destruction in Iraq than Saddam Hussein.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang (and the ABC-Disney Gang) NOW.
 Iran's Khatami says suicide bombers hurt Islam ...... Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatami on Friday condemned the September 11 attacks against the United States as an atrocity and said suicide bombers did Islam an injustice and would not (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Killing Muslims will not solve the terrorist problem.  Every country, including the USA, must enact a law, with secret informant rewards, to prosecute and imprison, with absolutely no contact with anyone, every religious leader who advocates murdering non-believers.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang (and the ABC-Disney Gang) NOW.
 The Path To 911" Catches ABC In Political Mousetrap (UPDATED) ...... The only hitch: it has been labeled politically biased and called a virtual campaign document for the White House. The tipoff: you see the (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  During all of the Republican religious hypocrite lies, they specifically omitted the fact that the same day Bush's residence was a Terrorist Target, Bush suddenly went to Florida to read "My Pet Goat" to small children. (How did Bush know when to get out of his residence?)  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang (and the ABC-Disney Gang) NOW.
 Senate Panel Releases Report on Iraq Intelligence ...... (CIA) “We have no credible information that Baghdad was complicit in the attacks on the Pentagon or the World Trade Center on 11 September or any other (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is further confirmation of me warning of a scam during Bush build-up of his illegal invasion before he ordered two murder attempts against Saddam Hussein.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Corruption Gang NOW.
  GREED AND SCANDAL RULE GULF COAST RECOVERY EFFORTS ...... When you have a nation run by a liar and a cheat, you will soon evolve a nation where lying and cheating is seen as acceptable behavior (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  When "I'm not a crook" Nixon was president, theft became rampant. The Republican Corruption Gang is more sophisticated today and they believe that they can expand and continue in power.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Gang NOW.
 In House Races, More G.O.P. Seats Look Vulnerable ...... Ms. Walter said. "Clearly what we are seeing is that the political environment is taking a toll and dragging down Republican incumbents; (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Democrats, please do not heed the advice of Republicans masquerading as Democrats, America deserves better.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Gang NOW.
 Misjudgments Marred U.S. Plans for Iraqi Police ...... Three years later, the police are a battered and dysfunctional force that has helped bring Iraq to the brink of civil war. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I do not understand how anyone could have believed that a brain blurred by alcohol, drugs, and a highly skilled con artist cheater could have done any better.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Gang NOW.
 Graduates at New School Heckle Speech by McCain ...... , Jean Sara Rohe, 21, said ...... "The senator does not reflect the ideals upon which this university was founded," she said, to a roaring ovation (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Senator McCain went from a "Straight-talker" to a "Forked-tongue" talker, or maybe his true colors finally emerged.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against the Bush-Cheney Gang NOW.
 Lieberman's Support for War Leaves Him Embattled on Left ...... Mr. Lamont, who has spent more than $370,000 of his own money to challenge the senator. ...... "You're not going to lose a senator. You're going to gain a Democrat." (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bravo, we need to replace Republicanized Democratic elected officials with real Democrats.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 Top C.I.A. Pick Has Credentials and Skeptics ...... , General Hayden oversaw the program to intercept international phone calls and e-mail messages of Americans (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  TAKE NOTE:  Bush loves to spy on Americans, specifically Democrats.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.

 Trading Frenzy Adding to Rise in Price of Oil ...... hedge funds and other investors have helped propel crude oil prices from around $50 a barrel at the end of 2005 to a record of $75.17 (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  More Bush political reward system.  We must demand an immediate law to prevent this artificial pricing and gouging.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 U.S. (Bush) mulls nuclear option for Iran ...... HERSH: The word I hear is "messianic." ...... (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  If Bush invades Iran, don't be surprised if he declares Marsall Law and attempts to become a dictator by suspending the Constitution and suspending Federal elections.  Remember, Granddaddy Prescott Bush helped Adolph Hitler in his attempt to rule the world including killing millions of people.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 Cheney's Aide Says President Approved Leak ...... "In light of today's shocking revelation, President Bush must fully disclose his participation in the selective leaking of classified information," (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is more documentation of my pre-war comments.   Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 Bush Was Set on Path to War, Memo by British Adviser Says " ...... Jan. 31, 2003, he made clear to Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain that he was determined to invade Iraq ...... penciled in for 10 March," ...... "This was when the bombing would begin." (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is more documentation of my pre-war comments.   Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 On the Ethanol Bandwagon, Big Names and Big Risks ...... Mr. Khosla counters ...... "Ethanol is cheaper to produce, unsubsidized, than gasoline ...... In Brazil, roughly 70 percent of new vehicles are equipped to handle ethanol, and the country has been able to curb its dependence on foreign oil and turn ethanol into a growing export industry. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  We must damand ASAP that Congress require every new motor vehicle be equipted to burn either Alcohol or gas so we can phase out of gasoline.
 At Sept. 11 Trial, Tale of Missteps and Management ...... A Minnesota F.B.I. agent, Harry M. Samit, ...... said that he had sent about 70 warning messages about Mr. Moussaoui, but that they had produced no results. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is more documentation of my pre-war comments.   Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 F.B.I. Discounted Suspicions About Moussaoui, Agent Says " ...... his efforts to confirm his strong suspicions that Mr. Moussaoui was involved in a terrorist airline hijacking plot were thwarted by (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Obviously. the Bush gang were not going to let a little thing like truth prevent their goal of illegally invading Iraq.   Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 Iraqi diplomat gave U.S. prewar WMD details " ...... Saddam’s foreign minister told CIA the truth, so why didn’t agency listen?  It is a spy story that has never been told before, and raises new questions about (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It is increasingly clear that the Bush gang did not want to listen to facts  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 Ex-C.I.A. Official Says Iraq Data Was Distorted " ...... Mr. Pillar ...... "Intelligence was misused publicly to justify decisions that had already been made," Mr. Pillar suggested that the root of the problem might be that top intelligence officials serve at the pleasure of the president. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This was obivous to me before Bush ordered the murder of Saddam Hussein.  I am glad that some of the Washington crowd are beginning to speak out. Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
">  Exxon Mobil posts record profit of $10.7 billion " ...... — $10.71 billion for the fourth quarter and $36.13 billion for the year (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  More Bush Corruption political reward by stealing your money and giving it to his cronies.  Read this AP article.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 Mr. Abramoff's Meetings, Again " ...... we understand the desire of our more visually inclined colleagues to obtain photos of the president and the criminal. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Since Bush is such a nice christian(???), likes to have people killed and violate our laws, I wonder if the Republican Groupies will forgive him for participating in Abramoff crimes and spying on American citizens who were exposing his crimes, that the judges would not have approved.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
  Whose Economy Is It, Anyway? " ...... the 4.2 million part-timers who want full-time jobs, and employment is weaker than the administration would have you believe ...... Americans are working harder, but taking home less. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This editorial points out some of the phony Bush economic claims but does not mention at least 6,000,000 new jobs needed for the more than 10,000,000 population increase since 2000.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 Administration Cites War Vote in Spying Case " ...... Congress ...... never intended or envisioned that the authority could be applied to searches without warrants within the United States. ...... normal system for issuing warrants for a domestic surveillance operation - required in 1978 in a program that grew out of the improper surveillance of political dissidents ...... can go to the court retroactively, ...... referring to the 72-hour rule" (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, Bush did not want Judges to refuse the warrants AFTER surveillance commenced because Bush was including the surveillance of people who were exposing his lies.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 Last-Minute Budget Madness " ...... "victory" for the Bush administration, ...... - $40 billion in spending cuts that unfairly burden the poorest Americans with reductions in health care, child support and welfare. ...... to enact next year ...... tax cuts for the affluent - up to $100 billion" (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Super Rich may decide to buy an extra yacht or two or a few million dollar birthday parties.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 House Completes Vote on Tax Cuts for $95 Billion " ...... "Clearly, tax relief is part of the deficit solution, not part of the problem," said Representative Jeb Hensarling, Republican of Texas (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is more Republican assistance for Bush's War against American Emloyees.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 Qaeda-Iraq Link U.S. Cited Is Tied to Coercion Claim " ...... The Bush administration used Mr. Libi's accounts as the basis for its prewar claims, now discredited, that ties between Iraq and Al Qaeda included training in explosives and chemical weapons. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Was this outright stupidity or Bush's over zealous effort to fool people into supporting his effort to start killing Iraqis and American troops.  Impeachment NO, Demand a recall election against Bush-Cheney NOW.
 The Man Who Sold the War " ...... There was only one problem: It was all a lie. ...... Rendon is a leader in the strategic field known as "perception management," manipulating information -- and, by extension, the news media (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  MUST READ.  It is unthinkable to give such a weird power and authority to people like the BTK killer, Ted Bundy, Adolph Hitler, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, ETC. because lots of people are killed as a result thereof.
 In Baghdad, Reality Counters Rhetoric " ...... All these assassinations every day," said Wael Abdul-Latif, a parliament member who helped write the constitution. "The security is deteriorating. It's becoming worse day by day.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  President Franklin D Roosevelt said, "Everything that happens in politics was planned that way by the person or group who had the power to make it happen."  The Bush Gang could not be stupid enough to cause this mess, so they must be the most malicious since the Lincoln Freight Rate Rip-Off War (AKA Civil War) that murdered 600,000 Americans.  Bush Gang Recall election is the solution.
 Canadian Premier Loses Confidence Vote " ...... He lost his parliamentary majority in the June 2004 elections as voter anger was widespread.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Canada and other Democracies remove their top officials with a recall election (not impeachment)when they turn bad.  Most Americans now understand that Bush should be removed from office.  We must demand a recall election of the entire Bush Gang.
 Public Broadcasting's Enemy Within " ...... he repeatedly broke federal law and ethics rules in overreaching his authority and packing the payroll with Republican ideologues (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is just a small example of how Republicans are succeeding at fooling the public into believing that Republicans are representing the public when in fact they promote and enact laws detrimental to unrich people (employees & small business).
 'Corruption Scheme' " ...... with the Scanlon guilty plea, the attention has shifted back to Congress, where Mr. Abramoff and Mr. Scanlon, a former aide to Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), did (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This investigation might clear out most of the Republicans in Washington.  We must demand a recall election of all of the Bush Gang IMMEDIATELY, then start prosecuting the entire gang.
 Lawmakers Under Scrutiny in Probe of Lobbyist " ...... The 35 to 40 investigators and prosecutors on the Abramoff case are focused on at least half a dozen members of Congress, lawyers and others close to the probe said. The investigators are looking at payments (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Apparenly many Republican lawmakers will be leaving office possibly going to prison and make room for Democrats to regain control of Congress for the people instead of for the super rich. We really need a recall election of the entire Bush Gang immediately.
 Even Supporters Doubt President as Issues Pile Up " ...... "I don't know if it's any one thing as much as it is everything," said Ms. Martin, 49, "It's kind of snowballed."(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Millions of people are beginning to wake up from the con artist hypnotism.  Smart people change their mind often, fools never do.
 Questions on the Legality of Campaign Fund-Raising " ...... , you can give to an elected official and take them to lunch, dinner and breakfast. But if you are asking them to vote yes on an issue and they have 2,000 letters from home telling them to (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Currently, lawmakers vote the wishes of big campaign contributors (and bribes), but voters have the most power if they learn how and use it.  Average American life can be drastically improved with a tiny extra effort, to learn how, visit Free Life Insurance & double work income at retirement instead of current 80% cut in retirement income.
 Ignore the Man Behind That Memo " ...... Equally alarming is the notion that he fudged the truth to tell a potential employer what it wanted to hear.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Sounds like another Clarence Thomas liar hypocrite.  We must fight to prevent Alito's approval.
 Bush Contends Partisan Critics Hurt War Effort " ...... Senator Harry Reid of Nevada, t ...... the decision to go to war is too serious to be entered into under faulty pretenses."(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The American public is now beginning to realize that Bush is a liar, cheat, and a serial kller, which is what I have been shouting before he stole the Florida votes.)
 Former Powell Aide Says Bush Policy Is Run by 'Cabal' " ...... offered a remarkably blunt criticism of the administration he served, saying ...... that President Bush has made the country more vulnerable, not (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  When the Bush voters finally wake up, they will feel awfully stupid for voting for an illiterate malicious con artist for president.  Bush is so illiterate that he did not know that his TV nail driving photo-op showed that he did not know how to drive a nail.)
 Bush to Blair: First Iraq, Then Saudi " ...... George Bush told the Prime Minister two months before the invasion of Iraq that Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea may also be dealt (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  More evidence indicating that Bush wants to follow in Hitler's footsteps but not fail.  Besides Bush enjoys having people killed provided it is not himself.)
 Passing the Bucks " ...... pensions nationally have $450 billion less on deposit than they need to meet their obligations. ...... taxpayers may be left holding the bag.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Please open your eyes, Republican "Voodoo Economics" results are becoming very visible.  Republican Goal: Super Rich are the only people entitled to retirement benefits.)
 Democrats See Dream of '06 Victory Taking Form " ...... poll, released Wednesday night, showed that 13 months before the midterm election, 48 percent said they wanted a Democratic-led Congress, compared to ...... percent who preferred Republican control.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Democrats can make a clean sweep if they offer what the public would like, click SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement for the winning solution.)
 A Barren Port Waits Eagerly for Its People " ...... "What's needed is for the city around the port to start functioning again." ...... five million pounds of previously frozen chicken have rotted in a warehouse without electricity. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  For the benefit of New Orleans citizens and all America, Bush should provide urgent incentives, pressure, and money to get the infrastructure, roads, railroads, oil refineries and supplies, and full economic activity, along with housing.)
 President Bush's Major Speech: Sounding Old Themes on Iraq " ...... maddening to listen to him describe the perils that Iraq poses while denying that his policies set them in motion. ...... If Mr. Bush still cannot acknowledge the flaws in his policy, how can he fix them? (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  These are not flaws, everything except Katrina has gone according to their con artist planning.)
 President Bush's Major Speech: Doing the 9/11 Time Warp Again " ...... avoidance of today's reality that seemed downright frightening. ...... inability to grow beyond his big moment in 2001 is unnerving. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, Bush's main brains, Ken Lay, Karl Rove, and Dick Cheney are too busy defending their own misconduct to tell Bush what to do.)
 Panel Will Propose New Calendar for Primaries " ...... "We should have an electoral system," ...... "where registering to vote is convenient, voting is efficient and pleasant, voting machines work properly, fraud is deterred and disputes are handled fairly and expeditiously."(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Please read this article then send letters to both U.S. Senators and Representative demanding the enactment plus require 2 day voting on Saturday and Sunday, national holiday, computer produce vote number, $50 Federal tax deduction for adding vote number on tax return.)
 Clinton Levels Sharp Criticism at the President's Relief Effort " ...... Mr. Clinton's comments ...... could prove awkward for the White House, given President Bush's eagerness to involve his Democratic predecessor in a high-profile role to raise money for the hurricane's victims.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Republicans are running scared because Republican voters are beginning to realize they voted wrong.)
 Whoops! There Goes Another Pension Plan " ...... Like defaulting on a loan, terminating a pension plan significantly lightens a company's balance sheet: ...... people approaching retirement are left to hang on and hope(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Yes, most people lose when the stock market provides the retirement.  Why gamble, go to for the perfect risk-free solution to retirement with income increase plus FREE LIFE INSURANCE.)
 Not the New Deal " ...... Bush administration, ...... has been averse to investigating itself. b> ...... it has consistently stonewalled corruption investigations and punished its own investigators if (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush most likely gloated over the drowning of a huge number of democrats and has another great opportunity to reward his corruption cronies.)
 Don't Prettify Our History " ...... if there had been a full, statewide manual recount - as there should have been. The probable answer is that Al Gore would have won,(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  There is no doubt, Gore won the 2000 election, but the 5 Republican crooks in the U.S. Supreme Court helped Bush steal the election.  Too bad we can't prosecute them.)
 What They Did Last Fall " ...... , the whitewash of what happened in Florida in 2000 showed that election-tampering carries no penalty, ...... Ohio's secretary of state, Kenneth Blackwell ...... makes Ms. Harris's actions in 2000 seem mild by comparison.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Vote stealing by Republicans in 2006 and 2008 is likely to be 10 times what it was in 2000 or 2004, unless we get paper vote verification with electronic voting.  If Bush switches us to a dictatorship, there won't be another presidential election for many years if ever.)
 Biking Toward Nowhere " ...... Shiites working on the Iraqi constitution conspire with Iran about turning Iraq into an Islamic state that represses women;(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Great editorial but missing Bush's successes and secrete objectives.  See the Jeff Goolsby editorial.)
 The Swift Boating of Cindy Sheehan " ...... . Character assassination is the Karl Rove tactic of choice, eagerly mimicked by his media surrogates, whenever the White House is confronted .(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Prefabricated character assassination is the number one cheating tool used by Republicans and is the most powerful tool used by Bush in what appears to be 4 stolen elections.  Republican Groupies feast on prefabricated character assassination.)
 Foolishness on Fuel " ...... two recent and authoritative reports show that industry and policy makers are headed in exactly the wrong direction.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Two solutions:  1.  10,000,000 march on Washington demanding Bush, & bin Ladens Saudis end their phony oil shortage.  2.  Switch to 185 proof Corn Alcohol fuel as did Brazil successfully in the mid 70's.)
 Spy's Notes on Iraqi Aims Were Shelved, Suit Says " ...... former C.I.A. officer, ...... more than 20 years ...... was fired in 2004 ...... said that ...... Iraq's uranium enrichment program had ended years earlier and that centrifuge components from the scuttled program were available for examination and even purchase.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  BUSH RULES: Support Bush lies or you get fired (or worse).  When do we start prosecuting Bush and C0-horts?  To reward his oil cronies and war profiteers, it is likely that Bush has caused the death and physical damage to more people than did Saddam Hussein.)
 Triumph of the Machine " ...... sought global dominance on the cheap, with an undermanned, underplanned invasion of Iraq that has, indeed, transformed the balance of power in the Middle East - in favor of Iran.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Bush agenda is to destroy every possible benefit created by Presidents Roosevelt and Johnson, quadruple the profits of his corporate campaign contributors, and kill lots of people in the process and is accomplishing exactly according to plan.
 How Wall Street Wrecked United's Pension " ...... it had bought into the promises of Wall Street that it could put less money into the plan - and take out more later(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is a preview of what would happen to Bush's Social Security Stock Market Gamble for most people.)
 Anti-Abortion Advocacy of Wife of Court Nominee Draws Interest " ...... Jane Sullivan Roberts, ...... whose pro bono work for Feminists for Life is drawing intense interest in the ideologically charged environment of a Supreme Court confirmation debate.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Roberts would cause women to switch to Back-Alley abortions causing a huge increase in women and teenage girl deaths when unacceptable pregnancies occur.)
 A Few Thoughts on Karl Rove " ...... when officials peddle disinformation for propaganda purposes or to harm a political adversary.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  A great editorial but left out one item.  Valerie Plame denies being involved in appointing husband Joseph Wilson IV to investigate the Niger uranium claim.)
 Behind Enemy Lines " ...... General Li said that if the U.S. launched a surgical strike, the result "will be all-out war." " ...... "I said, 'We will use all means.' "(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Of course, this would give Bush an excuse to follow the Adolph Hitler/Granddaddy Prescott Bush example, declare "Martial Law", suspend the constitution, and become a lifetime dictator.  Far Fetched? So was Hitler's effort to convert a democracy to a dictatorship.)
 At White House, a Day of Silence on Rove's Role in C.I.A. Leak " ...... With the White House silent, Democrats rushed in, demanding that the administration provide a full (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Shades of Nixon Watergate.  We need another "Deep Throat" to expose the lies and treason of the entire Bush gang, then prosecute the entire gang.  Prosecuting Bush and making Cheney President would be even worse.)
 Democrats Adopt O'Connor as Model for Bush Court Pick " ...... the same Justice O'Connor who was the swing vote in the decision handing George W. Bush the presidency in 2000(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I disagree, this will not work and makes us look stupid.  We need to now demand the reason she helped Bush steal the presidency in 2000.)
 Girth of a Nation " ...... obesity plays an important role in many diseases that diminish the quality of life and, crucially, require expensive treatment. ...... the cost of treating the obese is helping to break the back of our health care system.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  If you are overweight, you should read this editorial.  If you are 100 lbs. overweight, that is like walking around with two 8x8x16 concrete blocks on your shoulders, just because you get pleasure out of eating too much.)
 President Bush's Speech About Iraq " ...... Bush wasted his opportunity last night, giving a speech that only answered questions no one was asking. ...... misinformation that helped lead us into this war, or for the catastrophic mistakes his team made in running the military operation.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  An excellent observation of the Bush propaganda.)
 To Catch a Thief " ...... transmitter then silently summons the police - and it is ruining the economics of auto theft.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  A fantastic article catching thieves . We need similar approaches to other criminal and corruption activities)
 The War President " ...... Helen Thomas, ...... "I have never covered a president who actually wanted to go to war" - ...... Mr. Bush was the exception ...... intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The news media is white-washing the Downing Street Memo so your apathy can keep you happy.  Don't get too shocked if Bush invades one or two more countries and declares martial law then suspends the constitution and converts to a Dictatorship as did Hitler with Grandaddy Prescott Bush's help.)
 Glide Path to Ruin " ...... Bush administration is managing America's finances like a team of drunken sailors, and most Republicans keep quiet ...... promised that the U.S. would be "on a glide path toward zero debt."(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  At end of Bush's first 4 years budget, Fededral debt will have increased at least $2.7 trillions dollars, mostly owed to China and Japan, one and one half times the Reagan Federal debt fiasco.  This is more dangerous than Osama bin Laden and Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq.)
 The Final Insult " ...... Repealing Mr. Bush's tax cuts would yield enough revenue to call off his proposed benefit (Social Security) cuts, and still leave $8 trillion in change.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  More Republican philosophy, "Republican Groupies are too stupid to know when they are being taken.")
 Drug Makers Reap Benefits of Tax Break " ...... the subsidiary manufactures the drug for a few cents a pill. ...... shipped to the United States, ...... sold to a pharmacy or a wholesale company for several dollars each(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Obsessed Plutocracy gouging greed is Bush's banner.  Drugs, oil products, stock brokers, war machinery, have all hit a greed bananza with Bush helping them steal from you.  We need to count all of the votes and throw out the Bush Gang.)
 Filibuster Fight Nears Showdown " ...... Senator Charles E. Schumer, ...... "(Republicans) trying to undermine the age-old checks and balances that the founding fathers placed at the center of the Constitution and the Republic." (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is another move by Republican Plutocrats toward Fascism.  We need to fight this with letters to Senators.)
 In the Name of Politics " ...... Our current fixation on a religious agenda has turned us in the wrong direction. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  A Republican minister recogizes that the regligious extremist effort to control government is a no no.  Bush and his pal Osama bin Laden, both love having people killed, are having a huge success in destroying our Constitution and Democracy government.  When are we going to fight back?)
 What's Going On? " ...... What we need - and we aren't seeing - is a firm stand by moderates against religious extremism. " ...... Where are the Democrats? (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Religious extremist appear to be moving in Osama bin Laden's direction of violating law, killing doctors, and soon killing anyone else who disgrees with their warped fabricated view of God's intentions.)
 Schiavo Case Tests Priorities Of GOP " ...... a CBS survey that found that 82 percent of Americans ...... think Congress's intervention was (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Another example of Republican scams, con artistry, and hypocrisy, which even suckered some Democrats.)
 The Era of Exploitation " ...... Bush has proposed more than $200 billion worth of cuts in domestic discretionary programs ...... . And, of course, it contains big new tax cuts for the wealthy.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Our worst problem today is an epidemic of Republican "Groupies" who vote for political thieves and do not understand that the thieves are also stealing their money and cutting their throats.)
 The God Racket, From DeMille to DeLay " ...... faced with McCarthyism in God's name, most Democratic leaders went into hiding and stayed silent (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The tail is wagging the dog.  Yet according to polls, very few Americans want to continue abusing Terri Schiavo in her vegetated condition.  We must start electing Democrats with backbone.)
 Democrats slam budget cuts for veterans' services " ...... that's why I find the president's budget cuts for critical veteran services to be unconscionable."(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Most military troops do not yet understand that while patting them on their back, Bush is also cutting their throats to make the super rich richer including oil, war machinery, and Enron types.  Send this article to every veteran and military person you know.)
 A Blow to the Rule of Law " ...... Bush and his Congressional allies have begun to enunciate a new principle: the rules of government are worth respecting only if they produce the result we want.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush strutting his true colors, cater to fanatics, bombers of medical clinics, Olyimpics, Federal buildings, insider trading violation, $13 million bribe, serial election thief, shades of Prescott Bush - Adolpha Hitler, etc.  Wow!)
 Washington's Fiscal Meltdown " ...... collective tax-cutting psyche of ...... the unprecedented Bush-era swing from budget surplus to deficit, the unmistakable long-term trend of a rich-get-richer, poor-get-poorer income distribution, the ballooning costs of war, the weaker dollar, rising oil prices and record (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republican "Groupie Head in the Sand" problem.  Anyone who does not understand that the 9/11 terroist attack, illegal invasion of Iraq, and this economic fiasco was not pre-planned, is negligent, not paying enough attention, and not being a responsible patriotic citizen.)
 Bankruptcy Bill Set for Passage; Victory for Bush " ...... A recent study ...... found that more than half of the 1,771 personal bankruptcy filers in five federal courts cited medical bills as a primary reason they filed. ">(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  A step backwards to the pre-1933 Republican Plutocracy Super Rich Super Poor Society.  Every lawmaker supporting the passage of this bill must be voted out of office at the next election.)
 The Debt-Peonage Society " ...... Warren Buffett ...... America is more likely to turn into a "sharecroppers' society" than an "ownership society." (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republican Plutocracy Super Rich Super Poor society is coming in like a tornado, thanks to Republican Groupies and non-voting Democrats.)
 At Heart of Social Security Debate, a Misunderstanding " ...... The government issues interest-bearing Treasury bonds to the trust fund and immediately spends the money for other purposes.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Almost no interest and then lies about the Federal deficit, $427 billion when instead 2005 fiscal debt will be close to $700 billion.  The solution to this problem is at
 Deficits and Deceit " ...... the push for Social Security privatization is only part of the right's strategy for dismantling the New Deal and the Great Society.  The other big piece of that strategy is the (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Unfortunately, very few people understand that Bush is cutting their throats.  This is very important reading.)
 Greenspan Talks Tax Increases " ...... especially since the deficit ...... is largely due to tax cuts that President Bush and Congress have lavished on the most affluent over the past four years.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Greenspan has flip-flopped.  Contrary to news media reports, the fiscal 2005 Federal debt will increase about $700 billion dollars, making Spendaholic Bush 4 years about $2.4 Trillion, Total fiscal 2005 (Oct. 31, 05) Federal debt about $8.125 trillion dollars.)
 W.'s Stiletto Democracy " ...... The only balance W. likes is the slavering, Pravda-like "Fair and Balanced" coverage Fox News provides. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It is amzing that Republican Groupies do not catch on that Bush is trying to destroy Democracy in the U.S. and is also cutting their throats plus Democrats throats.)
 Ideology and AIDS " ...... The Bush administration has contributed to suffering and death through the so-called global gag rule, (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It is extremely obvious that sanctimonious Hypocrite Bush loves to cause deaths.  We still need to count all of the votes and remove Bush and cronies from the White House.)
 '01 Memo to Rice Warned of Qaeda and Offered Plan " ...... "I think it makes the threat look pretty urgent," Mr. Levitt said. "I look at this and I see something that to my mind requires immediate attention."(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The evidence builds that Bush, Neocons, and Osama wanted the 9/11 attack as an excuse for Bush to invade Iraq.  Osama proved that he was part of the Bush campaign team by releasing his support video just before the election.)
 Big Oil's Burden of Too Much Cash " ...... they are making more money than they can comfortably spend.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  How terrible, their Republican campaign contributions are really paying off, at our and Republican Groupies expense.  Suggestion, quit gouging at the pumps.)
 Bush's Class-War Budget " ...... to describe President Bush as someone who takes food from the mouths of babes and gives the proceeds to his millionaire friends(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The super rich own Bush and he does not care who he hurts to make his cronies happy.)
 9-11 Report Cites Many Warnings About Hijackings " ...... In the months before the Sept. 11 attacks, federal aviation officials reviewed ...... specifically discussed airline hijackings and suicide operations, according to a previously undisclosed report from (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Why are Republicans exposing some of Bush treason secrets now?)
 White House reporter's credentials questioned " ...... "Call me partisan, fine, but don't let my colleagues off the hook," he said. "They're partisan too, but (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republicans allow exposure of 4 news people doing phony news for Bush.  9/11gate, Iraqgate, Nixon repeat?  Yeah!  This is a strong signal that Republicans are trying to steal the White House for 16 years and eliminate the Democratic Party.  Let's FIGHT NOW.)
 Bush playing a shell game " ...... Conservatives have always hated it ...... and waited for political circumstances to provide cover to demolish Social Security. ...... "Pearl Harbor type event" to provide convenient cover to invade Iraq.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bravo, this is what I have been saying, but not complete.  There is a ton of evidence that Bush stole both elections, knew the schedule and targets of 911, knew that Saddam did not have nuclear and WMD's, and he is lying about Social Security privatization.  Ted Bundy reincarnated?)
 Bush Is Said to Seek Sharp Cuts in Subsidy Payments to Farmers " ...... proposal puts Mr. Bush at odds with some of his most ardent supporters in the rural South, including cotton and rice growers in Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  My question is: How many times do Republican voters have to get their throats cut to learn that Republican policy is to reward their rich Plutocrats and everyone else is trash.)
 From Ashes of '04 Effort, Dean Reinvents Himself " ...... a critical mass of the 447 members of the national committee - liked Dr. Dean. " ...... eager for a party leadership that will take on President Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The public may be waking up.  It is already past time for another Democratic Political Revolution like the one in 1932.  Bravo, Howard Dean is the 5 star general leading the charge.)
 Leading Shiite Clerics Pushing Islamic Constitution in Iraq " ...... of the clerics: "The most important thing for them is to write the constitution. This is why they supported the elections."(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The big question now is, did Bush create another Iran?  Ironically, Bush may have to get Saddam's help to move Iraq back to a secular government, otherwise women may become slaves.)
 The Senate and Mr. Gonzales " ...... Giving him the nation's top legal post is a terrible signal to (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Apparently, some of our Democratic Senators have lost their minds by not filibustering Gonzales appointment.)
 Gambling With Your Retirement " ...... Bush-style Social Security privatization: ...... an individual's benefits would be zero if his personal account earned a 3 percent rate of return." ...... you can kill a flock of sheep with witchcraft, provided you also feed them arsenic (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush wants to sell you some snake oil, he might even sell you the Brooklyn bridge cheap.)
 Blaming the Messengers " ...... "Ohio's attorney general, who represents Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell in the matter, has asked the State Supreme Court to sanction Mr. Arnebeck and the others for mounting a "frivolous" challenge. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I hope Democrats in Ohio will get a petition to impeach the Ohio Republican Secretary of State and Attorney General for the un-American act of trying to cover-up the Bush highly probable vote fraud in Ohio.  There are strong indications that Kerry won the Ohio vote and that Bush stole it.)
 Dean Emerging as Likely Chief for Democrats " ...... "Dr. Dean is moving to the forefront of Washington politics at a moment when the party, ...... has been struggling to define its case against Mr. Bush on the war in Iraq and on overhauling Social Security.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I prefer that Howard run for president in 2008, but he will be a tremendous asset to the Democratic cause if he wins.)
 Many Unhappy Returns " ...... "future stock returns will be much lower than they have been claiming.  But without those high returns, the arithmetic of their schemes collapses(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Chronic Liar Bush's philosophy, "It is OK to lie unless you get caught, but if you get caught, just shift your lie."  This is like President Lincoln using "Free the Slaves" and kill 600,000 Americans to avoid repealing a Rip-Off Freight rate against the South.  Then Bush uses "Free the Iraqis" to switch from his phony nuclear weapons and WMD's claim.)
 Bush Aims To Undercut Democratic Pillars " ...... "this is a very strategic administration," which tries to use policies to advance its long-term party-building goals. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This article further documentats that Republican goals are to destroy every possible public benefit created by Democrats since the Democratic Political Revolution in 1932.  Rank and File Republican voters will hate themselves if Republicans accomplish their super rich super poor goal.)
 Little Black Lies " ...... privatizers ...... after their calculations have repeatedly been shown to be wrong, is yet another indicator of the fundamental dishonesty of their sales pitch. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republican Groupies will believe Bush lies even if they know he is lying.  What the groupies don't understand is that Bush is also trying to cut their throats the same as the 1400 Americans Bush caused to be killed in Iraq to keep America in a state of fear for his election purposes.)
 The Fake Crisis " ...... To save Social Security, Bush wants to destroy it -- replacing government-guaranteed retirement benefits with private accounts that will be subject to the whims of the stock market. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The people who lost their savings and retirement with 401k's and IRA's can attest to the fact that the stock market is a gamble except for "Insiders", investers with adequate expertise and resources to investigate companies for investment, and accidental luck.  See below for the solution.)
 A Bridge to Sell " ...... Bush's privatization scheme ...... Social Security benefits ...... a country in fiscal crisis is one in which adults are more likely to turn to their elderly parents for help. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I hope the "Blind Trust" Groupies wake up before they help Bush destroy Social Security.  Social Security is in bad need of correction not destruction.  Go to for details to make Social Security a richer retirement instead of a poorer retirement.)
 Few but Organized, Iraq Veterans Turn War Critics " ...... in December 2003, I came to the conclusion that W.M.D.'s weren't there and that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11, ...... I felt this sense of betrayal. I was full of rage and depression." ...... "I don't think I can ever have the blind trust in the government like I had before. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Blind trust in the crook in the White House, in the Republican News Media, and blind trust in anything is the worst problem we have in this country and in the world.)
 The Speech Misheard Round the World " ...... In most of the rest of the world, the president's inaugural address was heard merely as (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Unfortunately, Republican Groupies do not think, will not accept facts, can not analyze facts, and therefore, do not understand that Bush is a highly skilled con artist, and sincerely mistakenly believe that he is a good person.)
 Thousands Protest Bush's Inauguration " ...... protesters waved signs and carried banners with slogans such as "Not Our President,""Drop Bush Not Bombs," and "Hail To The Thief." (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  There is no way that Bush won this election, but he had more help stealing this election than in 2000, and most of the news media is an accomplice to the theft.  We must IMMEDIATELY change his residence, and his cohort's, to a Federal prison instead of Bush in the White House.)
 An American in Paris " ...... Europe is the world's biggest "blue state." ...... there is nothing here that quite corresponds to the anti-abortion, anti-gay, anti-tax, anti-national-health-care, anti-Kyoto, openly religious, pro-Iraq-war Bush Republican Party. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Europeans have trouble believing that there are enough Americans with their head in the sand to actually elect Bush.  Clearly, knowledgeable Bush voters hate Democracy and their children or at least hate you and your children.)
 Study Cites Human Failings in Election Day Poll System " ...... the researchers found that their projections overstated the votes won by Mr. Kerry in 26 states" (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This article appears to be a "White-Wash" or a "Cover-up".  It is extremely obvious that the votes were manipulated and not correctly counted as cast.  The news media needs to use my vote recount system at then the first 4 links under my picture and make a full legally documented recount of every vote cast.)
 Public Voicing Doubts on Iraq and the Economy, Poll Finds " ...... 56 percent said the country has gone off on the wrong track, about as bad a rating Mr. Bush has (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Presidents do not become re-elected with such high disapproval ratings, unless they steal votes.  It is mandatory that we get a full vote count in the 6 states where the exit polls showed Kerry winning, throw Bush out, and prosecute him for his many presidential crimes.)
 Kerry Cites Suppressed Votes in Election " ...... In Democratic districts, it took people four, five, 11 hours to vote, while Republicans [went] through in 10 minutes (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This was only part of the vote stealing process.  We must still get FULL vote recounts and take back every stolen election NOW.)
 Political Divisions Persist After Election " ...... Of all presidents in the postwar era who won reelection, only Richard M. Nixon had a lower job approval rating at the start of his second term.(continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I hope we can remove Bush more completely than the removal of Nixon.  I believe that a full recount of ALL votes cast in Ohio, Florida, Iowa, New Mexico, Colorada, and Nevada would show that Kerry won in a landslide.)
 Social Security Push to Tap the GOP Faithful " ...... television ads supporting the Bush position and condemning those who oppose it. ...... Democrats, scrambling to organize in the face of a multimillion-dollar juggernaut, have yet to settle on any particular counterargument (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The solution to beat Bush's scam to destroy Social Security is located at which would convert todsy's Social Security poverty level retirement to a rich retirement without any risk.)
 The Iceberg Cometh " ...... , an aide to Karl Rove, about how to sell Social Security privatization. The public, says Mr. Wehner, must be convinced that "the current system is heading for an iceberg." (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  They are planning to tell lies as they did about advance knwoledge of 9/11 and Iraq WMD's, and their groupies will believe them even if they know they are telling lies.  Go to Fix Social Security and learn how to convert Social Security rich to a retirement from a poverty level retirement.)
  Bulletin: No W.M.D. Found " ...... speculating on when the "smoking gun" would be unearthed; our own failures to deconstruct all the spin and faulty intelligence. . ...... weapons inspections worked, ...... in the case of Saddam Hussein, the United Nations worked. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This editorial is partially right.  However, NYTims still will not admit that everything was planned before Bush stole his first election and worked exactly as Cheney and Rumsfeld planned it for Illiterate Bush.)
 Stopping the Bum's Rush " ...... hustled America into a tax cut to eliminate an imaginary budget surplus and a war to eliminate imaginary weapons are now trying another bum's rush. ...... will instead dismantle Social Security, (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush calls anything to do with numbers as "Fuzzy Math". One newspaper in Europe said, (Approximate quote) "How could 59,000,000 people in the United States be stupid enough to vote for Bush."  Apparently the Bush voters believed every Bush lie, I hope they wake up and realize that Bush is planning to cut his voters' and Democrats' throats.)
 'Best trained, best equipped' baloney " ...... Nobody has been more persistent in holding the Pentagon and the White House accountable than maverick Mississippi Democrat Rep. Gene Taylor, who serves on the House Armed Services Committee. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The amazing part is that Republican Groupies seem to actually erroneously believe that Bush is doing a good job.)
 Argentina's Economic Rally Defies Forecasts " ...... When the Argentine economy collapsed ...... doomsday predictions abounded. Unless it adopted orthodox economic policies ...... Argentina's recovery ...... has been achieved at least in part by ignoring and even defying economic and political orthodoxy. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Some of their economic actions are similar to my economic recommendations on this website (Maybe they read some of my recommendations), which is the opposite of Republican Greed Rip-off economic policy.)
 Voting Problems in Ohio Spur Call for Overhaul " ...... next president.  Click  Full vote count andDemocrats have demanded investigations into whether there was voter fraud, tampering and intimidation in urban districts. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  A full count of all of the Ohio votes would most likely make Kerry the the first 4 links on left side for the solution that could make Kerry president for the next term.  Contact Kerry and demand that he use this system.)
  On a Deadly Day in Iraq, Republicans Step Up Debate Over Whether Rumsfeld Should Stay " ...... Mr. McCain, ...... to say he had no confidence in the defense secretary. ...... , other Republicans, including Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Trent Lott of Mississippi, joined in. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Amazing, before the election, all Republicans were praising Bush's war mongering, now they are criticizing Rumsfeld who is doing exactly what Bush approves or orders.)
 Buying Into Failure " ...... Social Security into a giant 401(k), ...... emulating systems that, when tried elsewhere, have neither saved money nor protected the elderly from poverty.  a "reform" that hurts everyone except the investment industry. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I doubt that this is stupidity, I think that Bush believes that people who are not rich should be trampled on.  Click Retire rich without risk nor extra investment for everyone to retire richer than when they were working instead of the Bush Social Security destruction proposal.
 Lawmaker Seeks Inquiry Into Ohio Vote " ...... Representative John Conyers Jr. of Michigan, plans to ...... explore "inappropriate and likely illegal election tampering" (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  After considerable ruckus, some of it is now getting in the major news.  A full vote count in Ohio could put John Kerry in the White House.  Click the 4 links under my picture, a full count is still possible.
 Americans Show Clear Concerns on Bush Agenda " ...... a slight increase in the number of Americans who believe the nation should never have gone into Iraq. A majority of Americans continue to believe the country is going in the wrong direction, (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This poll makes it more clear that there was huge foul play in the 2004 vote count.  Bush did not receive the most votes despite deliberately provoking insurgency attacks and his pal Osama adding to Bush's scare tactics just before the election.
 Evidence Mounts That The Vote May Have Been Hacked " ...... according to ABC-TVs exit polls, ...... Kerry was slated to carry Florida, Ohio, New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, and Iowa, all of which Bush carried ...... the exit polls were showing a clear Kerry sweep (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, the vote counts have been manipulated.  We investigate and prosecute bank robbers, so we must investigate and prosecute vote robbers.  Please demand through every person who has any authority to click and use The Jeff Goolsby Vote Recount System and reverse the faulty results.  If your right to vote was denied, click The Jeff Goolsby Denied Vote System
 Absolute Power Erupts " ...... The Republican Visigoths are crushing checks and balances and driving Democrats (and moderate Republicans) into subservient, obedient roles, (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  So what, for the last 35 years, Democrats have been allowing Republicans to set the rules while destroying the Democrat "Pay As You Go" benefits and using the Republican "Borrow And Spend then let our children and grand children pay the bills". We could count the uncounted 2004 votes and reverse this problem.
 Lessons of the Ballot Box " ...... Partisan poll workers challenged voters in Ohio and Florida, ...... requirements were arbitrarily, and often incorrectly, enforced. Minority voters in some states were the targets of dirty tricks, including leaflets telling newly registered voters that they could not vote in this year's election. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Exit polls showed Kerry winning, but vote counts were different, which means many votes were not counted the way they were voted.  Bush did not win, he stole the election again.  We need a major investigation and reverse the theft before the inauguration.
 In '04, GOP Is a Target Missed " ...... Democrats Seldom Aim at Accountability Issue, Strategists in Both Parties Say ...... candidates could "surf to victory with a winning presidential ticket." "But you can't surf without a wave, and for months 2004 has been an election of ripples," (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Democrats have been allowing Bush to set the agenda instead of exposing the worst deception, deliberate terrorist risk, and political disaster since the Hoover Depression.
 A Hole in the Heart " ...... Europe, ...... Guardian newspaper ...... published a column that openly hoped for the assassination of President Bush, saying: "John Wilkes Booth, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Hinckley Jr. - where are you now that we need you?" (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Most of the world population thinks that any American who votes for Bush is either a fool or hates their children and grandchildren.  Facts clearly indicate that Bush was involved in and could have easily prevented hitting the buildings during the 9/11 terrorist attack, and has deliberately created the insurgency terrorist in Iraq to scare Americans into voting to elect him president.
 How to Skew Intelligence " ...... Voters have to decide whether to hold Mr. Bush accountable for the skewed intelligence cooked up by his administration to justify the war. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Killing people in self defense is justifiable, but starting a war for fictitious reasons and killing people is murder.  I vote to convict Bush and his war monger team for murder.
 Bush's Blinkers " ...... a senior adviser to the president. T ...... told Mr. Suskind, "That's not the way the world really works anymore. We're an empire now, and when we act we create our own reality." (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  If Bush wins or steals this election, he and Osama will have 2 or 3 more terrorist attacks then declare marshall law, terminate the constitution, discontinue elections, and then be the "World Dictator" as long as he lives.  A new approach to Hitler's goal.  You read it here first.
 A War Without Reason " ...... turned out to be a fantasy relentlessly stoked by obsessively hawkish middle-aged men who ran and hid when they were of fighting age and the nation was at war. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Bush crowd appears to be serial killers who were cowards when we were at war during their fighting age.  Most of the world population hates the Bush crowd which has increased the terrorist risk against us a hundredfold.  Anyone who votes for Bush hates their children and grandchildren.
 John Kerry for President " ...... this race is mainly about Mr. Bush's disastrous tenure. ...... after the Supreme Court awarded him the presidency, ...... Instead, he turned the government over to the radical right. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Instead of a tight presidential race, we should be restraining a lynching mob trying to lynch a serial killer in the White House.  Bush's killing obsession has probably caused the unnecessary death & mutilation of more Americans than all of the executed killers in our history.  He is reaching for Republican Abraham Lincoln's unnecessary Freight Rate Greed War (a/k/a Civil War) record.
 Questions for Bush " ...... 169 economists and business school professors, including 56 professors from Harvard ...... sharply criticized your economic policies. ...... they are wrong? ...... moderation and decency are not useful qualities in a president? (continue) (Editor's  NOTE: Great questions, but more needed.  Why in Florida at 9/11?  Swamped with terrorist warnings by FBI, CIA, & foreign countries, why Air National Defense and Air controllers at maximum "Relax" instead of Maxomum "Alert" at 9/11?  Why don't you read Intelligence reports?
 Checking the Facts, in Advance " ...... Mr. Bush's statements, ...... are fundamentally dishonest. He is insisting that black is white, and that failure is success. (continue) (Editor's  NOTE: The only time Bush has ever succeeded at anything was when he cheated.  If Bush were sentenced to one year in prison for each time he cheated, he would probably have a 1,000 year sentence.
 The Myth of American Health Care: The Lies that Are Killing Us " ...... The U.S. ranks NUMBER ONE in COST of health care, but NUMBER 24 in disability-adjusted life expectancy, and (continue) (Editor's  NOTE: This articles will blow your mind.  Guess what, Bush is giving the drug companies more leverage so they can raise their prices even higher in America for their campaign contributions.
 Last Job Count Before Election: Always a Political Number " ...... despite the stimulus from three rounds of tax cuts, ...... the nation has at least 585,000 fewer jobs now than when Mr. Bush took office. (continue) (Editor's  NOTE: I wish the news media would learn that tax cuts have virtually no effect on job creation.  The few jobs recovery is due to: inventory depletion, Iraq military equipment & supplies replacement, and 11,000,000 population increase.
 Report on Iraq Arms Deals Angers France and Others " ...... damage to French-American relations was so great that it could disrupt a new spirit of cooperation with France on other fronts (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Typical Bush policy, he is still mad because France was not fooled by his scam to start an unnecessary war and kill a huge number of innocent people.
 The Verdict Is In " ...... that Iraq had no chemical, nuclear or biological weapons. ...... its ability to resume production was growing more feeble every year. While Mr. Hussein retained dreams ...... his chosen target was Iran, not the United States. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Amazing, most Democrats knew this all the time.  Why didn't Republicans know this, or did they know it?  This places the Republican party and religious fanatics in the league with terrorist.
 The Nuclear Bomb That Wasn't " ...... the more it becomes disturbingly clear that if he [Mr. Bush] was not aware that he was feeding misinformation to the world, he was about the only one in his circle who had not been clued in. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I knew it was a war scam from Bush's first utterance about Iraq and started writing warning editorials.  I do not understand why it took so long for the news media and "Duck Back" Republican Groupies to see the truth.
 The Falling Scales " ...... Last week President Bush found himself defending his record on national security ...... And the sound you heard was the scales' falling from millions of eyes. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Most of the world thinks that Bush is a worse terrorist than Osama bin Laden and they can not understand why many Americans can not see through his scams and incompetent bungling.
 Pension Failures Foil 6-Figure Retirements, Too ...... retired two years ago, ...... a pension of $151,000 a year, ...... Then three months later his company, ...... filed for bankruptcy ...... federal government took over its pension plan. Mr. Paulsen's pension fell to $22,000 (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  These type retirements in stock investments are worse, they drop to zero for stock holders who own stock in companies that fail.  Yet Bush is trying to terminate Social Security and wants you to invest in the stock market, while knowing that most people lose in the stock market?????
 difference between unemployment, underemployment " ...... In August, when the official unemployment rate fell 0.1 percentage point to 5.4 percent, this alternative index remained at 9.5 percent (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  And this does not include the millions of people who have used up all of their unemployment compensation, no income and moved in with their parents or friends.  This would increase the total lack of emplyment to 12 - 14%, thanks to Bush.
 How the White House Embraced Disputed Arms Intelligence " ...... , embraced the disputed theory that the tubes were for nuclear centrifuges, an idea first championed in April 2001 (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This article provides documentation to support Bush's obsession to kill Saddam Hussein, which was on his mind before he stole the election.  Also, is why Bush ordered two assassination attempts on Saddam at the beginning of his invasion of Iraq.
 Playing With the Election Rules " ...... Ohio and Colorado, two key battlegrounds, the secretaries of state have been interpreting the rules in ways that could prevent thousands (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  They must be planning a vote theft like 2000 Florida
  Bush's Hometown Newspaper Endorses Kerry " ...... weekly Lone Star Iconoclast criticized Bush's handling of the war in Iraq and for turning budget surpluses into record deficits. The editorial also (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Sounds like a smart and honest newspaper.  Bravo.
 The First Debate " ...... whether Senator John Kerry would appear presidential, whether he could present his positions clearly and succinctly and keep President Bush on the defensive when it came to the critical issue of Iraq, Mr. Kerry delivered the goods. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Kerry did a great job and won the debate.  But,  I wish he had explained why he voted against the Bush "Disaster Rescue Fund".  He should have asked Bush to explain:   1.  Why he was in Florida teaching small children when his residence was one of the terrorist targets.   2.  Why he had our Air National Defense and Airport Air Controllers on "RELAX" instead of "MAXIMUM ALERT" on 9/11, which could have prevented the terrorist from hitting their targets, click  9/11 Independent Commission Report.
 Alabama Getaway (Bush missing records) " ...... "was a total wreck." "The cleaning bill alone was $900," After Pryor Smith had the house cleaned and repaired, he sent a bill to Bush - twice. Bush never responded. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This must be one of the reasons that some of Bush's National Guard records are missing or destroyed.  What a fine honest responsible Christian man????
.  Kerry Promises to Refocus U.S. on Terror War " ...... Mr. Bush is not a steady wartime leader but a man out-of-touch, who lives "in a fantasy world of spin.'' (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bravo John Kerry, you are again beginning to sound like Howard Dean.  Keep this up and you will beat Bush.
.  Let's Get Real " ...... The subtext of Mr. Bush's bombast is that because he can't bring himself to admit a mistake, " ...... an effort that is doomed (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Hypocrite con-artist Bush will practice con-artistry as long as he lives.  He had 3 business failures.  Why would any thinking and observing person expect him to do any better managing the USA government?
 How Not to Save Social Security " ...... president's plan would do the opposite of what Mr. Bush claims.  It would weaken Social Security, hurt the economy and endanger many workers' retirements by pushing them into unreasonable (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush's "privatize" plan is the epitome of con artistry.  The prefect urgently needed solution is available at or and John Kerry should be requested to offer this foolproof solution.
 3 DeLay Aides Facing Charges in Fund-Raising " ...... to help Republicans gain control of the Texas House. The Legislature later redrew the boundaries of the state's Congressional districts in favor of Republicans, which helps the party maintain control of Congress. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  More proof Republican Plutocracy super rich super poor GOAL - "producers to work longer hours and less pay".  Includes Sears, Cracker Barrel, etc.
 The Last Deception " ...... The Bush administration fostered the Iraq insurgency by botching the essential tasks of enlisting allies, rebuilding infrastructure, training and (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Hooray, John Kerry has now started pointing out Bush's war mongering incompetence.
 A War Hero or a Phony? " ...... Swift Boat Veterans, contradicted by official records and virtually everyone who witnessed the incidents, are engaging in one of the ugliest smears in (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Bush Swift Boat Liars Club reminds me of the thousands of Republican lies about President Clinton.
 They Said It Couldn't Be Done " ...... Nevada's secretary of state, Dean Heller, has always believed that paper records are practical, and this month he (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  IMPORTANT. Read what Nevada has done with electronic voting machines.  Send a copy to Cathy Cox, Georgia Secretary of State and Georgia lawmakers.
 This Is Bush's Vietnam " ...... The insurgency is growing and becoming more sophisticated, which means more deadly. Ordinary Iraqis are becoming ever more enraged at the U.S. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush stirred up a terrorist hornet's nest by invading Iraq.  Most of the world hates George W. Bush.  U.S. citizens will be much safer if we can get him out of the White House in November.
 CBS Defends Its Report on Bush Military Record " ...... "It has become crystal clear that the president has lied to the American public about his military service," Mr. McAuliffe said. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Typical Republican "Republican Groupies are too stupid to know when they are being taken".  I have an Olympia electric typewriter I purchased in 1971 or 1972 that can type a raised th.
Lies move Democrats to dig up dirt " ...... The trouble with Democrats, traditionally, is that we're not mean enough. Too much is at stake to play by Dukakis' rules and lose again. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Kerry started acting like Howard Dean during the primary, now it is time to start acting like Howard again and start fighting.  Kerry must start doing what he quit doing after the primary, fight mud with facts mud.
A Hidden Swing Vote: Evangelicals " ...... the tricks of Karl Rove and led by Bible-thumping clergymen, marching in lock step to deny rights to women and to gays, is hardly born out by the data. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This article shows that many religious people are not Republican Groupies and they are not all too stupid to know when they are being flim-flammed as believed by Republican leaders.
Feel the Hate " ...... Zell Miller, " ...... our nation is being torn apart and made weaker because of the Democrats' manic obsession to bring down our commander in chief."  And the crowd roared its approval. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Just the opposite, our nation is being torn apart by a sadistic illegal thief in the White House with his "Bull in the China Shop" malicious and illiterate leadership.
Bold Strokes, Few Details " ...... Mr. Bush's promise ...... "we have seen a shaken economy rise to its feet" debatable, and the war is enmeshed in what even he recently acknowledged as a "miscalculation (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush's nomination acceptance speech would fool anyone who is unfamiliar with the economic disasters and problems for everyone who is not rich that occur with every Republican president as well as unnecessary wars.
"I'm very ashamed" " ...... Barnes said at the time that it was a wealthy Bush family friend, a Houston oilman named Sidney Adger, who came to him with the request to help the younger Bush. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Of Course, Poppa Bush was not going to let his coward black sheep drunkard illiterate son go to Viet Nam and get shot at.  That was the peons' duty.
The Ben Barnes blackout " ...... At the time of the string pulling, Bush's father was a Houston congressman. When taking his Air Force pilot test, Bush listed "none" under his background qualifications, and scored in the 25th percentile, the lowest possible passing grade for the test's pilot-aptitude portion. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I wonder who helped Bush get up to his bottom passing grade so he could be a Viet Nam dodger.  John Kerry and Al Gore volunteered and risked their lives fighting for this country.
A No-Win Situation " ...... Rather than concede that he made mistakes, he's sticking with people who will, if they get the chance, lead us into two, three, many quagmires. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Never mind, the Republican duck back Groupies won't know the difference.
Social Conservatives Wield Influence on Platform " ...... "It's the truth behind the facade of their convention,'' "It reflects the divisiveness and extreme policies of the last four years, while the public speakers paint a very different picture.'' (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  They know Republican Groupies would eat horse manure if they told them that it was fruit cake. Now they believe they can hoodwink voters who do not pay any attention to political consequences.  This is War Monger Bush's second step toward becoming a lifetime dictator.  Grandpa Prescott Bush helped Adolph Hitler convert a democracy into a War Monger dictstorship.
Kerry 1971 Senate Testimony " ...... (R) Senator Javits: ...... your credentials couldn't be higher. The moral and morale issues you have raised will have to be finally acted upon by the committee. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is one of the greatest and most important testimony every made to a U.S. Senate committee.  THIS IS A MUST READ.  The Swift Boat Republican Groupie Liars would hang their heads in shame if they read this instead of lying about Kerry.
Economic Reality Bites " ...... median family income ...... fell by $1,535 ...... 4.3 million people have fallen below the poverty line (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Wake up Republican Groupies, Bush is gunning for you too, and he will get you if he gets 4 more years in the White House.
Across Asia, Beijing's Star Is in Ascendance " ...... chairman of Malaysia's Institute of Strategic and International Studies. ...... said of the Chinese. "They need time to develop their economy, so do we.  They need protection from the United States and so do we.'' (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  How can Republican Groupies be so dumb?  Bush said he was a uniter and he has, in reverse to the understanding of the Groupies.  The Bush war mongering united Democrats and united most of the world against America.
Holding the Pentagon Accountable: For Abu Ghraib " ...... In December 2002, Mr. Rumsfeld authorized things like hooding prisoners, using dogs to terrify them, forcing them into "stress positions" for long periods, stripping them, shaving them and isolating them. ...... President Bush had already declared on Feb. 7, 2002, that the Geneva Conventions did not apply to Al Qaeda (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  How could anyone but "Duck Back Repubican Groupies" expect anything better from some one who boozed and snoozed, which required cheating through his education, committed a felony violation of insider trading law, a $15,000,000 bribe and enrichement using Texas tax money, etc., etc.
Md. Machines Seek Vote of Confidence " ...... Consultants hired by the state Department of Legislative Services announced in January that they were able to gain control of the system, corrupt vote counts and delete election results. (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Please read this article and send a copy to Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor and Sec. Cathy Cox.  URGENT.  WE MUST GET PRINTED BALLOTS NOW!!!
. Kerry Is Filing a Complaint Against Swift Boat Group " ...... Many of their claims have been called into question. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Kerry should file a lawsuit against the group for lying pursuant to the campaign finance law.
Bearhug Politics: Careful Steps to a New Bush-McCain Alliance " ...... Mr. McCain, who has spent months earning the ire of his party by saying nice things about Mr. Kerry and nasty ones about some Bush policies, is eager to show ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Apparently, McCain has decided to run for president in 2008 and has abandoned his Democratic friends.
Records Counter A Critic Of Kerry " ...... Larry Thurlow ...... was unwilling to authorize release of his military records because he feared attempts by the Kerry campaign to discredit him and other anti-Kerry veterans.. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  More Republican lies to help Bush steal the presidency again.  You (and Republicans) need to read this article.
Bush's Own Goal " ...... Mr. Bush hasn't yet gotten all he wants, but he has taken a large step toward a system in which only labor income is taxed. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It is a shame that "Duck Back" Republican Groupies can't develop an open mind and understand that Democrats are not the only rip-off target, they will also be ripped off with the Republican goal of the return of a full scale "Super Rich Super Poor" Plutocracy government.
Rolling Down the Highway, Looking Out for Flawed Elections " ...... of Diebold, one of the largest and most criticized voting machine companies. ...... she revealed that one of the main designers of its elections management computer system was a convicted felon, who had embezzled $465,361 from a Seattle law firm. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  When will Secretary Cox wake up and get printers for our "Hackers Delight" voting machines?  Call her.
All the Pretty Words " ...... No one wants to tell cheering potential voters that the nation has sunk so deep into a hole that it will take decades to extricate it. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Have we already lost the Howard Dean awakening?  I don't see how we can beat the Republican Scam Artist without fully exposing them, then explaining how to fix the Republican damage.
Decoding the Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation on Iraq " ...... announcing that an examination of the president's role is due after the election. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republicans slipped and let Nixon's dishonesty become publicly documented, but, they are trying harder this time to prevent Bush's corruption from becoming publicly documented.  Republican policy: "Republican 'Groupies' are too stupid to know when they are being taken."
The Real Enemy Staring Us in the Face " ...... A government with even a nodding acquaintance with competence and good sense would have launched an all-out war against Al Qaeda, not Iraq, in the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11 ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, it was not a matter of competence, Bush was waaiting for the 911 for his excuse to invade Iraq and was simply following the plan he had before he stole the election.
Florida List for Purge of Voters Proves Flawed " ...... Of nearly 48,000 Florida residents on the felon list, only 61 are Hispanic. By contrast, more than 22,000 are African-American. ...... it became clear that thousands of felons who had been granted clemency were still on it. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Apparently, the Bush's are still trying to steal votes as they did in 2000.  In 2000, Katherine Harris purged 94,000, but later it was determined that only 4,000 were actually felons.  Obviously, most of the 90,000 illegally purged were Democrats.
What a Rate Increase Can't Hide " ...... "higher rates inflict damage on consumers not only by making mortgage costs higher, but also by depressing the value of important assets, including their homes." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republicans and news media has re-started their old scam that raising cost reduces prices.  How can we sit back and allow them to scam us.  Interest rates are too low for our current dollar dvaluation, but the scam has re-begun.
The Price of Prisons " ...... "studies describe American prisons as mental institutions by default — although they are institutions in which the disturbed inmates get no treatment to speak of ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I believe that most people who commit crimes have a few loose marbles or were not properly trained as a child.  Our education system does not teach children how to raise children and our religious leaders repeatedly tell people that no matter what you have done wrong, ask God's forgiveness and everything is OK, teaching hypocrisy.  A staunch Republican told me "It does not matter what you do, if you can get away with it, it is OK", Republican policy.
Limits on Trips to Cuba Cause Split in Florida " ...... "It's very important for people to vote against him because of this policy," Ms. Aral said. " ...... 'Are you registered to vote? Then you need to vote this November.' Eighty percent said they would." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  More Bush maliciousness.  Typical Republican creed, make the poor poorer (and illiterate) even it does not make the rich richer.
Latin America Graft and Poverty Trying Patience With Democracy " ...... main source of the discontent is corruption and the widespread feeling that elected governments have done little or nothing to help the 220 million people in the region who still live in poverty, about 43 percent of the ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Latin America is still very similar to our first 156 years of Plutocracy and stranglehold by Republicans.  Every Latin American country needs a Franklin D. Roosevelt, the father of our Democracy.  Except for F.D.R., we would be in the same economic condition today as Latin America.
Noonday in the Shade " ...... Noonday, Tex., F.B.I. agents discovered a weapons cache containing fully automatic machine guns, remote-controlled explosive devices disguised as briefcases, 60 pipe bombs and a chemical weapon — a cyanide bomb — big enough to ...... the attorney general didn't call a press conference to announce the discovery of the weapons cache, or the arrest of William Krar, ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Of course, Mr. Krar is a religious fanatic white Supremacist, apparently planning a triple Oklahoma City sequel, not a Muslim.  Question: Who poses the most danger, Osama bin Laden, Bush, or Ashcroft?
The Plain Truth " ...... the most plainly dishonest was his effort to link his war of choice with the battle against terrorists worldwide. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  "I'm not a Crook" Nixon was a piker compared to the dishonesty of Bush.  The war that should not have happened, Iraq, has killed more than 800 American troops, which amounts to murder.
With 9/11 Report, Bush's Political Thorn Grows More Stubborn " ...... justifications for sending the military to topple Saddam Hussein ...... "That could spell political trouble for the president, there's no question." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This adds more confirmation to what I started saying soon after the 911 terrorist attack when Bush started making it clear that he was going to invade Iraq.
Kerry Accuses Bush of 'Middle-Class Squeeze' " ...... speech. "He was very, very good, and I feel much better after hearing him," said Tom Fischbach, a steelworker who ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  John, apparently, you have started connecting with the public.  Please get on target and stay on target.  We can not afford another 4 years of Bush and Republican scams.
Travesty of Justice " ...... No question: John Ashcroft is the worst attorney general in history. For this column, let's ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Of course, the Bush team was planning an alibi for the scheduled 911 terrorist attack, which Bush needed to get emotional support to invade Iraq and set up the standard Republican beginning depression of the presidential term so bush could save us from the Democrats and be elected as a war time president.  Shrewd secret planning.
Gambling on Voting
" ...... To appreciate how poor the oversight on voting systems is, it's useful to look at the way Nevada systematically ensures that electronic gambling machines in Las Vegas operate honestly and accurately ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The people in our government making decisions regarding electronic voting machines do not know anything about programming and depend on the paid promoters for guidance, "here I am, Scam me".  Goodby Democracy, hello Plutocracy again.
House Seat Winner Discovers That It Pays to Pay Yourself " ...... He said the pay was "not even comparable to the work." He hopes the money will allow him to campaign full time and to avoid going into debt, as he did during his unsuccessful campaign in 2002. ...... "We've got a new congresswoman in South Dakota and it worked for her." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This new law may be the greatest action toward real Democracy that has been enacted to-date.  We will have to make sure it is not abused.  However, there is a strong need for more improvement.
Bush downplays ties to Chalabi " ...... Chalabi ...... maintained strong ties with elements within the Bush administration and reportedly provided information establishing that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction — one of the primary reasons cited by Bush when he decided to go to war with Iraq last year. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush has enough rope to hang himself, therefore, his lies, illiteracy, and ignorance are falling apart putting him deeper in the hole.
Al Qaeda's Small Victories Add Up " ...... Al Qaeda carried out its most successful attack since 9/11 last weekend, (5-31-04) ...... The real target was the willingness of foreigners to stay in the country ...... The United States did not call for new Saudi security efforts, offer aid in counterterrorism, or try to fight back. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Another Bush screw-up.  Bush's focus is on Iraq oil and cronyism, not really on fighting terrorism.  Bush is good at creating terrorism but no good at fighting terrorism.  Otherwise, he would have finished off Osama bin Laden while the entire world was our friend instead of invading Iraq.
Enron Traders Caught On Tape " ...... California's attempt to deregulate energy markets became a disaster for consumers when companies like Enron manipulated the West Cost power market and even shut down plants so they could drive up prices. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush is trying to protect Ken Lay like Poppa President Bush protected Bush Junior when Bush Junior committed a felony crime by ripping off stock buyers by violating the Federal insider trader law.  Apparently, Bush cronies are now doing the same thing with gasoline prices.  Demand correction.
Who Tests Voting Machines?
" ...... Voters should demand reform, and they should also keep demanding, as a growing number of Americans are, a voter-verified paper record of their vote. There is a real danger that elections could be stolen by nefarious computer code, or that accidental errors could change an election's outcome. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Anyone objecting to adding vote verification has an extreme lack of understanding computers or someone who wants to steal votes.  Every person reading this should adamantly demand vote verification in use before November 2004.  HURRY.  A Special Legislative Session is Mandatory.
With 2 Wars, U.S. Need of Munitions Is Soaring " ...... With the United States fighting protracted wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, its military faces a shortage of a basic necessity: ammunition. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is only a small part of the need for war machinery.  War machinery replacement is a major part of the increase in new jobs.  Clearly, invading Iraq and killing more than 800 American troops was a major part of Bush job increase strategy, because his advisors knew that tax cuts for "Fat Cats" would not produce many if any new jobs.
Republicans Rush to Form New Finance Groups " ...... sent Republican operatives rushing to recruit fund-raisers and schedule events. ...... "Our goal is to match what the liberals have done in the last year and counter their message." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Amazing.  For many years, many leaders in the Democratic Party mistakenly believed that the way to beat Republicans was to act like Republicans, some have not yet awakened.  Now Bushies are trying to copy Democrats after Howard Dean rejuvenated the Democratic Party.  We must redouble our money efforts and political education NOW.
To Tell the Truth " ...... Dana Milbank of The Washington Post — who has tried, at great risk to his career, to offer a realistic picture of the Bush presidency — "the White House press corps showed its teeth" ...... the administration beat the drums of war, and most of the press relapsed into docility. ...... The answer, of course, is that the straight shooter never existed. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Amazing.  Many of the press corp are now beginning to recognize what I recognized (and Howard Dean recognized) and exposed about hypocrite Bush before he succeeded in stealing the presidency.
THE PRESIDENTIAL RACE Candidates' Iraq Policies Share Many Similarities " ...... The fact that Mr. Bush has moved close to Mr. Kerry on some of these questions makes it much more difficult for Mr. Kerry to take advantage of ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush and cronies are now trying to beat Kerry by making Kerry appear even more similar to Bush.
New Details of Prison Abuse Emerge " ...... The detainees said they were savagely beaten and repeatedly ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Bush-Rumsfeld interrogation methods not only expose their true hypocrisy character but are extremely stupid as well as malicious.  But then Bush has always been able to violate laws and get away with his crimes.  It is hard to believe that anyone is stupid enough to think that any information beaten out of someone would have any worthwhile value.
'Gooks' to 'Hajis' " ...... Sergeant Mejia's legal defense ...... " that war is too terrible to be waged willy-nilly, that there must always be an ethically or morally sound reason for opening the spigots to such horror. And he believes that threshold was never met in Iraq. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, some of the troops are not Republican Groupies and don't like Bush's obsession to destroy Saddam Hussein and invade Iraq for oil and war machinery enrichment.
The Wastrel Son " ...... his early career, in which friends of the family repeatedly bailed out his failing business ventures. Now that he sits in the White House, he's still counting on other people to settle his debts ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush thinks the voters are too stupid to know when they are being taken, especially Republican groupies.  Besides he has Limbaugh, Boortz and Hannity, etc. to do the thinking for the groupies.
Delay Urged for FEC Action on Pro-Democratic Groups " ...... The Bush campaign and the Republican National Committee, both far better funded with still-legal "hard money" contributions than their Democratic counterparts, were infuriated by these developments. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  What do you know, Democrats are not supposed to expose Republican scams.  How about the Republican propaganda truth twisters, Limbaugh, Boortz, Hannity, etc., their contribution garbage should be counted.
Lie, and the Voters Will Believe " ...... In the survey, only 19 percent admit to learning something from commercials. But it's plain that is where Americans get many of their "factual" conclusions. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Thirty second TV commercials do not allow adequate information, but it promotes misinformation and irritation.  Some Democratic candidates fail due to lack of skillful adequate informational advertising their platform and qualifications.
Across America, War Means Jobs
Defense Spending Pumps New Life Into Small or Dying Towns
" ...... In the first three months of this year, defense work accounted for nearly 16 percent of the nation's economic growth, ...... " Military spending leaped 15.1 percent to an annualized rate of $537.4 billion, ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush is exploding the Federal debt with tax cuts to "Fat Cats", fighting an unnecessary war based on lies, and when the war ends, these extra war jobs will end.  So much for Bush's phony economic recovery.
Just Trust Us " ...... no administration since Nixon has shown itself to be so little deserving of that trust. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  My vote is that Bush will be documented as the worst president in our history, even worse than Reagan or Nixon, except possibly Lincoln who caused the 4 year Freight Rate War, aka civil war, and millions of deaths over biased freight rates.
The Mixed-Up Politics of the Deficit " ...... Democrats have become the eat-your-spinach party, preaching the virtues of fiscal restraint, while Republicans invite Americans to a free lunch ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republicans are trying to prove that Americans are too stupid to know when they are being taken.
Despite Rhetoric, Bush, Kerry Agree On Many Issues " ...... Bush and Kerry hammer each other relentlessly, leaving many voters with the impression that they agree on nothing. But stripping away the rhetoric often reveals a convergence of views on major issues. ...... the two are moving toward each other. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It appears that the Republican Wing of the Democratic Party is running against the Republican Wing of the Republican Party.  John Kerry, please start representing the voting wing (Democratic Wing) of the Democratic Party.  Republicans and Independents will not vote for you.
Electronic Voting Still In Infancy, Critics Say Security Is a Concern As Election Day Nears " ...... Shelley and secretaries of state in Missouri and Nevada said all electronic voting equipment must have a paper record confirmed by the voter. But manufacturers ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It is extremely clear that many if not most of our officials do not understand comuters.  If we want our votes counted correctly, we must make an immediate demand of our lawmakers that we add verification printing attachments to our electronic voting machines  N O W.
With Longer Sentences, Cost of Fighting Crime Is Higher " ...... The report ...... comes at a time when states are facing record budget deficits and ...... state legislators are beginning to take soaring prison costs seriously ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Arrests increased 14% and costs increased 467%.  According to various news reports, approximately 75% of the arrests and people in prison are due to victimless crimes.  This is police and judicial harassment and more unnecessary taxes.
Battlefield of Dreams " ...... before Iraq, privatization that rewarded campaign contributors was a politically smart move, even if it was a net loss for the taxpayers. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Privatization, a slick way for Republicans to reward contributors and steal from taxpayers.  This privatization in Iraq may shut them down.
Kerry Struggling to Find a Theme, Democrats Fear " ...... Mr. Kerry's single biggest difficulty was what they described as his continuing search for a defining theme for his candidacy — typically one of the most urgent tasks of any presidential candidate. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Kerry must separate himself from supporting Bush scams then criticizing the scams.  If he was duped by the Bush con artistry, he should admit his mistake, pledge not to be duped again, then offer specific solutions.  Or, withdraw and support Howard Dean because he can't beat Bush without making a major change.
Missouri Voters Favor None Of the Above
Neither Bush Nor Kerry Impresses Focus Groups
" ...... signs that the Bush campaign's effort to paint Kerry as a man of few firm convictions has begun to stick.  First impressions of Kerry are not particularly positive. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  John, the McGovern, Mondale, Dukakus, and Carter 1980 campaign tactics will not beat the worst president in our modern history.  Most people do not want Bush or a "Bush-lite" for president.  Please do something or get off the pot, QUICK.
High-Tech Voting System Is Banned in California " ...... If the counties do not provide the paper ballot alternative and meet more than 20 other conditions for upgrading security and reliability of the machines, those touch-screen systems will also be banned in the November election. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Voting is worthless unless it is counted correctly and can be verified.  Our lawmakers, state and Federal, must meet their obligations and follow California's lead.
Kerry Struggles on Iraq Issue
Democrat Isn't Presenting a Sharp Contrast With Bush
" ...... majority of voters disapproved of Bush's handling of Iraq, yet the president had an 11-point edge when voters were asked which candidate they trusted most to handle the issue. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  John Kerry, you can not imitate Bush and beat him.  John, please get with it or withdraw, we can not afford 4 more years of Bush disaster.
In Front of Your Nose " ...... So they lied to us; what else is new? But there's more at stake here than the administration's credibility. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Standard Republican philosophy: American Voters are too stupid to know when they are being taken.  I hope everyone wakes up before November.
The Wrong Debate on Terrorism " ...... It is a battle not only of bombs and bullets, but chiefly of ideas. It is a war that we are losing, ...... carrying out more major attacks in the 30 months since 9/11 than ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It is a shame that Republican "Duck's Back" Groupies can't see the damage and risk to us that Bush is causing.
In TV Coverage, Kerry Runs a Deficit
Bush Airtime Is Triple His Rival's
" ...... From March 3, ...... they have devoted 12 hours and 11 minutes to live appearances by Bush -- ...... Kerry's live cable coverage during this period: 3 hours 47 minutes. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Republican News Media Standard Procedure: quit promoting Kerry after Super Tuesday then promote the Republican presidential candidate until the November election.  $200 million dollars in free advertising plus Republcan campaign money.)
The Wrong War " ...... President Bush has ushered the American people into a bloody and mind-bending theater of the absurd. ...... instead of destroying the terrorists, our real enemies, we've energized them. The invasion and occupation of Iraq has become. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Soon after 911, Bush made it clear to me that he was obsessed with killing Saddam Hussein and invading Iraq.  I do not understand how anyone with knowledge of world events supported Bush's warmongering terrorist creating effort.  It has become clear that Bush was planning the Iraq invasion before he stole the presidency.)
Study Suspects Thousands of False Convictions " ...... there would have been over 28,500 non-death-row exonerations in the past 15 years rather than the 255 that have in fact occurred." ...... "No rate of preventable errors that destroy people's lives and destroy the lives of those close to them is acceptable," . ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The same judicial misconduct, defects, and errors exist in civil court.  If enough people read my book, Judicial Corruption & Defects , most of these problems WOULD be eliminated.)
Myth Breakers for Election Officials " ...... In one Florida precinct last November, votes that were intended for Democratic candidate for governor ended up for Gov. Jeb Bush, because of a misaligned touch screen. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  MUST READ.  This is a 57 page investigation report detailing many of the problems, miscounts, and mistakes caused by the electronic voting machines.  Also, please visit  Without accurate vote counting we do not have a Democracy.)
The Vietnam Analogy " ...... Iraq isn't Vietnam. ...... But there are also real parallels, and in some ways Iraq looks worse. ...... On Tuesday George Bush did a meta-Nixon: he declared ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It is much worse.  President Hosni Mubarak, Egypt, advised Bush before Bush invaded Iraq, "If you invade Iraq, you will produce 100 Osama bin Ladens instead of one."  The threat of terrorism is 100 times worse now, but Bush's obsession to kill Saddam Hussein and the glow of oil in Iraq and Venezuela prevailed.)
President Benefits From His Tax Cut " ...... the tax cut Bush signed into law last summer saved him and his wife $30,858,       Vice President Cheney ...... a decline of more than $88,000 ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Bush "Fat Cat Tax Cut" is paying off big for the "Fat Cats".  I wonder how many people they hired with their tax cut.  How about your taxes.  How about the Federal debt Exposion for your children and Great Great Grand children to pay off plus your interest cost.  Federal debt interest cost for 2002 was $333 billion dollars.)
Mr. Bush's Press Conference " ...... The United States has experienced so many crises since Mr. Bush took office that it sometimes feels as if the nation has embarked on ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush Policy: "Americans are too stupid to know when they are being taken."  All of his questions and answers were scripted in Bush's multi-million dollar free political speech to promote his illegal invasion of Iraq except one switched question and, his illiteracy prevailed, he could not answer it.  Dodger Bush would not allow the right questions, he dodged when he knew his residence was a terrorist target, he dodged fighting in Viet Nam, he dodged prosecution for his felony insider trading crime, etc., etc.  Hello Howard Dean.  Kerry should demand equal time.)
Declassified Memo Said Al Qaeda Was in U.S " ...... titled "Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US," ...... "The agency doesn't write a headline like that if it doesn't want to get attention." ...... "the CIA did not believe Bush policymakers were taking the threat to the U.S. seriously." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  But, Bush did take it seriously.  A terrorist attack was exactly what Bush wanted for phony justification to invade Iraq, kill Saddam Hussein (two assassination attempts), and make Vietnam Dodger Bush a war hero.)
Justice Begrudged " ...... Mr. Washington, ...... was convicted on the basis of a confession in which he was painstakingly coached by police. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  We do not have a justice system, it is a judicial system. I have a book at that could fix our antiquated judicial farce and provide us with a justice system.)
Bush Was Warned of Possible Attack in U.S., Official Says " ...... But law enforcement officials said Friday that they believed that Ms. Rice's testimony ...... overstated the scope, thrust and intensity of activities by the F.B.I. within American borders. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Contradictions, exaggerations, and deceptions shielding Con Artist Bush.  Shades of the Nixon and Reagan Cover-Up.)
Members of the 9/11 Commission Press Rice on Early Warnings " ...... there was no recommendation that we do something about this. The F.B.I was pursuing it ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Republicans on the committee and Rice tried to whitewash the problem.  The most important question that was not asked, "Why did Bush suddenly go to Florida and teach a kindergarten class on the same day his residence was a terrorist target."  Presidential job description?)
One Good Month " ...... Bad times are usually followed by big bouncebacks ...... After three years of lousy job performance, we should be seeing very big employment gains — and even after last month's report, we're not ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Standard Republican presidential strategy: First, create a depression, blame it on the Democrats, after 3 years inventories will be exhausted, factories will be forced to increase hiring, then claim "Fat Cat" tax cuts caused new jobs, Republican "Non-Thinkers" will say "Republicans saved us from the Democrats."  Guess who will pay the interest on the extra Federal debt explosion.)
Kennedy Accuses Bush of 'Credibility Gap' " ...... he said. "In this administration, truth is the first casualty of policy."  "created the largest credibility gap since Richard Nixon" on education, health and jobs, as well as the war in Iraq. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  John Dean pulled the plug on Nixon, which removed him from office.  Clarke and several others have pulled the plug on Illegal President Thief Bush, but, the Republicans in Congress are still in the Bush "Cover-Up" mode.)
The Mercury Scandal " ...... If you want a single example that captures why so many people no longer believe in the good intentions of the Bush administration, look at the case of mercury pollution. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush is obsessed with money and power.  How many people he kills or maims is like swatting flies to Bush.  Any middle class income or poor person who supports Bush is nuts or have their head in the sand.)
Spread of Bin Laden Ideology Cited " ...... The U.S.-led invasion of Iraq has accelerated the spread of Osama bin Laden's anti-Americanism among once local Islamic militant movements, increasing danger to the United States ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush's obsession to kill Saddam Hussein and illegal invasion of Iraq has at least quadrupled the risk to us and is killing (murdering) Americans while creating terrorist enemies by the thousands.  This effectively makes Bush a serial killer.  Starting right now, we need to commence impeachment of Bush/Cheney/Enron and run their crony Republicans out of Washington.)
The Mystery Deepens " ...... Bill Clinton authorized the release of nearly 11,000 pages of files on his administration's antiterrorism efforts for use by the commission. ...... the White House, ...... , vetoed the transfer of over three-quarters of them. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Bush cover-up has already far exceeded the Nixon cover-up that forced him out of office.  The Bush team has illegally spent a huge amount of our tax dollars hiding Bush's knowledge about 911 before it happened.)
'I saw papers that show US knew al-Qa'ida would attack cities with aeroplanes' " ...... it was clear there was sufficient information during the spring and summer of 2001 to indicate terrorists were planning an attack. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush needed the 911 attack to justify a war with Saddam Hussein.  This article virtually makes Bush an accomplice to the 911 attack.)
Talking Points Memo " ...... the White House does not trust the president to be alone with the Commission members for any great length of time without ...... , or letting some key fact slip. And Cheney's there to make sure nothing goes wrong. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  We must demand to Congress that Bush and Cheney testify separately under oath, recorded, which could prove treason.  Clinton was forced to testify under oath that had nothing to do with government business.)
GOP Complaint Cites Pro-Democratic Groups " ...... the GOP has turned increasingly to the federal regulatory system, especially the FEC, to restrict, if not silence, Kerry allies. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, it is OK for Republican Propagandist, Limbaugh, Hannity, and Boortz to misrepresent or leave out key facts to promote Illegal President Thief Bush and denigrate Democrats, but freedom of speech (money talk) ends with Republicans.)
Bush Scores Points By Defining Kerry " ...... Greenberg said ...... Voters "want a change in principle," he said, and the Bush campaign "wants to make sure there's no candidate for the job." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Everything the news media and the Bush campaign planned appears to be working on their schedule to make sure that Bush wins a presidential election.  Democrats must redouble our efforts to makes sure Bush is voted out of his stolen office and even prosecuted for his crimes.)
9/11 Panel Provokes a Discussion the White House Hoped to Avoid " ...... The White House strategy also involves what officials said would be a continued effort to discredit Mr. Clarke and to confuse ...... make this dispute appear to be a partisan fight between Republicans and Democrats. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republicans have always been very successful at lying to the public.  Republican philosophy: "The American public is too stupid to know when they are being taken.")
Lifting the Shroud " ...... After 9/11, the administration's secretiveness knew no limits ...... given the Bush administration's penchant for punishing its critics, he must have known that he was taking a huge personal risk ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Some of the former "Insiders" are now becoming American "Heroes" by coming forward and exposing the Bush scams.  They are now documenting my analyses every since Bush stole the presidency and became "Illegal President Thief Bush".)
Squeezing the Poor for Votes " ...... the president is making a show of marking 128 programs ...... for elimination or cutbacks in many vital social service areas. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush is planning to cut necessary services, reducing the government cost less than 1% to justify tax cuts for the "Fat Cats" in the amount of $45 Billion dollars.  Another step in returning us to the pre-1933 Republican Plutocracy goal of eliminating all Democratic benefits created since the Republican Hoover Depression.)
OPEC Stresses Compliance With Quotas " ...... the United States, ...... remained unusually silent in recent months about the impact of higher oil prices on their economies. ...... "OPEC is laughing all the way to the bank," ...... estimated the United States pays $100 million more a day to import oil than it did three years ago. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is evidence that the Republican Bush & Cronies are planning this scam so if Bush succeeds at stealing this next election, Bush can start raising interest rates plus "Tight Money", Reagan style, falsely claiming that it is necessary to slow down inflation.)
Lost in Credibility Gulch " ...... the president has been as wrong about jobs as he was about weapons of mass destruction. ...... It's time to put an end to the fantasies and the deceit, which have landed us in a quagmire overseas and the equivalent of fiscal quicksand at home. ...... his fiscal policies are so outlandish that liberals, moderates and conservatives are asking if he's taken leave of his senses. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is exactly what I and Howard Dean have predicted from the beginning.  The other presidential candidates did not understand this until after Howard showed that millions of Americans understood Bush scams.)
Mr. Bush's Version " ...... Congress had access to exactly the same intelligence he had was inaccurate, and his comments about the new commission he has appointed to look into intelligence gathering made it clear that he has no intention of having his administration's actions ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush lies are becoming more obvious.  We need a full replacement, not a partial replacement, that is why we need Howard Dean in the White House.)
Get Me Rewrite! " ...... Currently serving intelligence officials may deny that they faced any pressure — after what happened to Valerie Plame, what would you do in their place? ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush is not only trying to rewrite history, he is trying to postpone some of the writing until after he steals another election.  It is amazing that even Republican voters actually believe Bush lies and scams.
Electronic voting's hidden perils " ...... , the computerized tally program had begun to award votes for Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante to Burton, ...... Similar mishaps have occurred across the country ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  If we do not require printed verification ballots, we might as well just let Republican president of Diebold choose our elected officials instead of wasting time voting.  Please contact our elected officials including Cathy Cox and demand that our voting farce be corrected immediately.)
Sex, Lies and Bush on Tape " ...... If we're serious about confronting threats to our way of life, we don't have to hunt them in the caves of eastern Afghanistan. We can find a serious threat ...... as the Bush administration charts its fiscal policy. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Illegal President Thief Bush has done more damage to our country than Osama bin Laden, including increasing terrorist hatred of America and economic disaster.  Bush is a greater threat to us than Bush's "Axis of Evil" and Saddam Hussein had not even threatened us.)
A New Panel on Intelligence " ...... emerging so far suggests that Mr. Bush may be merely trying to change the subject until after the election. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is glaringly an obvious con artist cover-up.  This sounds like a Nixon cover-up revised by Cheney.  We have to make sure that the public learns the hidden facts before November.)
Md. computer testers cast a vote: Election boxes easy to mess with " ...... the computer whizzes laid abuse - both high- and low-tech - on the six new briefcase-sized electronic voting machines ...... "My guess is we've only scratched the surface," said Michael A. Wertheimer, ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The evidence keeps piling up that the electronic voting machines are a farce without a companion printed ballot for voters to make sure their votes were recorded correctly and a hand-count can be done.)
Democrats Assail, and Tap, 'Special Interests' " ...... campaign finance reports show some contenders benefit significantly from the lobbyists and special interests that they attack. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Howard Dean is the only presidential candidate who owes his allegiance to the public because they are financing his campaign, not the special interests.)
The Punch and Judy Dean Show " ...... Diane Sawyer's interview with Howard Dean and his wife last week was a textbook case of everything that is wrong with television coverage of politics. ...... — it was a frame-up. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This documents the fact that the ABC Network is trying to sabotage Howard Dean in their glaring effort to help re-elect the worst president we have had since the Hoover Depression.  Cooking the political books smear campaign.  MUST READ)
Ex-Inspector Says C.I.A. Missed Disarray in Iraqi Arms Program " ...... Dr. Kay said, it is now clear that an American bombing campaign against Iraq in 1998 destroyed much of the remaining infrastructure in chemical weapons programs. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It is clear that an independent extensive in-depth investigation be made to determine exactly why Bush went against reality and started an unnecessary war plus ordering two assassination attempts against Saddam Hussein.)
Kerry's Good Intentions " ...... Sounding like William Bennett, he declared, "We have to ask ourselves in 1992 whether ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Senator Kerry has a problem of being easily conned by Republicans.  We need Howard Dean because he is a full time Democrat and his record in Vermont proves that he is the kind of manager that we need in the White House.)
State of the Union at Home " ...... Bush ...... insistence on huge tax cuts for the wealthy has robbed the country of the money it needs to address its problems and has threatened its long-term economic security. Everything else is beside the point. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush is such a phony, it is surprising that the Republican groupies don't wake up and vomit when they hear his garbage.  The real economy is adequate jobs and Bush only increased new jobs by 1,000 last month when 225,000 new jobs are needed each month.)
Going for Broke " ...... Bush ...... "No president has done more for human rights than I have," (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush left out one word "harm", which would have made an accurate statement.  The Republican Groupies will chew on that lie for desert.)
Fixing Democracy " ...... Touch-screen machines reported 137 blank ballots in a special election for a state House seat where the margin of victory was 12 votes. ...... Fortune magazine named paperless voting its "worst technology" of 2003. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Please demand of your Congressional lawmaker to get the Rush Holt bill on the floor and pass it then demand that companion paper ballots be required on electronic voting machines for the November 2004 General election.  Hurry.  An absolute must.)
Who Gets It? " ...... Wesley Clark ...... "I think we're at risk with our democracy," he said. "I think we're dealing with the most closed, imperialistic, nastiest administration in living memory. They even put Richard Nixon to shame." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is what I have been saying since 2000, Clark has awakened.  This sounds like a good running mate for Howard Dean.  Bush should be in prison not the White House.)
Hussein Warned Iraqis to Beware Outside Fighters, Document Says " ...... second piece of evidence challenging the Bush administration contention of close cooperation between Mr. Hussein's government and terrorists from Al Qaeda. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Proof continues to build that Bush scammed Americans into supporting his illegal invasion of Iraq.)
The Awful Truth " ...... Ron Suskind's new book "The Price of Loyalty" is based largely on interviews with and materials supplied by Mr. O'Neill. " ...... giving us an invaluable, scathing insider's picture of the Bush administration. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bravo Paul O'Neil.  Thank you for giving us some documentation to support what I have been saying, in 2000 and since, and what Howard Dean has been saying about Bush scams.  I hope the Limbaugh, Boortz, Hannity groupies will now understand that they ARE BEING LIED TO.  TELL THEM.)
The Faulty Weapons Estimates " ...... a nonpartisan investigation independent of political pressures from the administration and Congress is needed to get a better sense of how judgments about Iraq were so disastrously mistaken. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Very necessary for people who have had their head in the sand.  But, this is not likely to happen until Bush is evicted from the White House.  Go get 'em Howard Dean.)
Michigan's Online Ballot Spurs New Strategies for Democrats " ...... The virtual ballot box has arrived in Michigan. Democrats in this state are the only voters in the country who have the option of voting online in the presidential primaries this year ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  URGENT.  Please read this article then read my editorial in the editorial section of this website in which I have been promoting this type voting since Bush and cronies cheated and stole the 2000 presidential election.)
Growth in Jobs Came to a Halt During December " ...... But instead of the 150,000 new jobs they had expected, there were a minuscule ...... rather than hunt for scarce work, tens of thousands of people disappeared from the labor force. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  So much for the Bush "Tax Cut For The Rich" scam.  The only thing that has kept the economy doing anything is the low interest rates that has produced many billions in purchasing power.  However, the news media does not like to say much about low interest rates because they have lied so much in the past about high interest rates being good for the economy.)
Enron and the System " ...... a political climate in which corporate insiders got pretty much whatever they wanted. Since the politicians who did their bidding haven't paid any price, that climate hasn't changed. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Political scams galore.  The politicians are trying to convict Martha Stewart despite apparent lack of actual evidence of Insider Trading, yet they did not attempt to convict Bush when it was glaringly obvious with adequate evidence that he committed the Federal felony crime of insider trading and technically stole $562,000 dollars from innocent stock buyers and later accepted a $13,000,000 bribe.)
Clinton/Gore and Terrorism " ...... the right-wing excuse machine since September 11 -- the old trick of, when cornered, blame Clinton. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This article contains details of efforts to fight terrorist that Bush stopped until after 9/11.)
Who's Nader Now? " ...... internal spoilers: candidates lagging far behind in the race for the nomination who seem more interested in tearing down Howard Dean than in defeating George Bush. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Bush "Pre-emptive War Bullies" are loving every minute of the Lieberman - Kerry campaign material they are providing for Bush.  The Lieberman-Kerry-Zell Miller support of Bush is becoming extremely obnoxious.)
Our So-Called Boom " ...... job growth remains modest, averaging less than 90,000 per month. That's well short of the 225,000 jobs added per month during the Clinton years; it's even below the roughly ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush bankrupted his oil company, why should we expect any better from a man who boozed and snoozed (and obviously cheated) his way through his formal education.)
No Will to Win? " ...... Republicans are hijacking elections and redistricting the country and looting the Treasury and ignoring the Constitution and embittering our allies, while the Democrats are — let's see, ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  After all, Republicans have been teaching Democrats that the best way to beat them is to be nice to Republicans while they are cutting our throats.  I say let's expose them and throw out the rascals NOW.)
U.S. Sees Evidence of Overcharging in Iraq Contract " ...... United States government is paying Halliburton an average of $2.64 a gallon to import gasoline to Iraq from Kuwait, more than twice what others are paying.. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The Bush/Enron/Haliburton Administration is mopping up and their policy is that American Voters are too stupid to know when they are being taken.  It is time to throw out the rascals.)
Electronic votes touch off doubts " ...... in a technical analysis of the four major voting machine manufacturers, identified 57 potential security risks in the software and hardware tested. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  We must either demand that all electronic voting machines include a printing attachment for a paper trail voting verification or disband the Democratic Party and turn everything over to the plutocrats.)
New Medicare Bill Bars Extra Insurance for Drugs " ...... This is one of many surprises awaiting beneficiaries, who will find big gaps in the drug benefit ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, this Medicare bill is for the purpose of helping the drug manufacturer Republican contributors to triple their already tripled drug prices)
Florida Elderly Feel Let Down by Drug Benefit " ...... a 73-year-old man, ...... said: "I'm more angry at AARP than at Congress because they are supposed to support us. They sold us out." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush Philosophy: privatize, privatize, privatize, let dog eat dog.  Hey, use the phony discount card.  After all, anyone who is not rich deserves to be abused by the rich, HUH.  Republican Plutocracy Galore.)
Name That War " ...... when I returned to the office this week, there were 4,000 entries from all over the world. ...... "Bush's Folly," "Burning Bush," "Bush League War," "Bubba's War," "Shrub's War," "Operation Quicksand" ...... Then there were zillions of "Iraqmire," "Iraqgate" and "Iraqnam." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Ideal material for Democratic campaigns.)
Debate Turns to Pricing of Drug Benefits " ...... with Democrats asserting that the bill would severely undermine the traditional Medicare program. ...... Senator Don Nickles, Republican ...... "We are building a new expansion onto a house that's teetering on a cliff," Mr. Nickles said. "We are saddling future generations with enormous liabilities." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This Medicare Bill is a disaster.  8 Democratic Senators have been duped into supporting it.  It is a license for the Drug Mfg.'s to steal from you.  Read and fax Senators to vote NO!!!)
The Word on the Street " ...... Here is a sampling of editorial opinion from across the country ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Must read.  Many major newspapers have sided against Bush and his cronies on this Medicare Scam.  HURRY.  Fax your objections to all U.S. Senators today.)
AARP Gone Astray " ...... Medicare "reform" appears likely to be another triumph for the coalition of the bought-off — a coalition that, sadly, includes AARP. ...... organization's Web site have filled up with outraged posts. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This is more proof that Republicans believe that American voters are too stupid to know when they are being taken.  Voters, we must take back American NOW.  File your complaint now and vote correctly in 2004..)
The Doctor's Donors Pursue Victory via the Mouse " ...... The unexpected success of this operation — lately involving 1,500 garrulous volunteers and harvesting $150,000-plus each day in Web site support — is the envy of Dr. Dean's rivals.  It has already caused ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Go Dean Go.  Howard Dean is proving that he is the best man to be president starting in 2005.)
Will Your Vote Count in the Next Election? " ...... Computer experts say today’s voting machines are prone to errors and vulnerable to fraud. ...... Even thorough testing can’t reveal malicious programs that could subvert an election. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  MUST READ.  Election officials who do not understand computer programming are gullible to manufacturer's scams.  You must demand the immediate enactment of HR2239 to make sure your vote is counted correctly.)
Deal on 9/11 Briefings Lets White House Edit Papers " ...... The other Democratic critic on the panel, former Senator Max Cleland of Georgia, has described the agreement as ...... Mr. Roemer said. ...... "you need the context of how the P.D.B. was presented to the president in order to determine whether or not there were smoking guns." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  There the Republicans go again.  They are assured that the public is too stupid to know when they are being taken.  We need to cover up Congress with demands for a full investigation instead of this Bush "Nixon Cover-up".  Or, demand a special prosecution effort similar to the Nixon cover-up.)
Panel Reaches Deal on Access to 9/11 Papers " ...... said Mr. Roemer, who was a member of the joint Congressional committee that investigated the Sept. 11 attacks. "I am not happy with this agreement, and I will not support it." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  This extremely limited access to the CIA and FBI briefings preceding 9/11 is making it glaringly clear that Bush does not want American voters to learn about his prior knowledge of the impending terrorist attack or why he suddenly went to Florida and was teaching a kindergarten class the same day his DC residence was a terrorist target.)
Job Watch " ...... Last month, October 2003, the jobs and growth plan fell 180,000 jobs short of the administration’s projection. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Today's Depression [Dictionary definition] has 2,400,000 fewer jobs than when Bush's term started, as compared to Clinton's 11,000,000 job increase in each 4 year term.  Bush success story???)
ECONOMY - The Long, Hard Slog " ...... making Bush the first president since Herbert Hoover to be at the helm of a country that actually had fewer jobs at the end of a four-year term than at the beginning. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Of course, killing Saddam and rewarding his oil and war machinery cronies was more important than the economic security of American citizens.  Is Bush a great president, or WHAT.)
Flags Versus Dollars " ...... using racially charged symbolism to get Southern whites to vote against their own economic interests. All Mr. Dean was saying was that Democrats need to understand and counter this strategy. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I believe that Howard Dean's strategy was on target because it focused considerable attention on the fact that white southerners are voting to cut their own throats by voting for Republicans.  It is time that people who vote Republican need to learn "Real World Economics")
Rush to War, Revisited " ...... Bush officials knew but could not share with the public. Little did we imagine that among those things was an offer that might have provided a way to avoid the war. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It is becoming clearer that Bush was speaking with a forked tongue and was foaming at the mouth to kill Saddam Hussein plus reward his large "Fat Cat" campaign contributors.)
Iraq Said to Have Tried to Reach Last-Minute Deal to Avert War " ...... part of an attempt by Iraqi intelligence officers to open last-ditch negotiations with the Bush administration ...... "The answer came back that they weren't interested in pursuing it," ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, Bush wanted to start a war and kill Saddam Hussein.  Also, look at the rewards to his war machinery and oil cronies, plus the patriotism supporting a war time president.  The evidence keeps piling up.)
Death by Optimism " ...... The administration chose to rely not on intelligence but on wishful thinking, and it became intoxicated by the siren calls of ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, Bush's ignorance was exceeded by his stupidity.  Bush's lying and cheating is still fooling most Americans, but it is not working very well on the Iraqis.)
Protecting Our Votes: A Critical Issue Now for Maryland " ...... Leading national computer professionals and security experts ...... have formally recommended that any electronic system have a ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I wonder how much longer before our Georgia Lawmakers realize that votes can easily be stolen through the Diebold non-verifiable and non-recount electronic voting machines purchased with Georgia tax money.)
Too Low a Bar " ...... payroll employment figure right now is down ...... million compared with what it was when George W. Bush took office. ...... Mr. Clinton presided over the creation of 11 million jobs during each of his two terms. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Yes but, the "Fat Cats" have been doubling and tripling their income and "Deficit George" is trying to give the "Fat Cats" an additional $60 Billion dollar tax cut.[MUST READ])
House Leaders Are Pushing to Cut Corporate Taxes " ...... House Democrats ...... , charging that it would worsen the federal deficit and provide additional tax incentives for companies to build factories and shift jobs overseas. ...... Representative Charles Rangel ...... . "Congress needs to take the lead in addressing the budget deficit crisis before it becomes even worse." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Republicans want to reward their large contributors, plus increase the Federal debt to the point that the interest on the Federal debt would eliminate all Democratic benefits created since 1932.
Senator Byrd Speech " ...... This entire adventure in Iraq has been based on propaganda and manipulation. Eighty-seven billion dollars is too much to ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  We need to do a recall election of the Bush/Enron/Haliburton Administration NOW.)
Fighting the War at Home " ...... uncovered the deception, one soldier said his sergeant had distributed the letters to the squad, while another traced his to an Army public affairs officer. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Apparent Bush philosophy, lie, cheat, steal, or even kill, is OK as long as you can fool the people and get away with it.)
Holding Our Noses " ...... In northern Iraq, U.S. engineers reported that it would take $50 million to bring a cement factory in the area to Western standards. The U.S. general there, lacking that kind of money, found some Iraqis who got it going again for ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It sounds like rebuilding Iraq is like buying $600 hammers.  We must rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan, but we must stop the U.S. corruption and make the people pay for it who caused the Iraq invasion.  We must remove the Bush/Enron/Haliburton Corruption Administration.)
Don't Look Down " ...... and so far the commander in chief refuses even to admit that we have a problem ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Clearly, its the same ole same ole.  Republicans operate on the theory that American voters are too stupid to know when they are being taken.  Also, very few people understand "Real World Economics".)
'Slime and Defend' " ...... Mr. Wilson never opposed the "war on terror" — he opposed the war in Iraq precisely because it had no obvious relevance to the campaign against terror. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  If Bush did not order the character assassination, it is obvious that his actions indicate that he knew about it and condoned it.)
Democrats Step Up Attacks on Iraq War " ...... Democratic lawmakers unleashed a torrent of criticism, finding fault with everything from" ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Give 'em hell Democrats.  It's about time that Democrats start exposing the Bush shenanigans.)
The Presidential Bubble " ...... Four progressive political groups sued the Bush administration this week, ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush can't fool all of the people all of the time, I hope.  Perhaps Bush is still boozing and snoozing as he did during his education pretense.)
Dean Sharpens Rhetoric On Bush " ...... Those tax cuts, he said, "are "bankrupting the states and starving Social Security, Medicare and our public schools" and have gone to "the largest political contributors at the expense of today's middle class." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Very good.  Give 'em hell Howard.)
Audience Unmoved During Bush's Address at the U.N. " ...... The invasion of Iraq, to them, remained a dangerous act of unilateralism now beset by intractable problems. ...... , diplomats were intensely discussing the recent decline in Mr. Bush's popularity at home and wondering if his troubles would ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Understandable.  The American Republican news media can not help Bush very much in fooling the public in foreign countries.)
Kennedy stands by criticism of Bush on Iraq " ...... "There was no imminent threat, ...... "This was made up in Texas, announced in January to the Republican leadership that war was going to take place and was going to be good politically. This whole thing was a fraud." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Hooray Ted.  I have been making similar claims every since the terrorist attack on 9/11 when Bush peculiarly went to Florida to teach a kindergarten class the same day his residence was a terrorist target.)
Foreign Views of U.S. Darken Since Sept. 11 " ...... 30 million members, calls the United States the "king of the terrorists" and refers to President Bush as a "drunken horse." ...... the issue is not so much the United States as it is the Bush administration, and what is seen as its arrogance. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  I hope enough Americans finally understand Bush to remove him in 2004.  Bush is about to claim the title of "America's Worst President".)
In Same Case, DNA Clears Convict and Finds Suspect " ...... Mr. Bloodsworth became the first person in the nation convicted in a death penalty case to be exonerated through DNA testing, ...... He had served nine years in prison, including two on death row, ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  DNA tests are a big improvement but are only a fraction of the corrections needed in our judicial system, which are detailed in my book at Judicial Corruption and Defects , that only you can cause the judicial system to produce justice for everyone.)
Jobs Report Leads Bush to Defend Reliance on Tax Cuts " ...... the economy had lost 93,000 more jobs in August ...... he offered no new initiatives, and with the budget deficit surging, ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Amazing, no help for the unemployed from the "Fat Cat" tax cuts.  I read recently that many members of Congress received as much as near one million dollars tax refunds and Bill Gates received a tax refund of approximately $25,000,000.  I guess they needed more than the unemployed, what do you think????)
BlackBox Voting " ...... Oooof! Here’s proof -- NEW, from the Diebold files 3:31 p.m., five hours before poll closing: Diebold voting machines ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  The evidence continues building that electronic voting machines can be and have been used to manipulate the voting process.  But, what is being done about this extremely serious problem?)
The Case for TV " ...... The beauty of the camera is that it can expand the courtroom and enable ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  TV cameras put pressure on judges and district attorneys to obey the law, which is one of numerous changes urgently needed.  This is one of a large number of improvements recommended in my book at Judicial Corruption and Defects , that only you can cause the judicial system to produce justice for everyone.)
EPA Relaxes Restrictions on Sales of Contaminated Land " ...... toxic substances that take a long time to break down in the environment. They are known to cause neurological and immunodeficiency development disorders in children. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  So what, in the Bush/Enron Administration children don't count unless their parents are rich.  Impeach Bush now.)
Voting machine controversy " ...... The Aug. 14 letter from Walden O'Dell, chief executive of Diebold Inc. - who has become active in the re-election effort of President Bush - prompted Democrats this week to question the propriety of allowing O'Dell's company [Diebold] to calculate votes in the 2004 presidential election ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  URGENT.  Part of O'Dell's help Bush effort could easily include making sure the Georgia voting machines deliver the most votes for Bush, since there is currently no way to verify vote count manipulation.)
The Real Problem With DNA Tests " ...... As a result of these obstacles, many convicted people who ought to have access to DNA testing can't get it. Even in states where they have a right to the tests, ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  There are two basic severe problems.  1.   Our judicial system is not a justice system and it is infested with defects and corruption.  2.  Public apathy, don't realize their own risk, and don't care enough to get the problems fixed.  My book about Judicial Corruption and Defects provides events, details and solutions to the problems.)
Selling out air safety to lowest bidder
" ...... Eurocontrol, the air traffic control organization for all of Europe, issued a report recently ...... This report found that the American air traffic control system is 74 percent more efficient and 79 percent more productive than the European [Privatized] system. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Another Plutocratic effort to destroy Democratic benefits created since 1932 and move us back to a full scale Plutocracy.  This must be prevented.  Write your U.S. Congressperson and Senators.)
Budget Office Says 10 Years of Deficits Could Total $5 Trillion
" ...... Representative John Spratt Jr. of South Caroline, the ranking Democrat on the House Budget Committee, said ...... "If these numbers show anything, once they're adjusted for reality, this problem is a structural problem, not a cyclical deficit ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush thinks American are too stupid to know when they are being taken, are we?  The budget for 2004 includes $156 billion dollars to pay interest on the Federal debt and nothing for the Bush Iraq Invasion.  Yet, the interest cost was $331 Billion dollars in 2002 on a much smaller Federal debt.)
Voting security questioned
" ...... Johns Hopkins University computer researchers cited "significant security flaws" in the system designed by Diebold Election Systems and used in Georgia and several other states. ...... In Congress, pending legislation would require such systems to include a "paper trail" for vote checking. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Cathy Cox does not understand computer programming and hacking.  We must demand that Congress require a paper trail to prevent vote theft.)
Prescription Drugs Now, Day of Reckoning Later
" ...... President Bush and Republican leaders of Congress, ...... say that passage of a Medicare drug bill would help them in the 2004 elections. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Vote buying for which your children and grandchildren will have to pay.  We need drastic measures to reduce medical cost for everyone but it should not be combined with a tax cut for the "Fat Cats".)
For Bush, Loss of Jobs May Erode Support in South Carolina
" ...... "Bush can forget about the Solid South," Mr. Chastain said. "There's no Solid South anymore." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  It looks like people who fit the Democratic profile are beginning to wake up and realize that Plutocracy is not what America needs.  If voters will check the records they will discover that every Republican president since the Federal Reserve was established in 1913 has deliberately given us at least one depression [News media calls it recession].)
GOP Opposition to Grid Improvements in 2001 Led to Blackout of 2003
" ...... In June of 2001, Bush opposed and the congressional GOP voted down legislation to provide $350 million worth of loans to modernize the nation's power grid because of known weaknesses in reliability and capacity. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Was this stupidity or intentional like 9/11?  Or, was it for the purpose of raising prices for electricity as the Republicans raised natural gas prices and the utilities rape in California?)
Rising Tide of Islamic Militants See Iraq as Ultimate Battlefield
" ...... "The resistance is not only a reaction to the American invasion, it is part of the continuous Islamic struggle since the collapse of the caliphate," ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Bush's invasion of Iraq increased the incentive for Muslim fanatics to join Al Qaeda and kill "Infidels" (Americans).  Bush's obsession to kill Saddam will cost many American lives and possibly several trillion dollars.  All because Bush refused allow a proposed coup that was being put together and would not have cost any American lives.  Treason galore.)
U.S. Moved to Undermine Iraqi Military Before War
" ...... Iraqi military officers confirmed that after Americans and Iraqis made contact with them, they carried out acts of ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  MUST READ.  Coup efforts to remove Saddam had been in the works for years but it is now even more clear that the Bush phony excuses to invade Iraq were because he wanted to kill lots of people including Saddam.)
Iraq Arms Critic Reacts to Report on Wife
" ...... Joseph C. Wilson IV, ...... was a secret envoy of the Bush administration to Africa and who publicly voiced doubts about a reported Iraqi weapons program " ...... It wasn't to intimidate me, because I'd already said my piece.  Clearly, this was to keep others from stepping forward." ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Sounds like Bush is leaning toward Saddam's method of punishing people who oppose his scams.)
Bush's 9-11 Secrets
" ...... "In sum, the 9-11 Report of the Congressional Inquiry indicates that the intelligence community was very aware that Bin Laden might fly an airplane into an American skyscraper," says [John] Dean. ...... how could Rice say what she did?" ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  MUST READ. The difference in Nixon's cover-up was that he was covering up a burglary used to manipulate the presidential vote.  Bush is covering up his part in allowing the 9/11 terrorist attack that killed 3,000 American citizens and many millions in property damage.)
Like a Cloud, Economic Woes Follow Bus Tour
" ...... "Right now I am very disillusioned with the Republicans' policies," said Michael Retzer, a Republican ...... Later, ...... Mr. Snow tangled with an unemployed software programmer ...... "He said, `But your tax cuts haven't done anything for me,' " ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Even many Republicans are beginning realize that Bush, Jr's deliberate depression is a disaster and that his tax cuts for the "Fat Cats" are not going to re-commence the economy as Bush promised.)
Everything Is Political
" ...... since George W. Bush came into power, the department has suppressed most of that information, releasing only partial, misleading tables ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  How else do you expect Bush to dupe American citizens unless he uses "documented" false information.  If Bush were to start telling the truth about everything, he would wind in prison or even electrocuted.)
Computer Voting Is Open to Easy Fraud, Experts Say
...... the researchers said, ballots could be altered by anyone with access to a machine, so that a voter might think he is casting a ballot for one candidate while the vote is recorded for an opponent. ...... " (continue) (Editor's NOTE:  Are we really so naive that we will allow the Republicans to steal the elections in Georgia, as they did in the 2000 Florida presidential election, using electronic voting machines so they can easily steal the votes?  It is urgent that we contact the Georgia Secretary of State and demand a printing attachment be added to our electronic voting machines.
All State Secretaries should be contacted similarly.

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